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  1. The shower approaching Manc started as heavy soft hail here but turned to snow briefly on it's back edge
  2. Sleety haily rainy mix in strong wind-here we go!
  3. Sleet turning more and more to snow here!
  4. Snow stopped here and left almost no cover,am looking to take the nipper sledging tomorrow where would you say is the best spot near Manchester for good conditions? Ta
  5. Wow big upgrade for here tomorrow all of a sudden! https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/forecast/gcw23sey9#?date=2017-12-09
  6. Any chance of the winds veering a little to the west today?
  7. big shower exploding off the coast of Liverpool
  8. Heavy and frequent hail/rain shower mix
  9. huge bank of cloud approaching does look like a wall cloud as W h mentioned.Hope it's hail at least.
  10. Occasional rumbles to my north from that fast developing storm
  11. some proper looking storms appearing on the North Wales coast now
  12. 25.5 c here bright sunshine AND big raindrops from clear skies?
  13. some very juicy looking stuff moving in from my north with plenty of sferics.
  14. pure snow now,no signs of it sticking even on cars yet