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  1. noonoo418

    Hurricane Michael

    I read somewhere landfall ETA is 12pm Local time (5pm UK) so just under 2 hours to go
  2. You must have been very unlucky in March 13 then, up in Dursley we had good snow that month, if memory serves, snow was on the ground for best part of a week.
  3. That was issued yesterday, forecast has shown signs of heavier snow. The issue isn't running in the snow, it's people being able to get home that is of more concern. Hopefully what snowfall there is will not stick to roads and all will go smoothly
  4. Grizzly down on Devon/Dorset border might be an issue too, 2000+ runners, some who come from abroad for this annual bonkers offroad race, very tricky call for organisers of such events, one might presume that if an amber warning is issued they may have to cancel/postpone.
  5. There must be snow potential on the way....the MAD thread is becoming a bit of a slugfest, with sadly little sensible discussion!!
  6. http://www.lymeregis.org/webcam.aspx Good webcams available for here, Lyme Regis - West Dorset/East Devon border getting it pretty bad/good at the mo
  7. Met Office forecast woefully out this morning, delayed snow risk til Midday and yet it's been snowing steadily since 7am....
  8. Absolute blizzard in Gloucester right now
  9. Really simple solution to this.....get yourself some trail shoes and head off road.....running through snow is epic fun if a tad hard work. Steer well clear of roads and pavements, once compacted...not a good recipe for running.
  10. noonoo418

    Cyclone Gita

    It caused a fair amount of damage in Samoa (flooding primarily) and American Samoa as well I believe. It is indeed a blessing no-one was killed. Let's hope the remnants don't cause you guys too many issues.
  11. All irrelevant, it's going to miss us or never even arrive....yada yada yada.........oops...sorry, thought I was in the MAD thread.......
  12. There is snow here, covering on cars and bins, still snowing, just tucked in under the smaller band....but looking at radar, everything seems to have ground to a halt.
  13. Fear not!!! I live North of the M4 and saw no deposits slushy or otherwise!! P.S Sorry for swearing so early in the morning!!