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  1. So is it true the very latest thoughts are that the storm is likely to have south abit sparing us the worst winds and the strongest winds will be up the channel and northern coast of France. Do the latest models indicate this ?
  2. Something nicely convective looking now appearing in the Western English Channel heading NE. Chances of this developing into Thundery rain in the early hours to the west of London ?
  3. That worked . Come n move in for the summer but if your from ooop norf you had better bring your factor 75.
  4. 24 again today and a nice warm breeze at the moment. The temps may have even increased in the last hour to 25. This weather would have been a blessing in the run up to mid summer in June. There are even large cumulus clouds building this eve due to the heat and warmth not surprising as mid summer was just 6 or 7 weeks ago.
  5. Well it was 25 yesterday afternoon here and 25 forecast for today too. Clear blue skies. Better than forecsast. With just under 8 weeks of summer left if it carries on like this ill be very happy . Could do with a little bit of rain as the soil is still parched.
  6. 26's and 27's in the south on sunny days. We've been spoilt with 28-32 for a long while. Some of these autumnal look posts are on the pessimistic side. As you say a slack flow, with long hours of sunshine leads to good diurnal and surface heating with comfortable nights after midnight. No sign of temps being in the mod teens on any charts which I would consider to be more autumnal. Anyone know what and where today's maxima was recorded ?
  7. Hello, first time poster here, so im sorry if I ask any questions. I love weather and have been trying to follow this thread for most of the winter. Now it seems that the BBC have forecast snow for the UK for all of this week. But when I look at some of the discussion and charts here some show southerly winds for later in the week. Does matter if the winds come from the south if the air is cold it will still fall as snow ? We rarely get snow here, and Ian Fergusson on the BBC mentioned disruptive snow tomorrow and tuesday I think on a forecast I saw yesterday or maybe the day before. It
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