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    Charlton Adam, near Somerton, Somerset
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    Weather - all aspects, but interested in NWP various models on offer! Plymouth Argyle (0K I'm from Plymouth, but now exiled in Somerset).
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    Cold, snow, freezing rain, hail, thunderstorms!
  1. Clearish skies here - water on the car roof frozen solid, but the wind has really come up. Can see distant lightning to the South, towards Poole I guess. Let's hope something we all want really gets going in the early hours; curtains at the ready!!!
  2. Snowing, fairly light, but some larger flakes mixed in! Looks like we're just too far south (I'm 3 miles east of Somerton) from a cloudy area. Feels much colder now- temp dropped to just 1.6c Let's hope we see some big showers in the early hours - first snow here for 2 years, so nice to see it again!! Good luck all!!
  3. Minimum of -3.6c, around 4am, but temps have been rising since & the frost that's been around for 3 days has all but thawed, apart from odd patches in sheltered areas, looks like the Atlantic is on its way!
  4. -3.2c here now, lowest at 6am down to -6.1c, so not as cold as last night by 1c Because of the fog, everything is coated in frost - so looks incredible this morning and feels colder, with no sun this morning. Will see if I can attach any pics....cheers all!
  5. -4.7c now, falling about 0.7c per hour, but it's also really foggy (freezing), so more in the way of ice deposits on trees, extra moisture may slow down the temp reduction, so who knows, maybe or maybe not. be lower than the -6.9c last night! Mulls/Nights K - what's your current temp?
  6. Got down to -6.9c last night (coldest for 3 years) & struggled up to 3.2c this afternoon. Already at -2c, (2c lower than same time yesterday) and there is already a lot of frost that didn't thaw, so should get down to -8c tonight maybe? The competition is on!!
  7. Coldest night since Jan 2011 at -6c ; could maybe get to -8, if it stays totally clear for the rest of the night! Pity this proper seasonal stuff isn't going to last - milder again by Weds!
  8. Beautiful cold/crisp morning, but expected a colder night; down to - 1c and now up to 3c. Tonight, under clear skies and light winds, expecting maybe -4/5c out yer in the countryside!! Still feeling jealous of our northern colleagues with all that snow cover!!
  9. Yes, good point! Mullender, why the change to Nights King? Next, you'll be telling us that your favourite weather is Bartlett highs and mild mush!
  10. I only watch this thread from a far, due to some of the tone of the posters in here, but the comments suggesting that ECMWF somehow makes it up as it goes along is unbelievable. EC has the most powerful supercomputer, (-and will do for some time until the Met Offices new HPC is installed), best-performing medium-range model by far and it provides this for 34 European contributing Member States, who pay £millions to receive the outputs. Sorry, had to say this -appreciate that some are feeling frustrated with the search for cold, but the sentiments expressed needed a response.........I feel b
  11. Yes, good scrape of the car needed this morning - I don't remember any frost like this for all of last winter! Cold feel all day - max at 9.8c today, nearly 12c lower than last Friday, wow!
  12. Lots of cloud, interspersed with sunny spells - feeling warm at 21c, even with the breeze! Bone dry again - ground is rock hard (trying to dig!) Looking interesting for some thundery showers next week and up to 25c - autumn can wait,
  13. Lovely summer's day here - some patchy clouds, but really muggy and warm - 22.5c.
  14. Pouring down here since 9am, but actually not feeling too cool at 17c. Have you seen the clearance over Cornwall? Clear blue skies and sunshine for our Cornish friends and all the tourists for the Bank holiday - Hopefully Somerset may see the sun by about 4pm if we're lucky!
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