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  1. Not sure I’d describe them as cool has been near 20C at midnight. Plus with humidity been unpleasant.
  2. U.K. wide? I think it was skewed further north, it was a very poor year for SE the French imports were essentially nonexistent as said it doesn’t matter how hot it becomes it doesn’t seem to translate into increased risk of thunderstorms, last August prime example 4 tropical nights I had the breakdown didn’t even wet the ground. Just rubbish. July 2019 last decent storm here and before that May 2018 increasingly getting more spaced out. Living in middle of London I expect much better traditionally heat of city would allow thunderstorms to develop nearly 48 months despite lots of heat and nothi
  3. Talk about from one extreme to other I’ve never seen such cold air to our north for mid June, evidently more runs needed with next week. GFS has been one hinting in last few days on a fairly quick breakdown while ECM has had none of it, now ECM is most aggressive with it...
  4. My summer forecast for 2021 just got back to London today and written it up. Dan's summer forecast 2021 - a classic? WWW.THESNOWDREAMERWXBLOG.COM Meteorological summer is here, and attention is increasingly drawn to what the weather is doing; in a time of limited foreign travel, the weather the UK... .
  5. Surprised you didn’t leap for it last August I did midway through heatwave... 🙂
  6. No it’s not hurricane season main activity between August and October.
  7. Yep flipped warm not impressed. GFS triumph again indeed they was all over the place few days ago but GFS has caught on first.
  8. This is a moan thread read the page. 87 hours of sunshine to 23rd (Heathrow) that is really dire. We had 310 hours last May of course that was crazy sunny but we are far from even normal at the moment.
  9. Seeing my breath in London in afternoon in late May is absolutely diabolical. Probably the worst May I've ever experienced worse than 2013. The Heathrow stats say it all Heathrow has seen only 50% of average May sunshine with just a week to go 25-30% of what was seen in May 2020 shocking and it has seemed to have rained every day for last 2 weeks.
  10. Near torrential rain here for last 30 minutes about 8mm in that time - this is definitely one of the worst May's I've ever experienced, only one day has surpassed average maximum of 18.1C the temps don't bother me particularly but the amount of cloud... dire. It has seemed more like in autumn in last week or two not a single dry day.
  11. What sunny spells there was none? Only was clear overnight and a little after dawn first thing. Cloud fest.
  12. If you ask me the weather is rubbish didn’t see a peek of sun today and with 4 weeks till longest day this is unacceptable.
  13. While the weather presently looks gloomy, I had a cracking rainbow 2 days ago incredibly vibrant.
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