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  1. booferking

    Premier League Discussion

  2. booferking

    Hurricane Florence

    EC goes for US landfall.
  3. booferking

    Sky Bet EFL Championship Discussion

    EFL matches are better to watch the EPL both teams go for it majority of the games great to watch.
  4. booferking

    Premier League Discussion

    Early days lets see were the teams that have already won the league sit after 38 games #seasonhasonlystarted
  5. Thomastown not far off the NI record today 30.5c
  6. Man with beard wrote what the predicted maximums from AROME & ARPEGE 14hrs were to be below look spot on to me. Today's maximums according to model and area AROME 00Z: England 30-31C (western areas), Wales 30-31C, Ireland 30-31C, N Ireland 30-31C, Scotland not available ARPEGE 00Z: England 30-31C, Wales 30-31C, Ireland 30-32C, N Ireland 30-31C, Scotland 30-31C All other models on Meteociel are about 3-4C down on these values.
  7. Castlerderg NI recorded hottest day since 1995 29.6c can it break record now
  8. But more interestingly enough Aldergrove highest reading 30.8c now 30.5c
  9. My weather station reading 32c
  10. Yep jet looks to be heading North again hope this trend continues been a great start to summer so far.
  11. What a lovely spell of weather we had looks to be coming to an end this week don't think it will be long till the sunny warm weather is back, this summer could be special could we get another 1995 summer we are due one.