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  1. I missed out on May too last June was the most uninspiring summer month. Similarly, I do not see it being a flaming June, I see it to be largely an average month; temperatures dipping below average at times but the second half I see a resurgence of heat to the S coming our way. 15.4C please
  2. The Central Line is literally the fiery depths of hell in warm weather like this. It is illegal to transport livestock at the temperatures we passengers are subjected to. Me today:
  3. Really struggling to cool down 21.9c here as of 23:00, sultry, the joy of living in an UHI..
  4. I'm pretty damn sure it will reach 30C there was a squabble over it in you know where. I would not bother looking at GFS it has been performing terribly lately. Anywho a very warm day put on a sweat, high today 26C with the heat building C London turns into a mini furnace. There could be some decent t'storms; I hope we break the heat in style.
  5. Bizzare but I like it strangely.
  6. Had a few perky showers it absolutely threw it down en route to Wembley it always seems to rain whenever we play there interesting? A good day we're going up, well deserved the first half was seriously awful though.
  7. Indeed a nice summery plume being projected for this time next weekend a nice southerly waft dragging up some very warm air, widely temperatures in the mid 20s; approaching 30C/86F in prone 'hot spots' I would think. Culminating into a thundery breakdown? Yes, please!
  8. Definitely wrong that Malcolm! We had thundery downpour a hour or so ago the first in a long time it does feel cool for May I have a flaming cold.
  9. More lovely rain I'm not complaining. Bit like the buses!
  10. A very extensive rain band it is pushing eastwards albeit slowly, light rain has started here big rainfall totals for Central Southern England if it was snow I'd be livid.
  11. It definitely looks the eastern extent has been overdone by the models compared to real time west of London very wet while east I do not see much at all if nothing at least it rained overnight quite well in those parts?
  12. There may be very little in the way of rain across extreme eastern parts .
  13. Just what the Doctor ordered! 'Good' shifts eastwards on current modelling.
  14. What happened to Russia this year? Well Eurovision is my guilty pleasure we did rather well the best score since 2011 Brexit did us good.
  15. Very much needed rainfall not silly amounts on the way midweek when was the last proper soaking? It has been so long. London is bone dry! ☔️