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  1. Yet another big let down and major disappointment :-( occluded triple point and the point comes right through the west Home Counties! Action to the east and action to the west but completely splits over here yet again!! Typical!!
  2. Déjà vu yet again! Here we go with the next Daily Express ridiculous scaremongering nothing to back it up headline!! I still cannot believe the editor in charge believes and pays this idiot for this stupid information. The public don't blast this idiot or the paper when nothing happens but when the met office gets it wrong the crap hits fan! Annoyed!!
  3. Express Alert! Express Alert! I still cannot believe they employ such an amateur forecaster who is an expert at scaremongering a whole nation!! That idiot says it's going to be like the Oct '87 storm or worse! End the world!! Stop it!!
  4. OMG!!! What a big surprise! Probably the best storm for ages to even rival summer storms! Turbulent sky's, lots of scud, impressive CG lightning and a couple of thunder claps shook the house like an earthquake and set the car alarms off!! Then wind picked up very quickly with crazy torrential rain! Couldn't go back to sleep so made a cup of tea and have been sitting upstairs watching in awe of Mother Nature! Fantastic Sunday morning surprise! Oh and I'm in Windsor and got the storm pretty much overhead!!!
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