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  1. I rarely post in the serious discussion thread however current 10 post system is absurd, it needs to be revised could Paul explain what the significance of it being winter is? It should be based on a person to person basis, I really do feel for folk that put a lot of time and effort in their passion, only for it to be infringed upon.

    1. lassie23


      i suppose it should apply to say people who have racked up 100 plus posts in the serious discussion thread and not to those who maybe post in there 10 times a week

    2. Paul


      Bear in mind, it is a weather forum - so most people on here have a passion for weather, not politics and the like. In terms of the significance of winter, the team has finite resources, and so therefore don't want to be spending undue amounts of time away from weather related topics during what is a very busy time. 

    3. Daniel*


      While I understand that these are grown adults can they be trusted to be orderly? I know not all can, but these should not stop the many because of the few. Controversial why not just leave them to do what they want no ‘resources’ it is a weather forum after all. The serious discussion area would not descend into anarchy that I’m quite sure, it can get heated but this is to expected.