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  1. Well the forecast was abysmal. Said rain all night and all morning and ive recorded precisely 0.0mm here in Rotherham lol! Totaly wrong forecast, was hardly any rain around at all this morning
  2. Amazing how local it can be isnt it. Nothing at all really in Bramley today, my station has only recorded 3.8mm
  3. yes it was very stuffy yesterday, almost got to 30 again here too. Im glad to have a fresher few days now, feels lovely outside and not to be sweating
  4. Nearly got to 30c today. Maxed out at 29.7 just before 6pm
  5. Certainly the fresher air is making inroads now. Ive gone from 29.4c at 6pm to 19.7c now, so a 10c drop off in 3 hours!
  6. yes they just scrapped into eastern parts of SY but that was about it. Raining here now but no thunder
  7. Very windy here too
  8. It's a bust for West and south Yorkshire I'm afraid. Everything too far East! Danm it
  9. Been thundering just to the east of my house this morning and I've just driven through an absolute deluge on the Sheffield parkway! Fingers crossed for a fun thunder filled day
  10. 31.6c max here and I'm not far from Donny airport really so good to know the Vue is working lol! Had a few heavy spots of rain around 5pm but it came to nothing and passed over unfortunately. Feels very tropical out there though so let's see what tomorrow brings storm wise...
  11. Yes Hull was top spot today around 32c I've read. Topped out at 30.5c at home today which is highest temp recorded since I got my weather station Higher than I thought today as forecast was 28c so that was underdone....
  12. Only got 0.2mm here, but at least it feels nice and fresh now. A good nights sleep coming up hopefully!
  13. Beat you! 29c here max Saw your pic of noctilucent clouds on Look North tonight
  14. yes its been a beautiful day today! Much better I maxed out at 27.3c here, just going to sit out with a bit of food now, lovely!
  15. Been pleasant enough yes, but i was meaning against the forecast for this weekend its been a little worse than expected. Was supposed to be 24c today but not made it. Anyway, plenty of nice weather to come this week and should be feeling hot too