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  1. thanks it might be an email to Lucy then, 2 wind readings from different positions would be a useful feature to be added. we can run multiple soil moisture sensors so it should be possible to do.
  2. does anybody know if its possible to add a second wind sensor array to the hp2551 console. I was wondering if the ultrasonic wind package would work alongside the existing outdoor sensor array giving two sets of wind speed readings on the console, i hope that make sense, thanks.
  3. it could be water or dirt in there creating a short circuit and draining the batteries. give it a good clean out and bring it inside to dry out for a few days if possible and see what happens then. my other thought, is there anyway to power the outside unit with a power supply to see if it keeps working then.
  4. There is also this https://www.weatherstations.co.uk/wifi-logger.htm which makes your vue accessible from your wifi network and will let you upload to wunderground etc
  5. I was sat here in lockdown baking hot and started to wonder, has there been any studies of solar cycles minimum and maximum and temperature records. let me try and explain, is it a thing that every time we are in a solar minimum we get hot summers and every solar maximum cooler ones, I know it sounds backwards, but. take 1976 hot summer- solar minimum. any thoughts or useful links welcome. I then noticed that the cycle trend is decreasing, so fewer cooler summers? pushing up the average temperature I assume if I'm correct
  6. Ecowitts website says it can "When paired with a WeatherStation Console (HP2551/HP3500/HP3501): ·View lightning data in real-time on the Display ·Get alerted to lightning strikes with the flashing lightning icon"
  7. if you download the manual from ecowitts website that suggests it can be done, but maybe not individual records, but i've never tried it. "While in History Record Mode, press key to popup the Message Box: “Clear the history record?” Press “Yes” to clear all history records saved on"
  8. Three years ago today 24 april. our weather can do anything at this time of year
  9. you could just add an led or a small buzzer to the output wire so it's easy to tell when it's on or even off when it should be on.
  10. I have been looking for a more functional alternative to wunderground for a long time, so I'm open to suggestions as well, I have tried everything I can find with no luck so far, weathercloud met office wow etc. There is an effort to get cumulusmx working with the gw1000 so that may change things if it succeeds.
  11. The console is very nice it shows all the data from all the sensors wunderground does not show air pollution or soil moisture. ecowitts website dashbord is occasionally down or inaccessible it also went through a stage of having missing data but I never figured out if that was me or them. The mobile app is ok it works but looks plain it only shows wunderground data for the console and i have found no way to show historic data from the gw1000 yet. So I think the console gives the widest options for data display and storage and it is totally under your control.
  12. there is also these two options but both give the same price problems. it is also Chinese new year holidays so you may get a long delay with Lucy. MISOL/Wireless weather station connect to WiFi, upload data to web (wunderground) [HP2550-1] - $159.99 WWW.MISOLIE.NET MISOL/Wireless weather station connect to WiFi, upload data to web (wunderground) [HP2550-1] - Description: Features: 1. Wireless Frequency: 433Mhz 2. Color display receives wind speed... and Froggit Wetterstationen Shop - HP1000SE PRO Wi-Fi Internet Funkwetterstatio
  13. if you go direct with Lucy don't forget about vat and duty, it can be a big bill
  14. maybe its a cobweb/ spiderweb antenna or just the ground pane part off something else like a dipole
  15. try here it should work HP1000 Professional Wireless Weather Station with WIFI Connection and TFT Color Display - Wifi Weather Station - Fine Offset Electronics WWW.FOSHK.COM
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