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  1. your very lucky @vizzy2004 Just looked at radar now and its all kicking off to the south of Sheffield now!!!! first lot too far north and this lot too far south. so frustrating! Sheffield should be a storm hot spot next to the mountains but its the complete opposite, im done with this city lol
  2. Sheffield misses out AGAIN!!! Now theres a surprise.........
  3. Sub zero 850s into Scotland at the end of tonights ECM!! just for fun of course lol Hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather. A few hot days is fine, hoping to see some good storms next Thursday....
  4. Small chance again of a thunderstorm overnight it seems....we shall see. Some instability showing up now, high wispy clouds.....
  5. apart from that line of storms further north the radar is very quiet over most of England. Almost 3pm now so should be peak time. Mostly dissapointing so far?
  6. Damn it, Sheffield too far south as predicted by PIT! This developed so quickly but cant even hear any thunder here. Looks active though. Nice view of the back edge
  7. Nice new page display PIT, like it ! Had about 5 mins of heavy rain earlier and now its just sunny and muggy still. Hope things develop soon otherwise its the biggest warning fail ever lol
  8. Well what a great day to be a weather enthusiast today Some brilliant sky scapes:
  9. True Yes certainly the dry theme looks to continue except for these blips like the showers today and perhaps a little rain Sun/Mon but after that looks to be dry again. GFS seems to agree. Even if it doesnt get very warm it still feels nice and pleasant in the mid-teens now if its sunny so I too am hopefull for some good weather in May
  10. ECM doesnt look as good as last nights though, the 850s I posted yesterday were higher than its showing tonight. The plume looks to be being deflected NW away from the UK on this run: GFS also showing that next weeks warm up maybe temporary before a return to average. Just like this weeks few days of colder weather, next week may see similar the other way. A clear arc in the ensembles showing it may not last: Typicaly the worst weather over the next few weeks looks like being the bank holiday with a large spike in the ppn graph!!!
  11. WOW! Mega blizzard just swept through here What a treat for late April. Thought id seen my last snow until next winter!
  12. Yes SS, a big turnaround looks to be coming. Youve got to love our little island havent you, from blue to red in just over a week!
  13. haha, well I might see a flake or two up here if im lucky! Yes its uncanny how its matching the dates to last year exactly. Lets wait and see what happens Very strong GFS 12z ensembles for South Yorkshire tonight, 850s around -6 and daytime temps around 7c for a few days Doesnt look to last too long and of course at this time of year a quick rebound in temps looks likely to more average values after the chilly spell.
  14. Yes, i was posting GFS charts for fun the other day but perhaps, just for once, we will get a straight northerly!! Shame its 3 months too late of course. Still, ECM T144 tonight is great to look at:
  15. Well good agreement between ECM and UKMO at T144 which as we know is a very strong combo to have. GFS showing something similar to this about a day later so strong indications still that April may end quite cool: Having a look at the GFS ensembles from the 12z shows pressure dropping as we head towards the last week of the month with the mean coming down to around 1010mb. Lowest its been for a long time, so although it may not be nice, we do have to admit that southern areas especialy need the rain! You can see the precipitation graph responding to the drop in pressure accordingly around the 25th, this for London: