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  1. Well seeing as we are in 2019 perhaps Cambridge can exceed it this year
  2. Interesting - why don't they just use standard rounding to zero dp.
  3. No, not me sadly. Although do have 11cm.
  4. Over a foot isn’t really a bit though is it
  5. 9-11cm dependant On where it’s measured here in tilehurst Reading
  6. Well, a hedgehog crossing the road brings Reading to a standstill, so I imagine 2cm of snow will as well
  7. A scandi but wrong shape and no real cold to tap into alas
  8. Interesting, On the 18th I was in Horsforth and there was lots of slush. Drove back to Reading and the same pretty much all the way. Once I got to Reading there was even more slush!
  9. Are you referring to Beast 1 or 2? Beast 1 was like that but Beast 2 a slush fest by Sunday (it only started Friday). this was the mid march one
  10. Here is Reading, Central Southern England. Granted, given an ice day and cloud cover then the snow will stay but both a very unlikely for more than a day in March. I was staying in the pennines during last years March beast and on the Sunday (the Saturday was when all the snow showers really got going in the eve) with watery sunshine it was a slush fest, even with the temp at zero and with that altitude. Sure its still fun after 14th feb but not what most are looking for
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