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  1. So found not guilty remove 2 year ban and cut the fine to 10 million from 30 million very strange if not guilty there should be no punishment at all time to do away with FFP clearly not working.
  2. Keep safe my friend can you not ring someone to get tested.
  3. Meanwhile trump says they have COVID-19 under control.
  4. You will if they supply this new test kit that there making.
  5. They mentioned it in boris broadcast about a new test that can do both test if you have or had coronavirus. They mentioned they're looking to get exact numbers who got this virus so they can learn from it.
  6. BREAKING Testing will be ramped up along with a new test that will be able to detect if you caught this virus even if it was mild.
  7. So are they sticking with 171 cases today?
  8. Thanks for your information and replies.
  9. That's the strange thing i had this right at the end of the year but i deal with the Chinese as I'm importer.
  10. Fever you mentioned above for 3 days i had a real bad fever had to change my bed sheets twice a day and change my clothes about 4 times a day literally sweat running off every part of my body while shivering having the feeling of being cold had to sit up in bed to breath as found it hard at times all while being bed bound then a dry sore cough that lasted 2 weeks or more the cough was really hard to shake off with added sore sides.
  11. Could have been the added painkillers i was taking also to get over it to i suspect.
  12. Question with your experience with this does it leave patients with sore sides in cases.
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