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  1. You can get away with it until mid feb. 1991 saw very little melt and that was 8th onwards
  2. Still 6 weeks left for a holy grail event. Plenty of time. I am not optimistic however. My definition of holy grail: 1. 4/5 days of subzero maxima 2. at least one snow fall of over 4 inches during the period A holy grail event in my location (Reading). Can only be achieved post Feb 14th if total cloud cover for entire period and dew points remain below freezing. I still have hope, albeit limited
  3. 30cm on 21/12/2009 34cm on 5/1/2010 tilehurst, Reading 100m asl
  4. Well seeing as we are in 2019 perhaps Cambridge can exceed it this year
  5. Interesting - why don't they just use standard rounding to zero dp.
  6. Over a foot isn’t really a bit though is it
  7. 9-11cm dependant On where it’s measured here in tilehurst Reading
  8. Well, a hedgehog crossing the road brings Reading to a standstill, so I imagine 2cm of snow will as well
  9. A scandi but wrong shape and no real cold to tap into alas
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