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  1. please let this survive and make it all the way up to Durham, I wonder if we have any chance of a thunderstorm this decade
  2. Quiet in Hartlepool too, other areas said it went quiet before the stronger winds hit
  3. Had a quick pass of thunder, one strike at sea and 2 rumbles. Lets hope more is headed this way!
  4. Again it looks like all the decent chances of thunder will pass us by today
  5. Yeah, its still bone dry and warm here. Theres a cold breeze now and again followed by a humid spell but nothing else
  6. Haha, if it comes off I think we all may wake up somehow. Given the recent poor forecasting id say it may be a light shower
  7. What a night to live in Hartlepool, from all the forecasts I can see living at the top of a bank may have been a wise move
  8. All the heavy looking cloud went off to sea when the wind dropped !
  9. Looks like a huge cumulus headed this way from the south
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