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  1. Peaked at 19c this afternoon on my station! Warmer and sunnier than expected. Very spring like out there
  2. Yeah could well be, sad times. Just had a very heavy hail shower here
  3. I've managed to scrape a 25mph gust lol! Just shows how protected low ground is, most of Rotherham probably only saw those values. Must admit it feels and sounds stronger then 25 when your out in it....
  4. 21mph highest gust here so nothing major. Sounds very strong though listening to it in the night
  5. Showers piling in still so hopefully a chance we'll all wake up to white!
  6. Was wondering why no one was posting, stupid forum had stopped me following this thread lol!! Nothing in Rotherham, as per
  7. haha, yes its been a pretty long and tiring few months in the main hasnt it! I agree though, keep the faith, March seems to be the new winter a lately.... Those next showers seem to be on a better track for Barnsley
  8. Yes it was a good day yesterday, felt like mid winter at least. Very cold and the trees and ground looked great in the thick frost and fog. Best winter's day this season! Shame that shower missed you but yes there's a chance of more coming in overnight, keep watching
  9. Well that was fun, just sat and watched the whole thing! Snow is just brilliant isn't it I agree, Feb and march can easily deliver! Theres still time
  10. Yeah I hope so. Things maybe keep coming in waves overnight...a definite gap after this though. Just want as many of us to wake up to a covering in the morning as possible. That's how desperate this winter has become haha
  11. Like I mentioned earlier, they aren't really, best looking out the window
  12. I'm watching this last shower too. Should get me but then it's looking dry. Have to see if anything else crops up overnight
  13. Yes another decent shower. White over again here, nice to see! If we can get some showers overnight then maybe a cm or so to wake up to. Forecast has them going all night....
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