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  1. Definately looks like Tuesday could have potential here. These are the current GFS predictions. OK only one model and not to be taken literally but definately shows the potential
  2. Glad to hear people are getting some decent snow today, hope you enjoy! (although here in Liverpool I aint! ha). This is slightly changing the subject but I find it crazy that the Met office and BBC weather forecasts are so different for the potential snow on Thur/Fri! I know the BBC data now comes from a different source so slight differences are to be expected. However anyone watching the BBC forecast on TV for my location will be expecting heavy snow Thur night and into Friday! Whereas Met office are having none of it! What model are the BBC using now? Here in Liverpool we had so
  3. It is snowing heavy enough to give a dusting here in south Liverpool
  4. After a fun evening here in Liverpool last night what do you think the chances of that band heading up Wales are of hitting us again tonight? To my untrained eye it looks maybe to be moving a bit too much North East, but I may be wrong.
  5. Hi, been a long time reader of this forum. Thanks for all the insight and opinions. If this pattern change is coming in New year how soon do you think any snow will follow based on the models? Flying on 2nd Jan and had three flights cancelled over past 3 years due to snow, seriously im the most unlucky flyer ever! I know this is very difficult to say this far out but any opinions would be appreciated
  6. Can anyone who is good with the models please give the current prediction for the weather next weekend? (Friday specifically). Going to Aintree races and would love the weather to be like it is today. Yes its chilly but feels nice in the sun, much better than mild and raining!
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