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  1. Don’t die folks looks a dangerous situation...
  2. I’ve binged the whole show in last 2 weeks never done anything like that before, it’s been an enjoyable ride I do agree with this season being rushed, then again directors wanted to do 6 extended episodes rather than HBO who wanted 10 episodes that would have give more to work with, especially with controversial ‘The Bells’ although I did see it coming.
  3. Another overcast day, but lost chilly wind 18C may dodge the showers today.
  4. Scotland often see its best weather much before us, not that exceptional I hope they enjoyed their short summer our turn now. After a few days of largely bright and ‘warm’ conditions a fresh breeze, I rate May as quite good, let’s hope remainder of month isn’t bad really struggling to see anything particularly warm, so hope for a change. 17C is below average here now should be seeing high teens consistently and making it in 20s quite easily..
  5. I’m sure in the later December release never mind irrelevant I’m not here to argue... too early for much direction in early summer but GFS 12z keeps a stubborn trough in our vicinity stuck in the mud by the Greenland blocking, not so bad in southeast it does look there is going to a be a split in our weather. Which may at first see the best of weather in west and then reverse to more normal south and east. A quite changeable spring. l
  6. Just an observation even met office contingency report with best brains and NWP at disposal for winter, favoured a colder frontloaded winter? Reading this thread warm spells have often eluded, to something much more average and uninspiring. I am saying nothing of summer, clearly the base pattern seen in late May continued into the summer and it is quite possible the start of June may carry with this theme, there hasn’t been nothing particularly notable. February was increadible, however often fleeting occasions, one week of madness amongst general mediocre. I have yet to reach 25C, and it looks likely it will not be June at earliest this is unusual for this location. Seems we are going to see a continuation of the less warm easterlies for a little while yet. Plenty of HLB at least in medium outlook so it looks after an improvement seen shortly it is going to to take a wee dive, question is for how long?
  7. Didn’t the same say go for a colder winter with extensive HLB. Well see how that went, again it’s a snapshot in time and background signals will change, as far as I’m concerned means nothing unsure why such gravitas is given, to how summer will evolve, a warmer than average summer, is always much more likely than cooler. You persist about warm weather endlessly, I’m still waiting for it! It says a lot when my best warm spell was in February in winter, it’s now last month of spring, I sense you think there is going to be a summer 2018 redux you may be sorely disappointed in that case, which is more unordinary than a cool/wet one.
  8. No T&L this year so far and in recent days have not missed the beefy showers, storm drought goes on.
  9. As in February it was a one week wonder, this spring has been poor despite what the monthly stats may show sunnier + warmer, one exceptional week often masks the more overwhelming scene. It’s been all a bit mediocre, this May has been absolutely nothing like the last, shame as it is often my favourite month. Something nicer next week but cooler airmass getting trapped into high pressure circulation, and no doubt cloud plague in east.
  10. Right, the last very wet month in East Anglia was 12 months ago, last spring was wet, this spring has been quite dry and 2018 was year of drought scare! This is not normal to go so far without a much wetter month, clear to see a drying trend over time indeed it’s not a long period of time but it a reflection of a change question is whether it is temporary or a long term change, provided from our own @staplehurst this may be becoming the new normal?
  11. Talking about seeing both long periods of dry weather and wet weather with the latter, long periods of wet weather when was this? I cannot remember when we had weeks of rain it’s just often short and snappy, it seems in recent years more drier. Our climate in east may be changing? We can cope fine with warmer temps but deficit in rainfall is not good at all, in an already dry region, so an uncertain future for East Anglia farmers and in the southeast.
  12. Funny saying that I have been keeping a follower updated on the weather for their wedding today and done it a few times, and there seems to be a tendency for the weather on the day to not be good sandwiched in between pleasant sunny days. Not looking best of days although it looking like our region will be spared from rain although very windy. Some nice soaking rain passed through around midnight needed that...
  13. A nice day today with some interesting cloudscapes storms well to north as always. Temp 16.1c.
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