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  1. Will be interesting to see were it heads from here start of a warming is better than no warming showing at all but all early doors.
  2. We all know that GFS makes a pigs ear of Atlantic lows blowing them up all over the place.
  3. Winter over post to follow in T-minus 3sec..
  4. Last ukmo 144hr fits in nicely with ecm run from this morning. The first Northerly blast of the winter would be very likely to happen if the ukmo continued..
  5. Yea followed by an Arctic outbreak shortly after.
  6. Sorry but if you want to go all technical and that we had a white Christmas 2009 NI from a weather front pushing in against the already cold condition's that had set in the weeks before. Temps on the big day were really cold in mid-ulster -5 freezing fog for most of the day before the system came in i can remember it fondly Northern Ireland has first white Christmas in five years WWW.BELFASTTELEGRAPH.CO.UK The prayers of thousands of men, women and children were answered yesterday as Northern Ireland had its first white Christmas in five years. Britain enjoys first white Christmas for five years WWW.TELEGRAPH.CO.UK Britain has had its first official white Christmas for five years after snow fell in at least two parts of the country.
  7. LMAO wake up with me head in a bowl of cornflakes.
  8. If i look out my front door and see 8 inches of snow on the ground like that morning in 2010 i know what i will be calling it.
  9. Yes as per top 2 charts a displaced raging PV towards Siberia can led to some of the most potent cold this side of the pond.
  10. ECM trying to build pressure towards Greenland also.
  11. GEFS are not without interest for something more in the line with winter charts.
  12. Yep a 2010 start to winter would warm the old cockles.
  13. Yes but that area is cooling slowly also one to watch. And yellow anomaly is average so it's not as big as you think.
  14. QBO:Currently Positive but trending negative likely for mid winter seemingly.
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