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  1. As a follow up to my post above , I have received a follow up email from ecowitt amazon.com asking if the order had arrived ok and informing me an updated firmware is available. The interesting point is it was signed by Lucy, so it appears Lucy is the point of contact for the amazon US webstore and ecowitt direct.
  2. I ordered the ecowitt wifi gateway soil moisture and air quality sensors from amazon.com to test the international shipping option they shipped on the 4th and arrived today (8th) no problems with customs or vat. I hope every order is that fast and easy because now I have to decide if I get the ambient weather or the acurite station now I know the shipping thing works. The sensors seem to work great, setup was easy and the data looks accurate the only bad thing so far is the usb powered wifi gateway it just plugs into a usb port, so it just sticks out of the side of the pc until I can find a power supply or usb extension lead for it. The data uploads to ecowitt.net and an app on my phone.
  3. Best snow in years 😁 2 1/2 inches before the met office issue a weather warning LOL a light cover at 7am started proper at 9 and still going, just about.
  4. At last ! some snow in Orkney. A shower or two first thing left about a cm or two.
  5. I asked about the hp2551 and was quoted 269.99 usd with shipping and I think you have to assume we'll have to pay vat and customs duty. That makes it a similar price to the same unit off the amazon US website I think I feel more comfortable ordering from amazon. what a shame nobody in the EU or UK stocks it.
  6. maybe good news, but they don't show the three arm version as stock and I think you will still pay customs duty and vat when it enters the uk so I will have to work out what that will make the price before I consider ordering.
  7. thanks for that, I had found froggit on ebay I think it was but I have never found their website. They have the same stock as maplin used to with hp1000 etc which I had two of and both had faulty temperature sensors. I think they will eventually get the updated version of the wh3000 that doesnt need an app to get it online, but when is unknown.
  8. I don't like the price of commercial stations and I still find a lot of traffic scotlands weather gear offline or wrong so i'm not sure price is the answer. I had hoped upgrading to a davis would be the answer but it appears not. so I'm looking for something internet capable thats is more reliable than a davis station or something disposable with readily available spare parts at a far price, at this point I will look at any suggestion or recommendation. I am also looking at the weatherflow station from another thread but again it's only available in the states. (so far)
  9. The manual says it's 433mhz, but that could well be wrong. The reviews have been whats stopped me buying one so far. I have a vantage vue already and that has gone back for service under guarantee. so I am starting to think it doesn't matter how much i spend everything seems to last 1 or 2 years before faults start to appear. Is everything just disposable these days? I also have the earlier version of the ambient/ fine offset station which also has it's own issues (mainly the stupid app to get it online) which is why I started looking for a new station, so as everything is around the same cost and appears to have a variety of problems it's tricky to find the right thing. can anybody name a weather station that lasts or has reasonably priced and available spares?
  10. In looking for the fineoffset station I also found this on amazon https://www.amazon.com/AcuRite-01007M-Touchscreen-Monitoring-Lightning/dp/B074XKB239 the manual claims this works on 433mhz so is legal in the uk, but the reviews are mixed, has anybody got any thoughts on this station? also their website doesn't work in this country (not good) probably something to do with gdpr but I can view it using a vpn client if anybody wants to look, thats the way.
  11. I started looking at weatherflow because I was unhappy about the quality of the Davis stuff and I don't think the price is much cheaper than the vantage vue, so I think it will be quality and reliability not price that tempts people to purchase over the Davis stations. The concept of the haptic rain sensor being a new idea was always going to be the thing that worked or didn't so I hope they get it sorted because the idea sounds good to me, fewer moving parts means less to go wrong. Does anybody in contact with the company know when or if the station will be available to order in the UK, is it stock or the sensor problems that is the hold up?
  12. Thanks for all the feedback so far, I'm glad they are still out of stock I would have ordered one by now and I think I would have regretted it. Would you say the concept of the thing is ok and the problems can be sorted out or are they starting to look like something to avoid?
  13. Sorry still no luck finding one. I have this version of it already http://www.foshk.com/Wifi_Weather_Station/WH2900.html which has some issues as I have said. ambient weather do a re numbered version of most, if not all fine offset stations but sadly don't ship to the UK.
  14. Is it the wstool app you are using and find easy because i'm having nothing but problems with it.
  15. Has anybody found this station in stock anywhere that will ship to the uk? I have been googling all day but the ambientweather is the only retailer I have found and they don't ship to the uk. http://www.foshk.com/Wifi_Weather_Station/HP2550.html same as this https://www.ambientweather.com/amws2000.html#caption I have one of the earlier models wh2900 and the display isn't the best it needs an app to connect it to wifi and it's a real pain to set up. the newer model looks like it doesn't need the app. I asked similar question a couple of years ago about the wh2900 without much luck so hoping for a better response this time please. any suggestions thanks Thanks