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  1. Well heavy overnight snow here in Zermatt deposited 15cms in the town and a blinking lot on the mountains! Sadly I keep getting the upload failed sign when I try and add the pics. We did the Sunegga run this morning and then on to Gornergrat early pm. Pretty persistent snow at both so flat light but great skiing on the fresh snow. Down at village level at 1600m it's turned to heavy rain on return and it's a bit messy now. Like Blessed reported the freezing level here also seems to be at 1700 as the 'top end of town' it's still snowing! The rain is forecast to turn back to snow t
  2. Great update BW thank you. Arrived in Zermatt on Saturday. Sufficient snow about but could do with a top up to add to existing snow levels. Pistes good but off piste a bit rocky. Village has good snow - 10-15 Cms where sun has not touched- some bare patches where it has. 120 plus cms up the mountain. Sunday was a bluebird day. Great for skiing with great light and little wind. Now today - Monday. Snow forecast.com was showing rain but as unpredictable as the mountains are light snow has turned in to moderate and persistent snow in the village. Some 10cms so far and still 'giving it
  3. What a great picture and a fantastic place to live!! Off to Zermatt a week on Friday.Latest family feedback is that there's decent snow on the mountains above about 2000m but despite some big falls across the Alps including Wengen last weekend they have not had that much in the village this season (at around 1600m) " a few cms" ive been told but it has been very, very cold. Of course, i note, latest forecasts are indicating a considerable warm up for my vist - but thats become the norm for us! Ill try and update with piste and snow conditions in the area when im there and post
  4. Yes that a superb picture! It's Findeln about 2,000m up. The web cam is just a couple of hundred metres or so from the superb Chez Vrony mountain restaurant. Going forward towards the Matterhorn is a nice trail down the mountain, through the forest and under the Gornergrat railway to the Winkelmitten district of Zermatt. My wife is from Zermatt and my in laws and some family still live their. I've been very lucky in being able to visit regularly over the past 30 years or so! My sister in law rang Thursday to say they'd had about 8 inches in the village and that there were "many metres now
  5. Yes Mucka the potential on the current output for say Lancs, Cheshire, North Wales and North Midlands to see some significant snow is there. Of course it may not last that long and it is fair to say that, generally, easterley winds tend to bring longer and deeper cold spells. Of course because this can effect the South East significantly we hear more about it. Crewe Cold will remember a xmas around 2004/2005 when up to 4/5 inches of snow fell in Cheshire on xmas day but the charts were "rubbish", "useless" and "Bartlett type" as nothing fell south of London. Perhaps something for 'newer'
  6. Many thanks John, as always.I think the link will be of great benefit to a number of us on here!
  7. No worries. The lack of rationale or reasoning to support your viewpoint shows its time to move on. Cheers
  8. :smiliz23: Sorry but thats not easy. If the temperature, especially at this time of year, is below average then it would be classed as cold. If snow is a possibility then where it falls would be classed as cold. Below average, I am sure, would be refered to by the Met office, as "cold for the time of year" You may be confusing cold with very cold or even extremley cold. To say there is "no hint of cold" when temperatures are below average in January is clearly misleading.
  9. Given that the GFS(P) indicates some possible PM air towards the end of its run and that this could result in some snow, particularly at height, can you explain to me how there is "no hint of cold"? Many thanks for your help.
  10. Good point. however whenever we have a chance of something snowy and cold getting closer bear in mind we get the IMBY process. As such Midlands north may be getting 6 cms of snow (so the charts are great)whilst south of Oxford its rain so the charts are shocking" ""poor"etc or vice versa. I think the trick is to look at the trends and the weather picture for the UK and Ireland as a whole before deciding that the models are 'good or bad'.
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