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  1. Yeah it's disgustingly warm and humid out there. Had enough of it now, roll on the cooler stormier 2nd half of October. Ready for autumn now! 16.7c the low was here Now over 22c
  2. Yes was warmer earlier, dropped this evening though a lot. It's just miserable and cool now, 8c. Take it steady on the roads tomoz
  3. Yes I'll be watching closely here again! It's gone cool now too...
  4. Just seen this on Twitter:
  5. Weve had 75mm in last 24h at home, wow! Screenshot just now from my weatherlink app:
  6. Over 57mm here now, should breach 60 by end of the night looking at radar
  7. Yes it's going to be a very high total by midnight! Easily my highest record but only had my station since May
  8. It's horrible out there. Sheffield is gridlock. Taken me nearly 2 hours to get back to Rotherham. Davis reading 48.8mm at the mo, wow! That's huge for 1 day, and it's still going up of course!
  9. Yes it's been very chilly and autumnal today! 9mm almost of rain too! Looking forward to winter now. If your around Sheffield let me know when your here, I'm working in the city centre, I might spot you
  10. Well the forecast was abysmal. Said rain all night and all morning and ive recorded precisely 0.0mm here in Rotherham lol! Totaly wrong forecast, was hardly any rain around at all this morning
  11. Amazing how local it can be isnt it. Nothing at all really in Bramley today, my station has only recorded 3.8mm
  12. yes it was very stuffy yesterday, almost got to 30 again here too. Im glad to have a fresher few days now, feels lovely outside and not to be sweating
  13. Nearly got to 30c today. Maxed out at 29.7 just before 6pm
  14. Certainly the fresher air is making inroads now. Ive gone from 29.4c at 6pm to 19.7c now, so a 10c drop off in 3 hours!
  15. yes they just scrapped into eastern parts of SY but that was about it. Raining here now but no thunder