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  1. I've never known a winter like this where a series of snow events all over the South East can just completely miss me here in North Essex. Some sort of sick joke! I was pleased for everyone who got loads last night but it's just peeing me off now to hear of MORE coming down everywhere in the South East except here! This winter can do one.
  2. Me too. Nothing here in Colchester...not expecting much...probably wake to a cm or so...been right on the edge of every decent model run.
  3. Who's "they"? What's this got to do with the regional discussions?
  4. Been nervously checking models, forecasts etc for a couple of days and constantly been right on the edge here in North Essex...but looking like it's gonna be a non event for us, just won't get this far. Hope everyone who does well gets a chance to enjoy it.
  5. Another exhausting day of "what about my area?" and "It's corrected north/south"...not to mention Shaky's infuriating use of exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!! C'mon guys, give the mods a break. If you can't read the models yourselves, just read the thoughts of those that can and work it out from there.
  6. I take it its snowed quite a bit more then to get 4cm cos that ain't! Just kidding...I'd love even a dusting. Still nothing here in Essex, despite what the radars are showing.
  7. Er...OK...one last post...the radar looks very promising for Suffolk and Norfolk! Will just miss me in Colchester, but good luck to anyone in the north of the region!
  8. Very unexpected and welcome end to a truly memorable cold spell. I'm a teacher and have had three snow days in a row this week. I've been teaching for 13 years and that has never happened before. For me, living in North Essex and working in rural Suffolk, this spell has had it all: bitter easterlies; heavy, drifting snow (as tall as a car on a lane near my house!); red Met Office warnings (even if not for here); nationwide panic, media hysteria...and those three days off to make some brilliant memories with my wife and children. I only ever come on these forums to lurk on the model thread from about mid November onwards and hardly ever post...but something about this particular spell has brought me out into the open. I have spent a long time trying to get to grips with the model output and am slowly getting there...! Anyway, enjoy whatever snow you have and see you all next winter!
  9. Has been really coming down on and off here in Suffolk this morning. Can't really make an accurate estimate but I'd say at least a couple of inches of fresh shown and still coming down. Not a huge amount more to come though, by the looks of it...until later this evening anyway.
  10. I think the issue will be the current layer freezing and then supporting whatever falls on top. Then it'll be really tricky conditions. At the moment, it's so powdery that it's not really hard to drive on at all...tomorrow could be a different story.
  11. Really disappointed to wake up with the same amount I went to bed with just north of Colchester last night, especially with the forecast predicting a lot of snow. Even half of what was predicted would have been decent but no, nothing fell overnight at all. Currently at work on the Shotley Peninsula in Suffolk where they've had a fair bit more and still coming down as I type. I might even go as far as to say they've had more here this morning than I was expecting although, again, the overnight amounts weren't anything special...couple of inches, tops.
  12. Off to bed now...just as a few light flakes appear in the breeze and some beefier showers look like they're heading our way. Good luck, all!
  13. It wasn't meant to be anything else...I don't understand your point. All the people saying it's snowing at their location are all reporting the same thing: short, sharp showers which result in little to no accumulation. Have patience, my padawan.
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