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  1. Scandi high anomaly looks never-ending should reap benefits eventually? Probably not in this month.
  2. Had a lot of rain yesterday torrential ‘trails’ ~30mm perhaps wettest day of year in my end. Much nicer today.
  3. Seems everyone is catching lurgy Tom last winter was a bad one this one probably going to be just as bad, if worse. A nice day today although not too enjoyable with it being so mild. The crisp, cold mornings can’t come round soon enough fairly good hopes for a cooling trend as we approach final week. Cold frosty start to winter would be nice.
  4. This recent weather proves why I detest this month ever dwindling daylight and mild. Wake me up when it’s over! 

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    2. Lettucing Gutted

      Lettucing Gutted

      My fave Novs are when they crisp and dry like 1993 and 2016 and my worst Novs are mild and Atlantic driven like 2009 and 2015.  Nov 2018 so far is in the middle ground but I've got a bad feeling the Atlantic mush is going to win out. The thing that I really like about Nov is getting ready for Christmas.

    3. MP-R


      I quite liked last year's as well but 2015 is definitely first prize for disgusting! At least 2009 wasn't as sickeningly mild and had a lot of convective weather and thunder, at least down here.

    4. Dami


      My birthday is this month, how dare thee! 

  5. 6.8c and 75mm may be near average but can see some early lowland snowfall by months end turning more settled.
  6. Not necessarily as @Man With Beard posted earlier, signal for a reawakening of Scandi heights and potentially +ve heights to our north towards mid month, evolution would surely be fitting? Would have been a v busy thread in Dec with that ECM.
  7. Perfect wind direction ENE, how rude!
  8. Thundersnow under better circumstances. E Kent would have seen a lot of snow nice streamer.
  9. In your part of the world it has been lovely all week, uninterrupted sunshine reminds me of May BH just significantly colder last time I was down here it was sweltering, never experienced it so hot. Some great vivid sunsets, it does get cool when dark dipped to 3C Wednesday morning brrr. It did feel much cooler today even in sunshine I felt it and arctic air hasn’t arrived yet testament to a very long warm summer. Southern softies! P.s. hope you get better soon I have had a bad cough.
  10. Another great sunset :) https://twitter.com/thesnowdreamer/status/1055148131376082944?s=21
  11. Proper pea souper out there! 

  12. You see this rarely at this time of year temperature crept up 21.3C 2130 see 22C at London City Airport! Warm night.

  13. 21C right now that’s impressive seems to have inversely got warmer as day has progressed. Blowy.
  14. Daniel*

    Hurricane Michael

  15. Daniel*

    Report Climate change ipcc

    Helpless task too late... it all boils down to money/growth.