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    Mackworth, Derby. 94m/308.4 ft ASL
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    Weather, Maps, Archaeology, Vw Campervans ....and very occasionally sledging!!!!!
  1. brr... -9 in Derby and falling still got 15 inches of snow

  2. errr who order the snow?? got nearly 3 inches here in Derby

  3. Hi guys not been around for a while as have been busy getting divorced, moving 87 miles up the road etc etc......... I need some adice for another forum I regularly use....there's a lot of in fighting and trouble makers wanting to be moderators....... this is something we don't want to happen.. at all costs Can you tell me HOW you choose/nominate moderators??? Do they put their names forward?/ or are they hand picked, does it go out to vote etc etc.... What kind of people would you choose and why....qualities/ saneness (excluding OOn of course hehe). Any hints or a link ot something I can pm to the admin of club 80-90 would be really gratefully received.. Thnaks guys and the site is looking fantstic and as always running smoothly........ Torz Cooper
  4. thanks Paul, another BLonde moment. http://nwstatic.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/blush.gif .........it happened cos i had to re register and change password forgot to redo settings, xx
  5. No opposing views, just rob likes mild weather and i like cold, we both metal detect and frozen ground is a pain in the ass. Also I can't seem to PM anyone, it says I'm not allowed to use this feature. Any ideas??
  6. torzcooper

    We've Moved !!!

    Katie hun, you're here.......................Horrid carpets mine was the same but the landlord won't change or even clean them yuck..........When you are up to it PM me and we can get together for a coffee.Don't forget to come to the Victorian Evening shopping market on Friday 2nd December. Lights on the tree in the river ceremony at 6pm.I'd love to meet you and mini family.You'll find me in full Victorian costume (can't breath!!) at the Motor museum for the schools Tombola stall.Glad you're here safely and noisy rellies have gone back ooop norf.Toorey xxxxxxxxx
  7. Roo hunny, I've just been mooching around and wondered why I hadn't seen your witty comments recently.WEll, WEll WEll hun, Big congratulations to you all, mini Roo is a super cutiepie and all the better for being a tiny cutie. (one of mine was 5lb13oz, it's ok she'ss grow fast enough)Bit of a shock eh 2 and a half hours 1st time round. Just remember to opt for a home birth next time , you can pop one out in between serving Sunday lunch and the pudding.May the joys of new parenthood never cease to amaze you both.I'm really pleased for you bothTorey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  8. Oh well seeing as we're all out to scare each other..... http://nwstatic.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif here's a freaky pic of me in my campervan, taken by my 9 yr old son when I took all 3 of them surfing this summer in Croyde, Devon. http://nwstatic.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif
  9. torzcooper

    Torz's tasty pics

    Favourite Pics
  10. torzcooper

    Moel Famau 22-02-05

    now that is just stunning, cracking shot.
  11. After the last 100mph storms our in-laws woke up to this the next day....
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