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  1. To be honest the JMA is been very consistent it has shown this for days and not swapped and changed like the others
  2. Why can’t we ever get cold very cold and snowy in the uk with no fuss always breaks down last min
  3. Hi all not posted for a long time which model do we think is correct JMA very consistent with its outlook
  4. Think hull could do well them mate
  5. Looks like showers dying out another bust for hull
  6. When will trough n persistent snow hit
  7. What time is the trough due to hit east yorks
  8. Some bigger showers hitting hull now near whiteout conditions looking good for tonite
  9. Will this trough hit east yorks ?
  10. Does hull look like getting in on the action ?
  11. The met seem to think we will get heavy showers on their forecast but don't know ?
  12. Does hull look like getting in on the action ?
  13. This was looking like a memorable spell for the east now a possible damp squib anyone think otherwise ?