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  1. Yes looking a those ensembles and just reading GP thoughts looks a very brief respite to the wind and rain. Will be nice to have a more seasonal feel to the Xmas period before Atlantic onslaught begins again unfortunately
  2. A cracking spell of sleet here now This event was so marginal for here but I suppose it was always going to be thus so can’t be too dispondant. Back to medium long term prospect again for me and the hunt for some more winter....
  3. Brief spell of light snow here in Ipswich in the early hours but no covering to speak of, in fact it melted what leftover snow there was remaining from the other day! temps and dp were too marginal. That’s still the case the morning. Looks like some people did ok around the region but haven’t seen any decent depths reported (7cm+) so far... Wintry mix today/this weekend and a few more sliders going forward seems to be the theme... give me a solid ENE any day!
  4. Finally in the game here in Ipswich! Light to moderate snow falling now with a brisk north easterly breeze
  5. Yeah straight northerlies without some oomph are a waste of space unless you live in Norfolk! I actually meant a NEE wind for here is the jackpot direction. As you say seen many 20cm falls from that. Defo something brewing with regards to HLB into the next week. The Siberian high has been meandering with intent
  6. Agreed Chris, NNE is the one for us here in Suffolk but anything from N to E wind direction suits Norfolk. Speaking of which the 6z pipes up with an scandi high...
  7. Moving away from the slight disappointment of the short term here locally I’ve been looking mid term again and on the face it’s not looking ovelry cold (defo not mild though), so would be good to hear your thoughts on next week Steve? More HLB to appear as a response to the SSW downwell as we move through into week 2 and the weakening jet pushed further south? Siberian high seems to be excerting it’s presence more and more perhaps edging slightly further westwards into Scandi?
  8. Yes Nick if you’re south of London looking potentially excellent further north in the region expect little more than a dusting (sadly trending the wrong way for us in the north east). Outside chance of something Saturday morning...
  9. Very good point, it’s never easy in the country is it?! The marginality was the major issue last night with the front arriving quicker than expected, the temps and dew points took much longer to drop to more snow conducive levels over here in the east. As an aside it looks like there could be some very low minima tonight in the region and freezing fog so a real wintry flavour continues!
  10. Cheers for the reply. Fingers crossed with the angle of attack being slightly more favourable too. Just saw the charts Nick posted for Thursday and Saturday morning and North Essex and Suffolk are right on the edge of ‘interesting’ I’ve accepted over the many years that an east coast locale in these set up can be difficult to get decent snowfall from. Having said that im still hoping for some positive adjustments in the the next 24 hours!
  11. Looks game over for anyone north of M4 then Kold? Sorry haven’t had a chance to check the charts thoroughly this morning yet but I’m sensing this will be nothing more than a dusting for the north and east of region?
  12. Very slight dusting here in Ipswich too far east in these set ups despite what some models were projecting. Southern counties and Kent look great again for Thursday but not expecting anything here - geographically hamstrung again! Hopefully there’ll be more chances left this winter but was nice to snow falling after a long long wait!
  13. Now properly snowing here in Ipswich, taken a while with temp and dew still dropping!
  14. Exactly the same rhetoric from Look East too. Likely to see snow falling but not much settling going off that although the Met office chart from their live cast earlier showed snow from 5pm to midnight over most of the region
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