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  1. Ian Fergusson‏Verified account @fergieweather W COUNTRY A major Sudden Stratospheric Warming is underway: winds high aloft are reversing from W'rly to E'rly & the stratospheric polar vortex is splitting. For us, this - plus developments forecast in the tropics (MJO) - will increase risks of colder weather mid-late Jan & Feb
  2. SST 20c in Penzance previous July record was 19.7c https://www.seatemperature.org/europe/united-kingdom/penzance.htm
  3. Does anyone take notice of BBC since the Met Office lost the contract?
  4. The other day the sea temp in Penzance was 17.2c compared to June max previously of 16.5c although its dropped back to 16.7c today
  5. Well the models David Braine is seeing show a brief thundery few days the a return to dry weather
  6. Look at the sea temperature in Penzance, it beats the previous June Max https://www.seatemperature.org/europe/united-kingdom/penzance.htm
  7. Is this a record sea temperature for June in Penzance??. https://www.seatemperature.org/europe/united-kingdom/penzance.htm
  8. First 5 days of May 1990 saw temps hit 26c everyday somewhere in the UK but it cooled a bit for the Bank Holiday Monday which like this year was on the 7th so its not impossible for warmth around the Bank Holiday w/e.The models are coming on leaps and bounds having so far this year shown early, two cold spells,one heatwave and im sure this weekend will be another correct outcome
  9. Missed the models for a couple of days so not seen these temps coming
  10. Just looking out and its not a thaw it is evaporating
  11. zero degrees here now and its softening.If the sun gets out it will be a quick thaw
  12. Snow here again now...dog was going barmy wanting to go out
  13. 1st flakes in amongst the sleet but back to sleet now in Silsden
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