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  1. Why are you always so critical it’s not helpful? Think you were outright dismissing this week parts of capital had few CM, as for NW’ly never giving snow, seen snow come from Cheshire area many times, so your memory is likely lacking or selective. Anything can happen in weather but it certainly is not going to be mild. And that’s the foundation we need.
  2. This has always been a problem I’m not sure if they inflate temperature apparently it’s based on ECM but I see the data and it doesn’t match with BBC. Often you watch broadcasts and think what cold spell?
  3. ECM really piles it up further south too think it’s lost the plot crazy amounts along a narrow corridor..
  4. Yep even my location inner London maximum of 2.6C coldest day of winter there’s a slight waft coming off continent and a mix from PM less influential for us further south and east.
  5. It’s snowing finally after all this rain/sleet seemed like it would never come.
  6. Likewise it looked like it was it turning to snow LOL but them hopes were snatched. 2.8C so it must have been very close..
  7. Heavier stuff imminent here have had nothing but rain wretched UHI temp falling though 2.9C.
  8. Some really heavy PPN heading right for London it’s 5.3C need some good evaporative cooling!
  9. It’s busy in here LOL are things really that bad? First significant rain of 2019 imminent perhaps 5 minutes of wet snow on the backedge what comes after front, looks much more interesting.
  10. Seem to recall Brighton and that stretch of coastline had a very memorable event got a good dumping..
  11. Set my alarm for eclipse hoping for good viewing. Looks touch and go for here with cloud out west coldest night of winter currently at -3C that’s not bad going for here!
  12. It must be cold it’s -0.1C here where we see UHI in full pelt got down to -2C last night was around 3C this time last night skies cleared.. even colder tonight?
  13. Sure there’d be a little backedge snow even across low levels further south and east 1-3C air temps DPs around freezing I think this situation is being underestimated this NW’ly has more punch to it than we usually see, GFS may be OTT but may be nearer to reality than some. What follows front is a very cold PM flow ECM has sleet/snow showers from Wirral making it all the way to Home Counties a severe frost Wednesday morning certainly overall a wintry week.
  14. Clusters of this morning keep hope alive to me come on ECM throw us a lifeline! UKMO really isn’t a good model despite what’s often been said on here, I’d take a solitary GFS at day 5/6 over UKMO any day. The times UKMO has triumphed has been very rare, think it may have done in 2013. Broken clock?
  15. No doubt big move to ECM most disappointing.. think there’s a little bit mileage in tank but critical levels. Shallow blocking to northeast is it too late to get something more decent? Day 6 is better than ECM no strong westerlies across n Atlantic.