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  1. Hi Nick, is this not the Atlantic punching through at T168 on the ECM. Please don't take this as a dig I'm just curious.
  2. TBH, Model Output Discussion needs leaving as is. Since when has it been an elitist forum? The 12z GEM not showing starting to return to mild untill well into FI, T234 H. Bound to change.
  3. The massive Atlantic HP block unfortunately seem to have gone by the wayside now in most of the models even in FI. Looks like a Polar Maritime flow for the foreseeable future. I think a SSW will be needed to get us out of this coolish rut we are in. Nothing spectacular, (for cold that is) not wind.
  4. Me cloggs are gunna be reet chafin wi all that ice about. There's gunna be ructions in ere.
  5. Massive Atlantic block in the never reaches of FI on the GFS 06z control. Is this the turning point of our winter we have had so far?
  6. On a serious note, is the rise in Sea temperature fueling the jet making it stronger than in the past and overriding other weather patterns? Getting deep and lasting cold into our tiny Island seems harder and harder as the years tick by. A really nasty looking jet for Friday.
  7. I think that we are on borrowed time this year re cold for our tiny island and have 4 possible opportunities for cold before the horse bolts. 1. The desalination of the Atlantic ocean leading to catastrophic failure of the gulf stream. 2. The eruption of the super volcano under Yellowstone Park spewing millions of tonnes of dust particles into the upper atmosphere and blocking out the sun. 3. A giant asteroid hitting the Earth causing a tilt in the axis and sending the British Isles into a more northerly and more favourable position. 4. A perturbation in the mysterious and enig
  8. Put yer hats and coats away guys. Springs on its way.
  9. I think there would be a run on snow shovels if perturbation 11 came to pass. Alas Deep into FI.
  10. Everyone is looking into FI for any possible change in synoptic and possible cold. All I was showing was the huge difference between a certain model run at that timescale that's all.
  11. Big differences on the 00 Z and the 06 Z on the GEFS.
  12. Wow, looks like the Alps is going to get another pasting. Saturday night through to Monday Eve.
  13. I know but we live in hope. It's going to be zonal, mild and mushy. And this chart don't look good either. Not a cat in hell's chance of an undercut followed by a beasterly.
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