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  1. A further X Class flare this morning at X2.01. Looks like no CME though..
  2. 4.5 Quake just struck on the north-east dyke formation, biggest one there for days.
  3. Yeah, earthquake activity seems to have really shot up in the last hour or so. Probably just normal variances in the earthquake magnitudes, as we have seen this is recent days, only for it to quieten down again.
  4. Swimming pool roof in Salendine Nook, Huddersfield was reportedly blown off while there were still people in the pool. Thankfully, everyone got out unhurt.
  5. Any idea on when the strongest winds will hit our region tomorrow?
  6. Looks like we're going to be in for a battering tomorrow - BBC going for 70-80mph gusts for swathes of our region.
  7. Rather interesting walk home. Was looking up at this ominous bank of cloud before it suddenly exploded into hail with gust winds. Street and road was covered in less than a minute and it went on for another 10! Snowing lightly now but settling on the hail.
  8. Latest model outputs shows that parts of our region could be subject to some nasty conditions on Friday. As always however, still time for more adjustments north, which could make a large difference.
  9. There's still the uncertainty of the southern extent of tomorrows strongest winds. Looks like the more northern parts of our region could have a lively day once again...
  10. What is the Southern extent of tomorrows strong winds? Keep hearing mention of Ireland, Scotland and northern England being affected but is yorkshire far south enough...?
  11. Anymore more readings of the central pressure of the low? Following the predictions or is it shallower/deeper?
  12. Looks like we've just been placed under a yellow warning of wind, 65-75mph gusts possible according to MO.
  13. Surprised as well, we're only meant to be getting 50-60 mph gusts up north. Then again you are quite high up, nothing special down in the town centre.
  14. So why are the MO predictions much lower? And why haven't we been put under any sort of warning (not even yellow)? 60mph winds can do anlot damage, let alone in an area that is saturated and weakened from recent storms.
  15. Met Office have me down for a max gust speed of 43mph tomorrow. Are we too far north and inland to have the 50-60 mph gusts that are expected? EDIT - Looking at other sites, Netweather has a peak period of 33-58mph while WeatherOutlook has a max gust of 69mph tomorrow afternoon. Met office being cautious?
  16. So what are our snow prospects looking like later on this evening?
  17. A boom of thunder just woke me out of bed, seems like quite a storm going on in the Huddersfield area. Heavy rain and a lightening show.
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