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  1. Most apps seem to be showing these sort of temps. Maybe they are just from raw data.
  2. Indeed, we have seen the trends reversed before and we don't have access to the tools that the Meto do.
  3. Yes, today it is cold to very cold, yesterday it was holy grail and being compared with 1991/87/96 by many experienced members. Now it is not. Hence the dissappointment. It not rocket science
  4. If a 2 degrees diff in uppers equates to 2 degs on the ground then that's the difference between blowing dry powdery snow and drip, drip
  5. Initially the real cold started showing on the models as the 18th it is now the 28th
  6. Yes but it’s still 10 days till the real stuff hits us. As has been the case for the last 2 weeks
  7. Maybe the many claiming benefits and pretending to not be able to work therefore not adding to the pot that would have helped pay for that Social Care budget have some blame as well
  8. Agreed, but we are discussing the actual output at the moment, which is showing just plain old bulk standard cold, albeit good synoptics. Nothing exceptional. I just think some not so knowledgeable members will get the wrong end of the stick. Some comparing to 1991, this (at the moment on present evidence) isn't even fit to lace the boots of 1991
  9. Which is not very cold, bitterly cold, amazingly cold, epic cold or any other superlative to add to the word cold. In fact it barely registers as cold for Feb
  10. Yes, I remember it well, I was in Brum myself at the time. There were plenty of snow showers but didn't really settle and as you say pleasant in the sun
  11. No, I was purely going by the 0-3 day maxes. Not sure if that was from the 0z or the 6z tbh. Stunning for me would be something yielding sub zero maxes and I am talking lower than -1. I haven't seen any data to suggest deep cold being likely
  12. Yes, its a long way off but to clarify, and in the interest of balance, for anyone that is confused at present based on the evidence we are more likely to be looking toward a standard cold spell rather than anything any of us would call spectacular.