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  1. It is terrible and i did state above the ridge is better but as @tight isobar sums it up you cant polish a turd.
  2. EC looks terrible at Day 10 to???Looks much the same maybe pacific ridge slightly better on EC than GFS time for a break from model this weekend me thinks.
  3. Bin 6z and on to 12z snow is coming i can smell it and maybe even for the big day. But one think i would say if GFS went further on there would be 10ft drifts everywhere.
  4. There was a barrier erected on Greenland's coast line several years back so that would explain why we never see these heights smash through beyond the coastline i heard this in the grapevine the other day.
  5. If we get that first low to slide it could be game on for Xmas..
  6. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    The milder uppers mixed in earlier the window was only 6hrs but what a start to winter cannot complain one bit.
  7. Its moved towards thats all you want to see for now plenty of time for improvements.
  8. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    This was from the fall earlier but melting rather quick once stopped.
  9. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    Heavy snow here at minute .
  10. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    Yea last shower here was snow but i dont think it will be cold enough to get proper laying snow away from high ground as per weather forecast.