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  1. GFS 18Z is also an upgrade: The ICON is even more interesting it really slows down the progression of front staying as snow for longer.
  2. Colder here 2.4C bring on the snow.
  3. Not quite models have actually ‘upgraded’ for us further south especially for East Anglia. Even the less keen GFS has some leading snow for most of us. A few hours of snow 1-3 falling perhaps accumulating if it’s heavy enough and then back to rain resulting in no trace. North of Crawley and east of west London IMO I see snow falling.
  4. I’ve not been monitoring NMM so I can’t say whether this is new however for tomorrow’s snow has some decent intensity PPN falling as snow in this region. Potentially 1-3CM to low levels, and then back to rain.
  5. Brrrr.. freeze your wotsit off if you have one.
  6. Already -12C at Tulloch Bridge.. :shok:

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    2. The East has Ceased

      The East has Ceased

      Just wait for tomorrows torrential snowgrains :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    3. lassie23


      5 minute grain storm here

    4. lassie23


      tilda rice:rofl:

  7. Retrogression signal there definitely viable, at T+240 some shallow weak heights to the north too. I’m fairly confident this would go onto an arctic airstream story of the winter not having to wait long for interest.
  8. What goes down must go up it can’t go on endlessly. Possible a slushy CM or two tomorrow.
  9. Coldest night of the winter?
  10. Some patience is needed well we’ve needed a lot of that in the tank with it being five years. We’re not even in the closing third yet, I’ve always fancied our chances more deeper into winter. as the days get longer..
  11. I’d say up to mid March this region can do reasonably well for wintry weather. Possibly it’s gameover for sustained snow cover but February is very much a proper winter month, more so than December I’d say despite the lengthening days. There has been incidences like 1947 rare as hens teeth of snow being on ground till latter side of March that winter only really got going in late January. In the spring months we actually tend to see the highest frequency of northerlies and easterlies - sod’s law really. We could still manage a snow event fairly late into March enjoy it and get out there while it is there. It has been an age since we have had a proper cold February. In 2012 we sort of got a glimpse of it in the first half, I’m slightly hopeful next month will feature something we have been looking for.
  12. Pinning my hopes on MJO its progression looks interesting for February. Let’s hope it doesn’t veer of course.
  13. Much of Scotland has a nice white coat I suspect it’s been a few years since anything alike.
  14. No snow is a waste to me, especially when this winter most of us in here have been hard-pressed. The double digits arrive very late in the day, on Wednesday it could reach 14C in London. Yuck.
  15. ICON 12Z is good this might sneak upon us....