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  1. Got down to -0.7C this morning there was no fog here but as headed west of capital along M4 quite heavy fog a very wintry look shame it’s not lasting.
  2. The first air frost is looking very likely 1.3C and falling steadily... moon nice and bright.
  3. The first day of the cold season it did not reach double figures, and looking much the same over next week the forecast pretty cold for us in London many winter days warmer.
  4. Lol one final change 6.6C and 96mm turning much more settled towards mid month.
  5. Cold this morning in inner London Rotherhithe 1.8C, the first roof frost! A beautiful sunrise shame the day turned dull.
  6. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.. major flooding looks to strike again day 5-12 period looks very unsettled and actually cool at times. One thing of note in ext EPS no real indication of a mighty vortex?
  7. A cold unseasonable start to November if GFS 18z is to be believed genuinely cold synoptics. Bring it on!
  8. Yep a chilly morning bottomed out at 4.4C coldest morning of season so far, forecast on app had 10C just a bit off.
  9. Pub run had too many beers? Only at day 5 mind, significant snow maker for Scottish border zips a low NE engaging in some quite cold air slither of -6C 850hPa in central belt with nightfall and light winds on north flank of low, probably some decent snow for hills, but threat there for something more widespread/disruptive?
  10. We came down to Hastings today for a few days, I never knew it was Hastings bonfire night one, if the busiest days of year down here may have changed plans.. a nice evening very atmospheric, choked to death by smoke but a great procession, bonfire and firework display, sadly phone died no photos! And weather behaved on the way down there were a few sharp showers which skirted coast but a good day overall.
  11. I happen to be in that green corridor but not nearly as bad as some forgive me although maintain it’s not been a wet day in central but nor a dry one.
  12. Feel you are exaggerating a little there was several bouts of heavy showery rain but it was largely dry rather lovely in autumnal sunshine still a little warmth makes a change it’s been so dull. Nice pics btw.
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