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  1. Have A Look At What You Could"ve Won... - British Classic Comedy WWW.BRITISHCLASSICCOMEDY.CO.UK Bullseye, 1981 Remember Sunday evenings, Jim Bowen and his famous catchphrase, “You can’t beat a bit of Bully” Bullseye was the hugely popular game show that...
  2. What I hate most about the mild output currently is it’s killed the mod thread off, back to 3/4 pages a day! Have really enjoyed the cut and thrust of the chase for cold over the last month or so, it’s been a welcome distraction from the purgatory that is Coronavirus. And the bit of snow we have had has given us something different to do with our two young children, but gutted we only had a few sprinkles of snow from this easterly, was hoping to recreate the igloo we made in the BFTE of 2018. (Youngest child to young to remember it 😞)
  3. As a cold lover in winter and a cricketer in the summer I hate nothing more than mild/warmth in January/February and March, followed by a wet cold April and May with copious amounts of northern blocking and Scandinavian highs showing in the charts. Just hope this really isn’t it for the winter and we can get one more cold shot for those of us who missed out this time. Otherwise it’s feels a bit like get bowled for a duck in your last cricket match of the summer having to spend the whole winter fuming about it because you’re got to wait 7 months till you get another go!
  4. Fingers crossed! Been a frustrating day of radar watching! Blame me I covertly bought the kids a new sledge at the end of last week. (Gotta be up there with telling friends and family there’s a cold spell on the way as a sure fire way to scupper snow) have had to keep it hidden!
  5. It’s funny I have lived most my life out towards the east/west haddon area so only 5/6 miles from Northampton and have done pretty well in all the big events over the last 12 years 2009 feb+Dec, 2010 nov/dec 2013 jan/march and the 2018 beast. 91 February was good from memory and my parents found some old vhs footage of it last Christmas. Think I have some very hazy memories of jan 87 but was only 4 and half,so not sure how good it was round here. But like you said during the big events of the last 12 years once you got towards town It was noticeable how much less snow there was. My grandmother
  6. Very light flurry just blown through here, bodes well for later as that front over London drops away over the morning/afternoon.
  7. Moderate to heavy snow falling in Harlestone northants now! Settling fast temp 0.8C and falling. Better be around in the morning have bet the house on sledging with the kids tomorrow.
  8. Its been a IMBY winter by the sounds of it! Some have done very well other have had another stinker (so far), managed 8 days of lying snow and a low of -8 here in rural Northants so far, compared to 2 days during 16/17 winter 1/2 day 15/16, 2 Days 14/15 and 1/2 day 13/14. If that's it for this winter then so be it not been a bad one here, gutted for those who have missed out. However it is only 22 January, still plenty of time yet, give the models a few days as Mr Micawber says in Dickens ' Something will turn up....'
  9. Anyone else think this is a great version of how the mood has gone on the Model thread over the last day........ECM being the one falling off the perch!!!!
  10. Well, if we have learnt one thing from this it is that MOGREPS is just as fallible as the other tools we have available when it comes with forecasting a cold spell, wasn't it the other day the all members bar one were going for an easterly next week? I for one have been waiting for the last 3 winters for it to pick up a cold signal out in FI and run with it down to 0hrs. Despite this its performance of the last few winters has been very good, just a kick in the teeth when it has had a wobble its when its been showing a period of easterly flow! Anyway as have said before to tweak a quote
  11. We must be getting close to the December 1990 event now, from my childhood memories of that event snow depth is about the same! Guess that means we will have a Feburay 91 to follow!!! Lol
  12. All I can say guys and gals is enjoy and ramp the hell out of it!!! After the past 3/4 winters of dross we have had, we have certainly earned it!! Lost count of how many times I would have a look at the mod thread in the morning to see knocker posting charts off blowtorch south westerlies and picture of daffodils and no hope in site.
  13. Just up the road from you on top of the hill by the old garage at Harlestone visablity getting bad and it's blowing a gale, lovely stuff!!
  14. December 1990 blizzard revisited? Can remember it well had my 7th Birthday when that lot hit, and we are off to my daughters 4th Birthday party later this morning! Talk about reliving your youth!!
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