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  1. Does anyone know how early it was prior to the Dec 2010 cold blast that we knew it was going to happen? In Leeds it never really got above freezing until xmas. Did we have an idea in October?
  2. Its snowing now i don't understand why its not on the radar??!! ??
  3. Snizzling all day here in Crossgates Leeds. Not got above freezing!
  4. It wasn't until alli977 posted that it gave me the confidence to have hope
  5. I have nothing to back up my thoughts...I just don't know why after all these years of disappointment..I can't this year give up. If after 1 week I see no signs of this impending ssw showing signs.. then I will look forward to spring. I just think there is a major sting to come that will take even the daily express by surprise! Matt Hugo says he doesn't think there will be a repeat of March 2013 that is stating the obvious but I feel it might be....
  6. I knew as soon as John Hammond did his #mjo tweet I knew it was over. John is great but I've noticed as soon as he goes public thats it. My obsession with cold and snow is getting out of control lol. I'd rather not be teased and let down. I'd rather accept it's over and move on. I think I realised I needed to get a grip when today it was sleeting here in Leeds then I said to myself... if I walk to shop and when I get out of the shop and its snowing then we will have one more chance before the end of Feb. BTW it was still sleeting. Note to self get a grip and more to life! .... hey who am I k
  7. This is exhausting. one minute we are looking at a bartlet high the next an encroaching beast from the east. no doubt all change again in the morning!
  8. Happy new year everyone. Thank you for posting. I'm an avid fan! Been a lurker for years. Yet to build confidence to post. Maybe 2015 I will..
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