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  1. The summer is unsettling me by how good it is not had a single rainy day, this time last year the summer took a nosedive not this one, while it looks very hot near end of next week. Early August I reckon will be the hottest period of summer 35-40C who knows! Too much already quite frankly, I look forward to change of autumn.
  2. This summer is being absolutely dire for T&L nonexistent, 2013 the last decent year? Friday may offer something but I suppose us in the southeast will just bake.
  3. Rain? Can’t relate. Strange to see rain on rain radar though!
  4. Not seen in rain since late May. 

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    2. Daniel*


      I do find that strange.. our farmers really need it worrisome for harvest. 

    3. lassie23


      bring on winter

    4. Seasonality


      I really just want it to start raining again. A week solid of good heavy thundery showers would be brilliant.

  5. Deluge in Central London formed out of nowhere heat of city probably reason seen this happen multiple times this year, while a mile or so east (home) not had a drop yet weather is remarkable..
  6. Why was my status update removed? 

    1. Paul


      Because we didn't stop the political debate in the serious discussions just to allow the same stuff to be argued over elsewhere on the forum...

    2. Mokidugway


      There's your answer dan ..

    3. Daniel*


      It’s not a good answer it’s a status update boo hoo.

  7. Happy for it to being turn cooler for a time, the last few nights have been deeply unpleasant.
  8. Quite sure it was the hottest day of the year, surpased 30c with the hottest temperatures concentrated in SE England thats more normal.. humidity not quite as bad as yesterday, great summer so far although said the same this time last year!
  9. This is more like it 28C and it’s half 9! 



      Not very fond of  these warm nights tbh Dan.

  10. Eh? Remains very warm for far south and east. A lot of hot air in nearby continent, best is yet to come. undoubtedly there will be some much cooler days for the N/W particularly but I don’t see this lasting long before pressure reasserts itself I don’t see a true breakdown could be a blip we’ll see.
  11. Looked like there’d be a little rain here coming up from S but it fizzled out upon arrival. Almost five weeks ago was the last time I remember seeing it rain.
  12. Really dangerous heat that mid 40s in Iberia interior perhaps record breaking there, interesting how both GFS and ECM are interested in a ‘plume’, will it make it? Think very hot route, greater chance of a breakdown following so be careful for what you wish for. A fascinating year this is turning out, wonder what autumn and winter could possibly do?
  13. Daniel*

    Drought - Summer - 2018?

    I know what’s funny is that is was a wetter than average winter here, as was early spring. Situation could be a lot worse but I see serious issues next summer if this blocking continues. It’s been endless since Feb.
  14. Daniel*

    Drought - Summer - 2018?

    I had no rain in June (neglible under 1mm) one of driest areas in country. We need rain!
  15. As above can see month taking a downwards trajectory. 17.1C please, rain 53mm.