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  1. While I’m not Knocker (Malcolm) but right. Rather strong support for NAO to take a ‘dive’ of sorts.
  2. October Fog Index

    No fog thus far another snowless winter I'll get my coat.
  3. It seems to have peaked at 13C a bit below the average thats a first for this month - it sure feels cool out there fast forward a month and hopefully this will feel mild.
  4. Storm Brian should not have been named by the MetO there were no Amber wind warning anywhere in the UK I know this was not the case for Republic of Ireland - but it's not the MetO concern they bowed to Irish Met. However, I do believe the name was warranted it was a pretty limp affair where I am elsewhere it was not..
  5. A rather cold northerly airstream evident as early as T+174 Sidney has scarpered I appreciate the consistency from the GFS. I feel this November is going to be 'interesting'.
  6. Living life on the edge I do understand the thrill but that’s ridiculous.
  7. Starting to get some strong gusts a tad more than the average storm in these parts being relatively sheltered 50mph gusts are not common.
  8. October 2017 C.E.T. forecasts

    Was it my memory is failing me I seem to recall for a stretch of years in recent times we've had an episode of unusually high temperatures balmy.
  9. October 2017 C.E.T. forecasts

    I went far too low when was our last below average October seems an eternity ago?
  10. Sleeping is another world.

    I'd say you have an unexplored 'gift' that comes out in your subconscious, I too have experienced the 'dread' feeling only for something bad to happen - however not while sleeping what makes it even more spooky.
  11. I'd say yes nothing too bad however you would expect some hairy landings glad I'm not flying.
  12. I’d go as far as calling it unprecedented you could not get a better synoptic for ridiculously abnormal high temperatures on the cusp of November. An interesting outlook by GFS 06z.