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  1. Big difference ukmo north greenland thats the issue ECM cleaner..
  2. Its so much cleaner than the rest North Greenland everything is cleared i know iv jinxed it now.
  3. ECM looks cleaner north Greenland 96hr better than the ukmo.
  4. Strangely i thought different can't remember if it was last year are the year before but they were way off the mark must look back and see which year it was.
  5. Lots of time on are side and 120hr-144hr is fi hopefully ukmo & gem are on the ball...
  6. So a bit of a back track then the Azores high nudging in like some of them gfs runs all and all still plenty of time on are side for things to change if it's cold your chasing.
  7. Gfs control showing remarkable similarity to the EC run earlier bringing things slightly forward on timing.
  8. I wouldn't worry to much past 144hr on the GFS this is the point were models are starting to firm up 144hr. PS maybe have a wee sneak peek at the strat warming in the GFS FI.
  9. A bit of consistency from the Icon dare i say it if not slightly better heights Greenland 06z vs 00z.
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