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  1. So there we have it No major storm and therefore no major snow event for this year again (If I say there is going to be no snow event it will hopefully snow) Met Office have just increased the temps for my area for next week by 2 degrees to 6
  2. Regarding the Underground Situation This is what I was informed at work and nowhere else I always obtain info from TFL or Twitter Feeds This info came from our communications office and NOT anywhere else Everyone has gone from here as used it as an excuse to get home Hope I havent spooked anyone with this as it was nt my intention I assume that if TFL say anything regarding the underground it will be on these boards in a flash I get the tube from Moorgate and everything seems normal apart from the platforms being rather full for 2-30pm
  3. Trying to find out as this is what work were informed by communication centre here Looked on TFl et al and as you state, nothing anywhere Caused a bit of a panic here and looks like a mass walkout Packing up now and going home Dont get free half days often so taking it while I can
  4. Just been informed that TFL are looking into closing Underground (All Routes) from 4pm Announcement to made at 3 Not waiting til that happens Advised to go home now
  5. Because they don't mention an Individual and when they state something it is something already mentioned by the Met Office They state it may be happening and it makes people read it. How many people on here have read the link to the paper and how many will pick up the paper tomorrow, buy it and read about it What do people want to read about? Impending doom or a zz-list pop star being accused of something? Could be worse, it could have headlines of impending 50 foot snow drifts!!!!
  6. Just downloaded a snow screen saver on my desktop. Seems the nearest we will get to a snow event!
  7. Which is proabbly why they will be more cautious in their forcasts over the few hours/days
  8. When did the buildings get built? Never seen buildings near Niagra Falls. Think this is a picture of the Missouri River which has frozen.
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