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  1. Yea delivered alright and if the 6z is anything to go by weekend onwards will be a lot more snowier happy enough think we are heading right road for a prolonged cold spell weekend onwards.
  2. She's cold thaw will set in shortly hopefully the weekend can deliver again.
  3. Looks fine to me plenty of snow chances well below norm likely looking at the most wintry prolonged period of the winter from Saturday onwards whats not to like could be sitting in mild southwesterlies.
  4. EC mean looked to straddle along the op the whole way up North. But from Day 8 onwards op mild outlier for mildland southwards.
  5. Greenland high Day 7 maybe?? Second bite will do it
  6. GFS looking very amplified early on Weekend could get interesting.
  7. There you go who says the South East cant get snow from a NW’erly that's more than most of us got in NI..
  8. ICON pick of the bunch troughing running SE through uk into Europe while the Azores high stays far enough out west to not hinder the pattern while keeping most of the uk on the cold side of the jet then signs to hopefully build heights North into Greenland later on Bank..
  9. I would follow the ICON been doing rather well this spell.
  10. Dusting here to what's next weekend onwards looking like
  11. Thought it would be snow in omagh now to current conditions Temp 0.4 Dew -0.3.
  12. Snow falling and lying here now.
  13. Hopefully its just delayed and week 3 actually turns up in week 4 and so on.