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  1. A few small flakes now in Biggin, given the slow NNW movement of the Kent band, that's probably the lot for the night. 1cm gained however...can't complain.
  2. So SE London and NW Kent go from the sweet spots to sweet FA...couldn't make it up what a poor effort from both easterlies
  3. Tempted to leave work in Crawley now, don’t particularly fancy the motorways in freezing rain.
  4. Need to travel down to Crawley, could southeast London see anything up to 4pm? Probably should work from home.
  5. just shy under 2 inches here in Orpington, everything is frozen solid under light fog currently ?
  6. decent showers this afternoon in Orpington. shame it looks like we are once again just that fraction too far west again this evening.
  7. Not liking the forecast for this week, could really do with Friday being dry for Goodwood FOS.
  8. Looked to be towards the Kenley, Warlingham direction. was pretty much isolated from the rest of the storm. We got hit hard as well but I've never had such a clear view of a one so was quite interesting to watch.
  9. Marvellous storm just passed over Biggin Hill, constant CG lightning and what appeared to be a possible small microburst on the tail edge of the cell (large ball of rain sudden dropping and fanning out so I'm going to make the assumption)
  10. Well it looks as if we have had our lot here in Biggin hill. I was hoping for more but nevermind
  11. Scrat if you can see into Biggin hill valley there is some slight rotation at the base
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