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  1. Looks like that's it, nothing on radar at all to the south. Just getting hot and humid again. Rubbish
  2. Disappointing here so far. Did get some heavy rain just now, but can't really say I've had a thunder storm yet. Looks great on radars and trackers but nothing much here so far
  3. You have to laugh, I'm in the gap! Just my luck. Only heard distant thunder so far, not seen a single flash of lightning. Doesn't sound that active
  4. It's further north then Nottingham your seeing, it's approaching me now
  5. Reached 30c here just now, didn't expect that today! Showers sparking off just to the south so fingers crossed for us all! Edit: can hear thunder now
  6. Hot and sunny here now, 28c. Certainly feels thundery. Not a single cumulus cloud yet though .....
  7. Yeah heavy rain to the west of us but it's not thundery. Going to have to hope some storms brew this afternoon/evening
  8. Yeah looks like I've topped out at 30.7c so pretty good. Just hope we get some fun on Friday for it Correction: 31.1c recorded at 6:10pm!
  9. Well a great little storm just passed over here. Very close, loud thunder straight after the flashes Dropped just over 12mm in about 15 mins
  10. Yeah fingers crossed some of those cells to our SE drift this way....
  11. Naff all storm wise here this week so far. Liverpool has had about 6! I wish the weather knew how to play fair lol
  12. Haven't seen the thunderstorm icon for these parts in ages! Here's hoping tomorrow...
  13. Down to -3.5 last night here. One of the coldest nights of the whole season
  14. Yeah just a wet horrible night here in the end. Shame as I thought it looked and felt favourable earlier. Oh well, spring tomorrow so let's hope for some useable weather soon and put this wretched winter behind us forever. I hope next winter sees better cold prospects
  15. Wonder if we'll see any more snow this evening? Temps down to 4.6c already here and radar looks good coming out of Ireland
  16. Enjoy! You've got lucky, I've been to Iceland a couple of times and it's just been wet or cold both times. Not much snow. It seems to suffer the same fate as the UK most of the time next to the Atlantic. Reykjavik does anyway! Enjoy the trips, it's a lovely place
  17. A fitting terrible end to an even worse winter. Never want to see anything like this ever again!!
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