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  1. maybe its a cobweb/ spiderweb antenna or just the ground pane part off something else like a dipole
  2. try here it should work HP1000 Professional Wireless Weather Station with WIFI Connection and TFT Color Display - Wifi Weather Station - Fine Offset Electronics WWW.FOSHK.COM
  3. I don't know about the new version, they may be taking the p, I'm still waiting for the original one to become available in the UK. Does anybody know when or even if, either version will actually be for sale?
  4. There's nothing wrong with the davis logger but can I suggest this wifi logger as an alternative https://www.weatherstations.co.uk/new-wifi-logger-for-davis-stations.htm it's good to have choices. There is also the Ecowitt stuff which is getting mixed revues and some issues ordering it but so far I have had no major problems it has a lot more options than the davis stuff and looks a whole lot more modern. http://www.ecowitt.com/
  5. I can appreciate your point of view you do seem to have had more than your fair share of issues and I agree the import fees can make this stuff expensive but I am still happy with the quality. Until somebody starts stocking uk spec kit we are stuck with importing and all the problems that brings. I have not had anymore problems with ecowitt than I have had with davis but time will tell if that stays true and ecowitts console display at least looks like it was made in this century.
  6. A further day of messing about with the soil sensors appears to suggest that with both sensors pointing in the same direction I get one sensor wiped out by the other, no signal at all. This doesn't make a lot of sense to my head so I will investigate further. A second point to note is that the eccowitt website shows holes in the data that a reboot of the gw1000 and a page refresh fixes, the missing data appears. whether that is a website or hardware issue is unclear.
  7. I will add if you don't mind the using the wrong frequency (915mhz) the order process from amazon.com is very simple and quick, I have used it. But shipping and vat and import duty still hurts.
  8. After the soil sensor signal problem was reported here I started paying more attention to what mine were doing and sure enough I have the occasional signal drop as well. Now I have two sensors connected to a gw1000 and what I have found so far is that it is the position or orientation of the sensor that causes the drop. the two sensors are about a meter apart either side of the poly tunnel it is only one sensor suffering drops so I swapped them around making sure to replace them in the same spot same orientation and the other sensor started dropping so what I have concluded is it's not hardware in my case it is position even only a meter apart is making the difference between working or not. I intend to test the way they are pointing next. hope this makes sense and maybe helps.
  9. That also sounds wrong, the import duty on a £300 order should have been higher, around £60 maybe (I'm no tax expert), I wounder if they have corrected a previous error with your import charges.
  10. that sounds wrong the import duties and vat are usually about 25% of the order total, but this was always the problem of importing. https://www.gov.uk/goods-sent-from-abroad/tax-and-duty
  11. It's all very strange, Im with you on the ordering issue plus the import duties bug me, Amazon has spoilt us all. What about a replacement soil sensor or put the same firmware on both consoles, just to test what happens
  12. how many soil sensors have you got? I was just thinking if it's more than one is the console that shows little signal picking up a different sensor. it's all very strange
  13. I have never had interference problems with Davis and other stations but I have had problems between other Chinese copy stations, fine offset ventus tfa etc. it would be a simple check, turn everything else wireless off, see what happens.
  14. so what version is the wifi firmware? my console lists hardware and wifi versions in the about section. it is interesting that the new console has a newer version than than I just downloaded.
  15. there was new firmware for the console as well as the gw1000. The possible interference is why I got the separate sensors and gw1000 on a different frequency so thanks for confirming I made the right choice. wifi firmware is now 142 console firmware 146 as reported by the console
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