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  1. This ain’t true most seasonal models were going for an average summer different on recent summers. So they may have picked up right signal. I know ECM and GLOSEA model was keen on Atlantic ridging, and this has been seen more of that in near future with troughing close to NW Europe.
  2. It’s been a terrible start to July in London dullest since 2012. What’s also cruel is how close hot sunshine is just a stone’s throw across Channel. However, it’s best not fretting about day 8-10 a significant improvement by Sunday should be very nice everywhere, away from extreme N/NW. There is a slight wobble with westerlies breaking through might be still decent for E but fingers crossed the HP reasserts itself it could well do. Away from FI the outlook looks pretty good for south! it’s not a summer 2018 that’s clear...
  3. The summer was mediocre but today it’s dawned on me this is poor. There’s one poster in here from London who acts like it’s been normal well it certainly hasn’t been. It’s dullest opening week to July in London since 2012. And this constant drizzle is revolting.
  4. Saturday morning looks to be rather chilly countrywide. Very light winds and cool aloft unusually low minima could be seen, cooler than what this depicts.
  5. Well in near term midweek has downgraded substantially for southern parts a band of rain for all tracking SE on Wednesday, more rain for S/SE parts on Thursday courtesy of shortwave and possibly Friday too.
  6. Not a peep of sun today definitely worst start to July in a number of years, it’s not been cool, well the average maximum is 23.4C it has been 2C below average good enough, but all this cloud is depressing and this drizzly rubbish, the lockdown weather was brilliant, wish I made more out of it. So far I’d give this summer a 5-6/10 it is early days but even next week is looking less good. If we get to mid month and we don’t see some big improvement then we would be pinning our hopes on August, which is not often the best summer month.
  7. Yep, really quite disappointing temps down and rain on increase even in the south. It’s clear to see we are in a very different place to where we were in spring. >
  8. Time you went back to drawing board simply misleading to suggest so, set to settle down across all areas early next week looking to last remainder of week at least a brief blip on Friday viewing ECM 12z. Might not be a scorcher but much improved.
  9. Well here in my part of London the most (Greenwich) sun I get on average is ~185 hours in August the average is rather poor so a cloudy month is always bad in my opinion. It’s easier for you to like a cloudier summer in Alberta.... don’t you get 300 hours? For most of U.K. away from south coast a cloudy month is not what you want.
  10. A cloudy summer.... is always disappointing dry or wet.
  11. it really is a swipe First week of July set to see below average conditions everywhere.. Quickly turning into a wet summer for NW parts.
  12. Not a brilliant ECM but I’ve seen worse interesting there is not much change from present to day 10 you have the combination of Scandi trough and Greenland blocking. AO forecast looking well, negative. NAO currently most negative it has been seen since early April. We have been largely free of this northern blocking this warm season so far, so it is a bit of a concern to me not only to sea ice.
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