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  1. Looks like another absolute stonker heading right for me!
  2. Got the absolute motherload moving in here lots of rotation!
  3. been sleet so far here today but really trying to turn to snow now!
  4. That's anaprop unfortunately been there on and off all day
  5. Really heavy snow here now not settling well but nice to see.
  6. Stuff starting to develop around Stoke now but nothing too pokey as yet.
  7. yeah no thunder it's the rain i'm more interested in,round 1 was a bit of a let down,just moderate rain hope this next lot has a bit more oomph.
  8. looking at the radar i'm about to receive 2 epic storms,can see a wall cloud approaching now..exciting times!
  9. At last some meaningfull rain here heavy convective rain and clouds seem stationary so could last a while-the plants will be made up!
  10. looks like somethings kicking off now along the east lancs road ahead of the main band of storms
  11. continuous moderate snow looks like it's getting heavier and could be with me for some time!
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