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  1. I have a slight fever but been out and it feels warm and Spring like! 

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    2. lassie23


      I love the snow too, all the more if i lived out in the country, my only problem is that it turns into a mess in a busy city and then freezes over, causing a lot of accidents and filling up hospitals.

    3. Daniel*


      I quite agree Tam, I have little time for northerly airstreams and half ars*d cold. :oops: 

      Likewise I share your sentiments, increasingly I'm finding as the years pass I'm finding the summer months more enjoyable to the winter months, which are typically dark and mild, my expectations are definitely tempered. Being out in a biting wind with icy cold rain pinching my skin is horrid when it's cold but not cold enough, being on the border of a huge continental airmass and large ocean certainly the latter tends to override everything. I notice my mood takes a  plunge never mind a northerly plunge, being on here can be like visiting the Zoo so that doesn't help when things are looking unfavourable. It just exacerbates the desire for early Spring warmth. 

    4. Tamara


      I can relate to that Daniel.  Anyway, whatever preference anyone has, there is solid background support for a programme of amplified Atlantic ridges and a messy trough pattern over Europe to take us towards and quite likely into December also. How much longer is the question - I have my own thinking about that, but this isn't the place for it.

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