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  1. Sorry been at work. What about all that rain approaching from NW France? Will it get to us in the SE? Or will it be too warm?
  2. Any idea if the front will slow down?
  3. Looks like the low isn't leaving the channel?
  4. Is it supposed to stall over the South of Britain? It's moving up so fast it looks like it'll be past London by 6am!
  5. Only 1 inch in north London but what a day. Absolute scenes.
  6. Wood Green, north London. Constant heavy snow since 10:15 am.
  7. BBC now saying this for me in Paddington tomorrow from rain an hour ago....
  8. That HIRLAM chart has way less rain coming through from the west than what's actually falling right now.
  9. Does anyone think North London might get any snow?
  10. easton888

    Model Output Discussion - 05/01/2016 18z onwards

    Question from a newbie: If the Greenland high gets itself together and forms a decent block, does that help the cold become entrenched over us? And therefore less likely for it all to go pear-shaped?
  11. easton888

    Winter 2015/16

    Let's not get all worked up again like last year over the -NAO graphs, what a waste of time that was.
  12. Steve how long can these showers from Norfolk last in the morning before it gets too warm?