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  1. I take it 1yr beast from East anniversary is off for Feb then.😅
  2. I'm a coldie but winter is done for me sorry but you have to admire the charts they're shown some crazy warmth for feb and if we can't get cold I'll take an early start to golf season with warmth.
  3. It depends what your chasing it could of went to plan in fact its perfect.😅
  4. I was thinking we could get a 20c uppers 12 in South West.
  5. 16C in Dublin also reached 12c here today so far spring is in the air.
  6. Waiting on MJO signals to verify be like.🤣🤣
  7. Can't be serious the snowfall couple weeks ago was the best snowfalls in decade in parts of the South if that's the case boy the winters in the South have been absolutely terrible then.
  8. Looks just about right uk high no Easterly no Northerly middle ground outcome happy enough at that in settled conditions banker for me. Frosty mornings glorious Sunny afternoons lovely.
  9. Or MJO forecast are worth there weight in kangaroo dung.
  10. It makes perfect sense where i sit not even great background signals for a -NAO can flip it.
  11. Looks at models one last time winter still to arrive search for new hobbie commences.🌞🌞
  12. Grabbing crumbs is putting it mildly roll on spring.
  13. MJO composite charts need recalibrate for purple headed yougart slinger we are in a new Era now.
  14. Nasty night out.🌧️🌬️
  15. Delaying heights towards Greenland same old story ..
  16. Well it has let us down most of the Winter so maybe it feels sorry for us and will unleash the beast from the North..
  17. This Mornings Garden Path run vs this evenings middle ground likely outcome run.
  18. Dare i say it but potentially the biggest ECM run of the year coming up.🙏
  19. You can almost see the backstop down the irish sea on this chart.😅