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  1. Thundersnow in Central London ! 

  2. Experienced a fairly prolonged hail shower just now temp only 3.1C this is unusual cold for April here think last frost is typically seen in mid March.
  3. Late oops Probably a tale of two halves overall cool ish 6.9C particularly due to low minima quite dry ish 50mm.
  4. Looks like some rather cold weather first week of April - predictable.
  5. At least a little brightness seen been a very grey and monotone week ever since that lovely February warm spell packed off it’s been awful, the anti brexit crowd didn’t need that today. Roll on summer.
  6. Winter where did you go? Only had two dusting which settled on grass very poor effort. Not snowless which isn’t that uncommon, but close enough. 

    1. cheeky_monkey


      winter spent the season at my house this year..now the bar steward wont leave

    2. Daniel*


      Expecting to see a cooler and wetter spring the joys of U.K. climate 2018 was an anomaly but I’m sure things are becoming less changeable and more boring... yep I follow someone from Saskatoon some very cold temperatures this winter a rise to -20c is a “warm up”.

  7. Air pollution was foul yesterday in Central London worse levels compared to Beijing, I’m sort of glad fresher weather has returned not a bad day bit of a April showers to it, more seasonable.
  8. Might sneak past 19C already 17.7C with two hours of heating still to go. Madness.
  9. Hi there split? ECM going for it too. March colder than any of winter months? Definitely looks like a shake up.
  10. You’re very wrong with that observation there, it’s why it’s been a winter of disappointment NWP has performed extremely poorly clearly there is some deconstructive element going on, making this winter a unique one, thankfully, the easterly chase started in November and went all the way till start of February. Seemingly never getting closer. 500mb anomalies you wonder why we didn’t get something good from this winter -NAO refused to imprint. It’s not quite done with yet, but way it’s gone it seems we’re just grabbing crumbs.
  11. Should’ve gone to specsavers UKMO is quite nice Atlantic trough also disrupting a less flat outcome surely compared to GFS..
  12. Evening Tom and all, you're quite right what irks me there are some people who have been on this site for more years than me, and they never seem to learn that Feb1991 needs to be sedated ... Scandi region/blocking is notoriously difficult area for models to have a good grip on, often changes up to <72hrs. It does look likely we’ll see a settled, cold continental flow for a time, which is a significant improvement to now. Hopefully they’ll be more to add to that. We deserve it.
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