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  1. Sorry been at work. What about all that rain approaching from NW France? Will it get to us in the SE? Or will it be too warm?
  2. Is it supposed to stall over the South of Britain? It's moving up so fast it looks like it'll be past London by 6am!
  3. BBC now saying this for me in Paddington tomorrow from rain an hour ago....
  4. That HIRLAM chart has way less rain coming through from the west than what's actually falling right now.
  5. Surrey (Lukey?) - I'm in Chertsey tonight, what chance do we have for snow do you reckon?
  6. London clearly too warm, pure blue over the capital and snow only a few miles west
  7. Really dark in Muswell Hill, but doesn't feel cold enough And I'm about 100m asl
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