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  1. It's all very strange, Im with you on the ordering issue plus the import duties bug me, Amazon has spoilt us all. What about a replacement soil sensor or put the same firmware on both consoles, just to test what happens
  2. how many soil sensors have you got? I was just thinking if it's more than one is the console that shows little signal picking up a different sensor. it's all very strange
  3. I have never had interference problems with Davis and other stations but I have had problems between other Chinese copy stations, fine offset ventus tfa etc. it would be a simple check, turn everything else wireless off, see what happens.
  4. so what version is the wifi firmware? my console lists hardware and wifi versions in the about section. it is interesting that the new console has a newer version than than I just downloaded.
  5. there was new firmware for the console as well as the gw1000. The possible interference is why I got the separate sensors and gw1000 on a different frequency so thanks for confirming I made the right choice. wifi firmware is now 142 console firmware 146 as reported by the console
  6. you are being very unlucky. I am not having any issues with soil sensors and the gw1000 mine go through several walls over about 10 to 15 meters. I have just got a new firmware using the app that may be worth a try.
  7. You wouldn't recommend the bird spikes then, LOL. Where they part of your long delayed order, have you finally got a package?
  8. I think you need to contact Lucy, it's just rude that they have not let you know what the issue is. There is also the chance they think they've sent it and you have received it.
  9. your patience . Somebody has had wireless issues with the sensors, it may have even been you but I cant see what else can be tested unless there's a new firmware.
  10. you lucky ******, I'm looking forward to reading your first impressions. Are they yours to keep? or will you have to return them.
  11. what does Lucy say is the hold up. mine took about 10 working days to dispatch and I have never been sent a tracking number without asking for one.
  12. it may mean they get cheaper if production volume goes up. it does appear to give them a door into europe through one rain. the odd thing is those companies were all founded in 1992, I guess time will tell, I hope it means davies gets a modern display. https://www.aemonitoring.com/
  13. oh bum!!! I got a vat tax bill from fedex for £44. HP2551 not such a bargain anymore
  14. I think it was Dean E with the different console
  15. there goes the warranty. can you see anything wrong in there?
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