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  1. The lack of anything overly warm has been unusual here in London nothing particularly cool, very pleasant a string of days in the low 20s, however we had a day or two in the low mid teens in London which is quite shocking, in fact in some locations record breakingly low highs for August. In recent years there seems to be a pattern with good summery weather good for holidaymakers returning upon once the kids go back to school in September. The weather of late has seen a marked improvement to what we have seen with the models suggesting a continuation of this settled regime and perhaps something a little warmer. I’d like some proper heat before we’re done for another year however I’m not too hopeful, I’m not interested in Autumnal gunk yet.
  2. Autumn thoughts

    Not to fret last year it was quite incessant on extensive northern blocking on the run up to the silly season. As to how winter transpires if it is not this one I'm hopeful the next one will deliver.
  3. Yes a nice summer day today, even put on a bit of a sweat in that rather hot sun.
  4. Worst day of the summer if not it's certainly up there. Nonstop rain not light either driving rain, I'm thinking of how under the right conditions in winter this would have been a snow fest.
  5. The hottest temps of last year IMBY occurred in metrological Autumn - there's no flick of a switch it's a gradual process. 35c in mid September I recorded, while perhaps exceptional it shows there is still time, certainly not the time to throw the towel for heat for southern inhabitants at least. This month hasn't started too bad. Pretty nice out there right now a fair chunk has been good! @cheese I find that hard to believe do you have evidence to support that assertion?
  6. A pretty good storm here back home, rumbling away currently.
  7. Small earthquake felt across Highlands: The biggest earthquake to hit the Highlands in three decades has been widely felt across the region. The British Geological Survey (BGS), which recorded it at about 15:45, said it had a magnitude of 3.8 and was centred on Moidart. A smaller quake, which registered 1.5 on the Richter scale, was centred on Kingussie. It was the biggest such tremor to be felt in the region since a 4.1 magnitude earthquake in Oban in 1986.
  8. It has been blowing a gale ridiculously windy I know it gets windy here with its exposure nonetheless unusual for summer, the sea was very choppy and frothy wouldn’t fancy a dip, certainly not rubber dinghy weather.
  9. Blooming heck it’s been a washout huge puddles everywhere and still it falls here in Winchelsea, the day before this was the antithesis a beautiful summers day. Now something foul at least today is set to turn better. A summer of two halves indeed!
  10. Good morning all, it was like niagra falls outside with the wind blowing about rather unsightly for late July. I’ve seen heavier rain but it was impressive, not sure how much rain fell, will be interesting to find out.
  11. August 2017 C.E.T. forecasts

    I'll go with 15.8C a month of two halves, a bit like how this summer is panning out.
  12. Hats off to the pilot! 

  13. It's shockingly bad for high summer. This evening feels autumnal, breezy, low light levels and a rather cool feeling. Some sunshine would perk my mood, it is depressing, I don't know how the Icelandic people do it.
  14. We had a few showers here today, one was truly biblical I thought the end was nigh. Come on summer get your act together, indications are that the SE may see something much warmer next week probably transient.
  15. Is it me or has there been a chill in the air recently. I wanted to get some air and couldn't get any kip so I had an early morning walk in the woodlands it was 12C but it felt distinctly nippy. Perhaps it is indicative of how warm the summer has been? The last few weeks have not been too inspiring unfortunate really a downgrade from excellent status summer 2017 had hold it still has been a very good summer open to change, the nights are slowly starting to draw in. The reduction in daylight in the mornings is quite apparent, on the slow slog to Autumn.