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  1. Yep jet looks to be heading North again hope this trend continues been a great start to summer so far.
  2. What a lovely spell of weather we had looks to be coming to an end this week don't think it will be long till the sunny warm weather is back, this summer could be special could we get another 1995 summer we are due one.
  3. They really are die hards in mod thread last thing i want Easter is snow maybe I'm becoming a warmy instead
  4. What a nightmare it will be for St Paddys day standing out in that ah well just have to stay put in the pub all day instead.
  5. Definitely not just warmth and sunny weather i want now winters been good and delivered already.
  6. booferking

    UEFA Champions League

    Spurs are bottlers and that not changing anytime soon.
  7. Definitely doesn't feel colder than last week here today.
  8. booferking

    Breaking news

    Murr snow
  9. Spring doesn't look to be coming anytime soon which is a petty see there still chasing in mod thread I'm pretty sure everyone should be happy to let winter go now and look forward to some warm
  10. What a kick in the gonads this is it heavy with you @Neiller22 was really looking to golf the day.
  11. It's all gone crazy in Dublin gang looting and wrecking the place. Scum Any of you follow Donegal weather channel on Facebook go have a look mental.
  12. Amazing its still going wonder what snow depth is in casement to see if its close to 1962.
  13. I give you Kilkenny Ireland records are being smashed. And still coming down endless.
  14. I give you Kilkenny Ireland records are being smashed. And still coming down endless.