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  1. I think everyone in the amber warning area took it as guaranteed that they'd all be getting 10cm+ of lying snow. The reality of it is that some have and lots of others haven't. But that is the fickle nature of snow in this country!
  2. Seen it lol.... Not sure there is much humour in that thread... More panic and sweaty palms.... It seems things are picking up over that way....
  3. Dare you to post this in South East thread with something along the lines of.... Massive bonus over here, all kicking off..... 0.00001 in settled....
  4. If anyone fancies a little light humour... Head over to the South East thread.... Despite having another 24 hrs of heavy snow to come, there is a lot of panic as they don't already have much settled snow outside! We are lucky in that sense, low expectations means that anything that comes along is welcomed and celebrated. Fingers crossed though, strength of streamers have been underplayed and we get a little bit of action...certainly the models seem to be picking up on this idea...
  5. Let's be honest, the most unpredictable weather to forecast is snow and many a time bands of showers have grouped together out of nothing and given us dustings. Case in point, only last Sunday, we suddenly had heavy snow which was not forecast at all.... Anything can and will happen... I suspect/hope that many of us will see some snow at some stage over the next week.
  6. I was up there yesterday.... This photo was taken a bit further along on Cam Long Down... Note how green it was by the riverside
  7. Snowing quite steadily here, but sleety rain mix to start with means it will have to go some to settle
  8. I'll be honest, we do benefit from a little altitude and being that little bit further north... Fingers crossed...
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