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  1. looks hopeful so far, as you say some things will take time to evaluate. Am I correct in saying there is no solar panel / charger with these units so they run on battery all the time? unlike the davis stations. Hope you get some rain and lightening soon to finish off the initial testing.
  2. I'm looking forward to both of your views and opinions on these units and to them being in stock for order. They look like good weather stations I hope they work well and last longer than most of the other stuff on the market today. please don't make me wait I'm no good at it.
  3. sadly in my experience 2 years is about the lifespan of a weather station before it starts having problems or is dead, even the expensive stuff like davis. my solution is purchase 2 stations 12 months apart and run them both that way I always hopefully have one working and it means you can do maintenance on one station and still be collecting data. watch your wireless frequencies with 2 stations you will get interference. wired may be the only solution. I have not found a weather station I wouldn't call disposable but I do live in a place that gives them a hard time, the weather here gets bad sometimes.
  4. I had a problem with somebody else uploading data to my wunderground account, I have no idea how and wunderground support was rubbish and took months to do anything about. but the data on wunderground was different from my station, it probably isn't this but the test is to stop uploading your data and see what happens with wunderground, if data is still being displayed it's coming from somewhere else and not you.
  5. has the vane been installed on the spindle correctly or slipped lose maybe worth checking
  6. Well I am feeling left out, I have been waiting all week for the "heavy snow weather warning" beast from east, what do I get up here in Orkney, one inch of level snow,and that's melting quickly, why that needs a weather warning I don't know. I am enjoying the pictures though so keep them coming, I'm very jealous.
  7. if it is always off by the same amount have a look at the calibrate option. if you can adjust for that much error on the console?
  8. I think its the same as this one fine offset and I think the usb is just for factory update and doesn't work but there is some software called weather link ip that may help. Your best bet is to contact aercus and ask them. there is also the the maplin version called n23dq their website has lots of questions that may help.
  9. what model ? I didn't think they had usb
  10. I'm sorry to say I have returned two of these stations to maplins both with faulty temp sensors. Luckily both in warranty, so I got a refund for the second replacement unit and I got a vantage vue instead, so far it's been a lot more reliable.
  11. trebor

    Measuring wind gradient

    with that height and having it portable, I would think sectional pole with guy ropes is the only option. how temporary is the installation going to be?
  12. trebor

    vantage vue battery cover

    Thanks everybody, at least I have not lost a part of my iss . I will try some tape over the battery cover and see if that stops the water getting in. condensation draining / drying is a thought, but as it is already wet and corroded in the battery compartment it isn't working, even if that's how it was intended to.
  13. Hi all, quick question, should the vantage vue iss have a seal around the battery cover? Mine hasn't and looks like it should have, but I can't remember if it ever did. I changed the battery and found water was getting in and corroding the contacts. Is this a known thing and has anybody got any good ideas how to stop it or where to get a seal if it should have one? Thanks
  14. The maplin N23dq is also worth a look if reliability or accuracy aren't too important the reviews are mixed, Maplins are good at swapping the faulty ones. Now that makes them sound bad, but they do everything, are easy to set up and have good displays and internet connectivity out of the box.