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  1. My records for tilehurst, Reading (90 metres asl) Mon 26th Mostly Cloudy, snow flurries throughout. No Lying Snow Max temp 2.2. Tues 27th Sunny morn. Increasingly heavy snow showers throughout afternoon. Dusting, melting in Sun covering after dusk Max Temp 1.2 @ 12pm, -1.5 by 1:30pm -3.0 by 3pm -5.4 by 7pm Low of -6.8 under mainly clear skies Weds 28th Dry and sunny till late afternoon then 2 heavy snow showers Max -1.5 -3.1 by 3pm -5.2 by 5pm Remaining between -5 and -6 under cloudy skies overnight and windy Thurs 1st Cloudy with heavy snow am, 1 to 2 inches blowing around. Dry till 3pm and then heavy snow and blizzard like conditions till 7pm. 2-4 inches but hard to tell as blowing around all over the place. Max – 2.4 @12:30pm -3.8 by 4pm -5.1 by 7pm and remained so throu most of the night Fri 2nd Light snow am. Snow moderate to heavy lasting from lunchtime till around 6pm. Wind dropped and an extra inch or 2. In back garden where level measured at 4.5 inches. Obviously some blowing/sublimation/compacting over the few days. Brief snow beginning again at 8pm, but felling much wetter and relatively warm. -3 at lunchtime -1.8 by 8pm -0.8 by midnight. Overnight game over with waking to drip drip on Saturday morning
  2. Re the temps; these were real temps under cloudy and windy skies if you know what I mean. Other lows quoted probably under clear calm skies?
  3. It was a truly fantastic event, particularly temperature wise but sadly cut too short. For my area (Reading), a little more snow and 3 days longer and it would have been only slightly less severe than 91
  4. Wow, this was way out. Lets face it, as far as the medium term signal is concerned they got it very wrong.
  5. ptow

    Your Deepest Snow Record

    33cm in Tilehurst on 6th Jan 2010 25cm on 21st Dec 2009
  6. Heavy snow here in Reading adding an extra few cm's already
  7. Temperature at Reading uni is -3.3 at 12:30. Temp in Tilehurst is -4
  8. No. We managed to miss that as well hopeful for today though and we have a covering. -5.2
  9. You got some. Moderate in reading with a covering already. -4.8
  10. That's got snow over Reading but there wasnt any
  11. Hope you are right. We have literally been in between 2 thames streamers today!
  12. Maybe we will get lucky tonight, tomorrow or Friday.
  13. Its been a strange one here in Reading as well. Great temps and incredible to see. Part of the Thames is frozen. However, we only have a dusting. Showers to the east, north, south and west. Its been unbelievable