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  1. Stunning! Good weather and there’s no where I’d rather be than in Blighty.
  2. 5th consecutive day of 26C+ in Paris not been observed before in April. Last earliest 1-6th May 1990.

  3. Warmest London marathon day ever! Superb “summers” day been a great week today possibly most enjoyable day of warm spell. Warm but not too warm, a breeze, unbroken sunshine you can’t top it.
  4. Who happened to be in the blue bit moi? Bah a flash and bang a good 10 seconds after must have been some distance away some drizzle it’s fantastic, first of year at least waited over 6 months for that.
  5. If it’s going to be that hot not extremely unusual, think it reached that in 2015 and 2016 here, then for the thing of it I want to see 40C attempted at not happened but it’s not impossible. I do not enjoy them particularly high temperatures I can be fairly OK with the low 30s permitting humidity isn’t high, the only appeal to me is statistical significance. Another wonderful summery day I like early season ‘heat’ more fresh shame it’s not going to last too good to.
  6. No went to my south / east as per main thrust in the damn dover straits no doubt. Had a look at radar archive rings a bell initially it looked I was right in the pathway of fun time, sort of crumbled apart for me as it trundled north retained oomph to east, with you in Essex a recipient to a light show. Think I had some heavy rain a flash and a bang and that was about it. 😡 2017 was woeful for storms here much better success to my southeast however. Saturday night looks interesting possibly elevated French imports? 0000-0215 (19/07/17)
  7. My neck of the woods 2018 has been a memorable year for weather so far recent few years nothing really stands out. What we need now is prolonged warm summer although I’m doubtful, MCS not grazing the far SE when was the last time we were all hit! A terrific gale by bonfire night & snow by Christmas. Dear Santa, ahem..
  8. 20.4C here must be accurate more central than London City Airport at 21C.
  9. I’m not it was nonexistent think it only caught far southeast? Was a hot one today 28.5C imby not intolerable good that humidity wasn’t high like the heat when you go abroad. Another very warm day tomorrow not as warm but maybe 27-28C our summer has arrived.
  10. 28.3C observed at 1400 St James’s park hottest April day in my lifetime. Second to 1949 could we?

    1. Daniel*


      It is sweltering not looking forward to the commute home. 

    2. lassie23


      climate change for you, be 40 in june

    3. Ice Man 85

      Ice Man 85

      Me: tumblr_n9phppUE311r8q9x8o1_500.thumb.gif.dac31d2dcc5fc4ac4e5f1d0bab4b25fc.gif


      Seemingly everyone else: CpWYfeyWEAAXgJl.thumb.jpg.2018b7f673025f6759efe06ab3be9f6a.jpg

  11. In Memoriam

    So abrupt and sudden can’t believe that such a ball of charisma he’ll be missed RIP.
  12. Up scaled but often not enough, it’s such a common occurrence and it can be seen all corners of the country. H-res not even right with the ‘now’. As to record it will be a step too far seeing how 1949 panned out, but UHI is more ‘intense’ than then with more urban sprawl. I think we’ll see 28C reached fairly sure, up there with 1949. And I think we’ll outdo 2011 on face value it doesn’t look as good as now.
  13. That’s right most of time the models have shown 12C isotherm just glancing parts of East Anglia so quite notable improvement in distribution of very warm air. Lightwork I’d say 25.3C reached today. Unsure why certain folk were so pessimistic with temperature predictions very warm air, light winds from Southern Europe.. unbroken sunshine. It is going to get very warm, common sense really. An exceptionally warm week for mid April in S/E now looking very warm on London marathon day.