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  1. Horrible deluge here in Rotherham. Very heavy and dark like winter! Haven't heard any thunder though
  2. Yeah it's much nicer today. Felt cooler this morning and the heat today is much lower. Nicer to be outside in for a bit.
  3. Well despite forecasts for today to be hotter than yesterday it hasn't turned out that way here. Only just got past 28c so nearly 2c below yesterday. Not sure why but was more cloud for a while and more breeze so guess the air was mixed up more. Horrible warm week to come, had enough now. No sleep for us this week we'll all be shattered by next weekend! Roll on October
  4. We did breach 30c on my station, exactly 30.0 at 5:19pm so first time this year
  5. Much warmer then forecast it seems today. Meto has us at 18c for this time and it's 24c on my station. Guess there was more cloud breaks than expected! Shows you what big difference it makes though
  6. Crazy intensity, didn't expect it at all. What's driving it? No sun obviously so no convection and it's only 8c outside so not even warm! Can't understand where the energy is coming from Temp and dew plummeted with the hail, now 4.5c outside:
  7. Defo building to the south again. More East this time too so Rotherham side might join in too. Just looked out of a South window and saw a flash in the distance
  8. Lovely evening here in Rotherham, partly cloudy skies and the birds are singing!! Seen some of the hail in Sheffield, looks like snow!
  9. Just had a decent little storm here. Been some great convection today
  10. Well I've recorded more rain today than the whole of April!! Strange weather, looks like we're in for a very different period now though
  11. Final rainfall total here for April is 5.4mm. very dry indeed. Looking at my data, most of that came in the last hour of April last night between 11pm and midnight! Must have caught a late heavy shower! Will we be seeing more frosts in may next week and maybe even a snow flake? I hope so as a weather enthusiast!
  12. Got down to -3.4c here last night. Pretty impressive for suburbia in mid April. It's my new April min record anyway!
  13. Yes direct hit from the beast shower here! Amazing! Proper flakes and settling.... It was 22c last week haha!! Good old Yorkshire
  14. Yeah we've just had a few flakes here. Radar looks good for this afternoon. Hope it keeps up!
  15. Got down to -1.3c last night but it's glorious out there now. Already 14c so higher than meto prediction for here already! Hard to believe the change coming for tomorrow!
  16. Yeah will certainly be an interesting weather period. I'm pleased after the weeks of dross we've just had! Hopefully we're far enough North to see something. Sunday night into Monday should be good. Looking forward to the strong convection we should have. Big cloud scapes, rain, sleet, hail, snow and thunder all possible! Interestingly, today's top temp of 8c was from midnight last night. Couldn't be any different today than yesterday!
  17. Topped out at 21.3c here today by the looks of it. Pretty good. No idea what the previous max was for my area though
  18. It's glorious out there! I got to 18.7c yesterday max, but it's already just reached that here now today so I'm expecting to break the first 20c here today
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