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  1. Amazes me EC throwing out lows that take up nearly the whole Atlantic with no pv what so ever in Canada/Greenland. And has been send above dont look no further than 120hr
  2. Dont worry that will move further south each run snow to snow event.
  3. -8 850s appear in this run for the first time in a while let the trend continue.
  4. Just got the grass cut nice and tight there waiting for this slider to land.
  5. Let's hope ukmo is bang on cause that's slidervile right there with a cold north easterly already set in before the low slides.
  6. Not good to hear but EC46 can flip flop like any model it's far from bullet proof.
  7. Follow the isobars lines from scandi and the blocking compared to 12z is stronger both charts below 850s also below
  8. Great stuff big steve lets hope it plans out like you say a more.