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  1. Maybe I fell asleep then. Saw the bright flashes around 4am and certainly heard the rain on the roof. Only 3mm recorded here though, so Bramley seemed to be a bit on the edge
  2. Seems on a knife edge doesn't it... Defo feels very humid and stormy today, we shall see
  3. Glad you got something PIT Had some v heavy rain here for a while around 4am and about 7 flashes I counted, some thunder but don't think we got the main bit in Rotherham. What's our chances today, tonight and tomorrow looking like?
  4. Approaching 30c here. Didn't expect that today. Met saying 30 tomoz as well on website. No clouds though so storms are being elusive so far..... EDIT: 31.5c now!
  5. Yeah turned out disappointing. At least it wasn't oppressive heat today. I'd rather be here than the South East lol. Fingers crossed we get a good storm this week, but probably not!
  6. Some showers showing up close by, suns gone in.... Thought it was next Wednesday the storm chance?
  7. Yes the wind is crazy here at the mo and it's just started raining. Can hear thunder
  8. Maximum was 34.9c here today! Possibly my highest recorded temp, I'll have to check..... Glad it's a 1 day wonder though, it's too much. Not liking the look of the end of next week, looks hotter for longer
  9. Looks like that's it, nothing on radar at all to the south. Just getting hot and humid again. Rubbish
  10. Disappointing here so far. Did get some heavy rain just now, but can't really say I've had a thunder storm yet. Looks great on radars and trackers but nothing much here so far
  11. You have to laugh, I'm in the gap! ? Just my luck. Only heard distant thunder so far, not seen a single flash of lightning. Doesn't sound that active
  12. It's further north then Nottingham your seeing, it's approaching me now
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