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  1. This is fun for weather lovers... mix your own ambient sounds! http://asoftmurmur.com/
  2. Sleety rain falling on top of last nights heavy frost here in Henley on Thames! Currently 0oC here but down to -3oC overnight... very pretty!
  3. Apparently, had heavy snow in Hungerford half an hour ago; mostly blue skies in Henley on Thames! Fingers crossed for some of the good stuff next week. For now, will focus on the incoming high winds. Can hear a neighbour hammering... battening down the hatches perhaps...?!!
  4. Very gusty here this evening. Aleady heard of a tree down locally and power out in Woodcote RG8, not far from Benson. Take care, folks!
  5. Just a sweet, old tune to take us all back to work today... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h81Ojd3d2rY
  6. Wishing all my Netweather friends a fantastic New Year with all the weather extremes you wish to encounter along the way! Let 2015 be a healthy, peaceful and enjoyable twelve months!
  7. Gorgeous afternoon stroll but barely 2oC out there. Wrap up warm if you're out and about tonight!
  8. Forecasters suggest -3oC here tonight, whereas Benson, some 12 miles north westwards, the forecasters are suggesting -7oC again following a -7.6oC last night! Brrrr!
  9. Saw The Imitation Game last night... great film (based on the true story of Enigma) and Mr Cumberbatch is rather special, too!
  10. Hello all... Have been absent throughout the summer with a house move (only three miles), heavy workload and heaps of other good stuff, but missed the jolly banter and excitement that winter brings. Out in a very chilly breeze earlier... I feel that winter's truly on its way! Yippeee!
  11. Yes, quite a bit of thunder rumbling around over Henley this morning. Friends are hopefully finishing the Devizes to Wesminster Race on The Thames about now, although the tidal end of the course, after 24 hours afloat, can be tough, apparently. Very proud of Ben & Elise! Raising money for charity too! You can track them (boat 415) here: http://maps.opentracking.co.uk/dwrace14.cfm?n=415&smart=1 and donate to their charity too... http://m.virginmoneygiving.com/mt/uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-web/fundraiser/showFundraiserProfilePage.action?userUrl=dwt2m&isTeam=true&un_jt
  12. A GOOD GIG with two GOOD BANDS in a GOOD BREWERY on GOOD FRIDAY... what's not to like?!! https://www.facebook.com/offtheradar.co.uk/photos/a.10151212022418091.455051.240343313090/10152006018293091/?type=1&theater THE TOM MICHELL TRIO and OFF THE RADAR at Lovibond's Bewery in Henley on Thames this Friday!
  13. Wake up! It's another glorious Sunday morning so hopefully, we can keep the clear skies overhead for a while! Whatever you're doing, have fun, one and all!
  14. IF YOU DIDN'T ALREADY KNOW, TREES DRINK VAST AMOUNTS OF WATER... Due to some heavy rains, flooding this winter season is now affecting large parts of UK, with over 100 flood warnings being put out across England, Scotland, and Wales. The damage caused by the flooding can cost communities both time and money. Now, questions are being asked why this is occurring more and more often. Some say this may be attributed to the increasing space used for agriculture, which has resulted in trees and shrubs being removed to make way for man made hills and pastures for livestock to graze on. Many affecte
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