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  1. Some quite strong convection here at the moment.
  2. Was really disheartened last night as the really strong echoes were just instantly dying as they hit Manchester but the showers today seem to be surviving much better and even the light ones seem to be making it over. Nothing more than a few flurries here so far but feeling more hopeful now for the next few days.
  3. Very heavy snow here everywhere white probs 5cm on car roof in lass than an hour!
  4. If this was snow we'd be buried here, unfortunately it's just rain at the moment and flooding is going to be an issue for us.
  5. Whapping flakes coming down here, some are tennis ball sized!
  6. Light snow here but temps are above freezing so not settling yet.
  7. Looks like another absolute stonker heading right for me!
  8. Got the absolute motherload moving in here lots of rotation!
  9. been sleet so far here today but really trying to turn to snow now!
  10. That's anaprop unfortunately been there on and off all day
  11. Really heavy snow here now not settling well but nice to see.
  12. Stuff starting to develop around Stoke now but nothing too pokey as yet.
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