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  1. huge bank of cloud approaching does look like a wall cloud as W h mentioned.Hope it's hail at least.
  2. Occasional rumbles to my north from that fast developing storm
  3. some proper looking storms appearing on the North Wales coast now
  4. 25.5 c here bright sunshine AND big raindrops from clear skies?
  5. some very juicy looking stuff moving in from my north with plenty of sferics.
  6. pure snow now,no signs of it sticking even on cars yet
  7. finally some proper flakes mixed in with the moderate sleet.
  8. v heavy snow here now,started off sleety but proper fluffy stuff now,giving a covering but only because it's so heavy,radar looks ok for here for a little while yet.
  9. We have snizzle!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Light to Moderate fluffy snow falling
  11. New showers forming in Irish sea to East of IOM looking to hit Chorley area?
  12. Very nice streamer setting up for Mersey estuary/Chester area-lucky buggers!
  13. The remnants of the showers passing through are making it all the way to the east coast!
  14. This looks very good for our region Thurs,Fri and even into Saturday! http://www.gavsweathervids.com/snowwatch.html