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  1. One thing ive noticed since MeteoGroup took over BBC weather is that they are consistantly predicting higher temps than the METO. BBC shows 2c most of next week for my area but METO website shows -1 most days!! More inclined to say METO is right looking at the uppers and flow direction. A lot of experts in the model thread also think ice days.....
  2. IT REALLY *IS* COMING!!!!!!
  3. HAHA yes its so captivating isnt it. Im hooked, but always have been! Its these special rare setups that you just have to put the effort in for and bask in the greatness of it. As some say, this is at least a 1 in 10 year event and maybe more. Stunning output for next week! BRING IT ON (even though ill be up in Scotland lol, I hope you all get burried and then ill have a nice thick white blanket of snow to come back to next Fri)
  5. I certainly do. I also remember Harry Gration stood up at Norton in Sheffield on Look North lol and it was an almighty blizzard then, i said theres no way hes getting home to York lol. What an epic 2 days that was! 30/11 was good but then waking up on 01/12 and opening the curtains to well over a foot of snow with it still coming down.........WOW. Could we repeat it?? Possibly with these uppers forecast
  6. nice to see the ECM tonight was an outlier towards the end so still many reasons to suggest itl still be game on High likely further north.. Im actualy in Scotland on a break w/c 26th lol, I bet Rotherham gets more snow than the highlands whilst im away..how ironic lol!!!! I booked a break up there to try and make sure i see some snow haha
  7. yes i hope so, i was really hoping we would count this down like Dec 2010...the signals, strat etc has given good confidence reading the mod thread from the pros etc.. Hopefully just a blip! Thanks for the replies on the weather station. I think Davis is the way to go, cant stretch to a pro as thats a bit steep when ive still got plenty to do to the house haha! Think ill get the Vue though
  8. So then..its my birthday in a few weeks and now I have my own house I am finaly going to get a 'proper' weather station Cant wait, but thought id ask for some advice from you guys on here as im sure many of you have them, some I know for sure do @The PIT and @vizzy2004 for example. You both use Davis stuff? I do read that they are the best, but its annoying you have to buy the data logger seperatly as others include it in the price/unit. Very cheeky! Also I hate the console, looks like something out of the 1970s lol, what posesed them with that? should be a lovely colour tablet nowadays... Anyway, any insights or advice would be most appreciated, thanks
  9. Well yes just maybe we'll get a good break in the UK for once! Met have been bullish all week and not wavered plus their press release today is backing the cold up... Do we dare to dream!!
  10. I really hope you are right my friend! Every chance you could be, this huge event could propel us into another march 2013 type scenario. Does look like temps climbing a bit first though...
  11. Need to hope the SSW works for us and it's looking promising at the moment.. We shall see, last chance saloon anyway
  12. Yup Here we go folks - fail number EIGHT Affirmative!
  13. Paul Hudson having none of it in his daily radio Sheffield chat and BBC and met office graphics all showing just rain. Oooooo I can feel fail number 8 coming on as I type!
  14. its unbelievable lol...its not even funny now..