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  1. Medway and most of Kent is a rain fest. I never knew I was the jealous type, but all that pink on the radar is bringing me to tears.
  2. Sitting in Wladerslade, Chatham right now waiting for a pupil to start their driving lesson. A mix of 90% rain and 10%snow is building in intensity. What snow is here is melting before my eyes. Such a shame.
  3. A couple of MM last night here in medway. All but melted already. Last night was full of promise again. But was a let down for us again. Light snownhas just started falling, but will be a short flurry according to the radar. Heres hoping we we get another shot at the good stuff before the end of the season.
  4. It looks like all northward progression has come to a grinding halt.
  5. You make that sound so easy. I’m refreshing the radar Avery few moments, begging the front to move north
  6. I’m only getting snippets here and there, but what I’ve pieced together suggests the main band of snow will not make it far enough north or east to reach north Kent. I hope I’m wrong. Please tell me I have got the wrong end of the stick. And what about BBC graphics earlier showing heavy rain bands moving over Kent all tomorrow?
  7. I don’t know if it’s been mentioned already, but the BBC forecast just now showed heavy rain moving over much of Kent tomorrow during the day. Doesnt give much hope for any snow that does settle tonight. This winter has been full of promise but has not been delivering the goods
  8. Can anybody give me the latest thoughts for north Kent for tomorrow nights event? Last night was a disappointment, so I’m hoping for a little more luck this time around. Thanks gang.
  9. 1°C here and RH of 68%. I think there’s something wrong with your one.
  10. Enthusiastic lurker and reader, very rare poster. I was last being nosey here a couple of days ago, when talks of 6-8” of snow widespread across the SE was being touted in the ‘reliable’. Today’s post seem to suggest these expectations have been somewhat downgraded to a couple of cms if lucky? Is that th gist of things? Realistically, what is in the cards for us tomorrow night? And how does it compare with the current ideas of Thursday’s snow forecast?
  11. What a total let down. Smack bang in the middle of the amber warning, had my hopes high, and barely a dusting. I don’t think we even got 1cm of depth. It’s vanishing in front of my eyes this morning. Come on spring, let’s have some weather we can actually enjoy.
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