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  1. Yeah a lovely defined squall line right down the country on this evening's radar:
  2. Yes I'm on 209mm now so far this month!! Crazy... And we're only half way through
  3. Temperature dropping quickly tonight, down to 1c already here
  4. Almost double yours isn't it, all down to last Thursday I think!
  5. Got down to -1.8c here last night, coldest night of the season by far so far
  6. Hi. I'll need to look through my records when I'm back home, but can't be far off now!
  7. Hope your all doing ok with the rain and issues today. I'm in the forest of Dean this week and it's been glorious today! My station at home has now recorded over 60mm in 24h.. Stay safe
  8. Crazy wet day/24 hours. Over 50mm since midday yesterday. Very cold day too, max was actually at midnight last night, not really been above 5c all day. What's the record for an October day? We must have beaten the rainfall total
  9. A poor forecast though for most of us today, very wrong. Spine of the country Eastward was under a weather warning for 30mm today but radar showed it had cleared to the coast by mid morning. Sun was burning my face in the car earlier!
  10. Yes could be in some places, and tomorrow night too. First of the season for many
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