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  1. 30 being quoted as 9am Temperature at Heathrow on this site under top 20 Today
  2. Sun shining through here in Glos, meanwhile on the main thread there is talk of another potential SW snow event this weekend...ECM gunning for it, though I have to admit given current MO forecasts, I'd be very surprised if it played out as per ECM. Still, it is doing a suitable enough job at winding up the Northerners....
  3. I have to admit as a lurker and long time reader of these forums, I am delighted that things look woeful.....it seems more often than not that when all seems lost, a couple of days later one of the models picks up a new signal and the hunt starts again. We have seen it time and time again....fingers crossed the next signal will be the one we're all looking for....in the meantime, enjoy the remnants of what we've had and hopefully come the new working week, things will look far more promising!
  4. After the rollercoaster ride a good covering has arrived!!! Happy days....and if the Met Office app is to believed (it's hardly been accurate today) more to come tomorrow!!
  5. Well well well....big upgrade again....best to wait and see what arrives now...fingers crossed.....
  6. Can't help it....believe it or not we have seen diddly squat this winter, even when you guys had snow last week, there was nothing in Dursley....hoping to break the duck for winter 18-19
  7. Massive downgrade on Met Office App for up here, all signs of heavy snow gone, I suspect this is all staying further south...ah well, at least getting around will be easier
  8. Am curious, not sure if you or someone else will know the answer to this, but when it comes this kind of situation, what is the raw data that Met Office feed into forecast. I am just over the hill in Dursley and am closely watching how far north this snow is going to get.
  9. Sadly, not looking as good now, my suspicion is that heaviest of snow is correcting south....touch wood, there is still time for it to revert...
  10. If my interpretation of models and Met Office are correct, then tomorrow looks like a damp squib, PPN arriving earlier than originally forecast and consequently mostly rain/sleet. Should be interesting even at this late stage to see whether there is any further movement of timings or type of PPN.
  11. I read somewhere landfall ETA is 12pm Local time (5pm UK) so just under 2 hours to go
  12. You must have been very unlucky in March 13 then, up in Dursley we had good snow that month, if memory serves, snow was on the ground for best part of a week.
  13. That was issued yesterday, forecast has shown signs of heavier snow. The issue isn't running in the snow, it's people being able to get home that is of more concern. Hopefully what snowfall there is will not stick to roads and all will go smoothly
  14. Grizzly down on Devon/Dorset border might be an issue too, 2000+ runners, some who come from abroad for this annual bonkers offroad race, very tricky call for organisers of such events, one might presume that if an amber warning is issued they may have to cancel/postpone.
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