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  1. Net migration into the UK rose by 50% to 318,000 last year, new figures show. The Office for National Statistics said this was a "statistically significant" rise of more than 109,000 compared with the previous year. There were increases in both EU and non-EU migration, with the total figure close to 2005's all-time high.

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    2. coldcomfort


      Well the simple, inescapable fact is we can do absolutely nothing to stem the flow of immigrants from other EU countries, so there is far, far worse to come until we leave. History will judge the current open borders policy to be one of the craziest dictates ever, with no thinking or forward planning having gone into it whatsoever.

    3. Interitus


      Thing is, the stereotype is that the right wing is anti-immigrant and thus accused of racism while the left welcome foreigners but in reality the right is the friend of big business which wants an endless supply of cheap labour, while the true left wants to defend the rights of the workers and the poor which are disadvantaged by an influx of foreigners.

    4. Daniel*


      I think it's quite ridiculous we can't even control our own borders the free movement of people in around EU needs to stop

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