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  1. Hey peeps, anyone else notice the random advert spliced into the adverts on ITV last night from united utilities (water suppliers in Yorkshire)? must have been paid for and was quite a lengthy one about a guy not doing the “one job” he had to do which was to make sure he had clad his water pipes to protect them from freezing!!!...hmmmmm never see adverts from united utilities on’t telly???... do we think maybe they have some info of an up coming VERY cold spell maybe?????☃️☃️☃️
  2. 3 way split vortex!!!... have we seen this somewhere before???... ??? sorry mods
  3. Quick one to all those far FAR more knowledgeable than I... are there any other winters past that have had a similar timed SSW falling over our little isle with a split rather than a displacement? and if yes then what was that January/February/March period like for us? in other news... based in Strensall near York at the moment waiting for the snow but this wind is more of an issue than I thought it might be!!! Guess I got too caught up in chasing the snow to factor in anything else!!! Oops!!!??‍♂️
  4. Hi Steve Murr ??? Starting to feel very quiet in here and it’s the only thing getting me through my long days at work lol. do you or anyone else fancy having a guesstimating Stab at what will happen over Friday and Saturday? my brain has been fried over the last few days with the yes it will no it won’t posts regarding this weekend and now I’m at a loss what to think? thanks in advance, Ryan (long time lurker... love the show guys and gals ??)
  5. The minutecast on accuweather is stating that it will start snowing in 10mins!!! Bit precise me thinks!?!... we shall see lol
  6. Wind is howling here in Beeston and it seems like it’s trying to snow but not too sure if I’ve Been staring at the snow over yesterday to the point I’m getting ghost snowfall in my vision! Lol
  7. Anyone got any updates on which models are performing best at the mo? or are they all a little dizzy with the current set up?
  8. Just a quick question... Do the models factor in the recent eruption of popocatepetl in Mexico? as I remember reading that volcanic eruptions can cause a shift in winter weather somehow... or is this something that I made up???... sorry if off topic but if its something the models don't see/factor in then it could lead to a surprise further down the line.
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