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  1. A nice surprise anyway, only a light coating in Bramley though, even though it has been snowing for a few hours now. Shame it wasnt heavy, not really anything to measure Lets face it, what a complete dogs dinner todays forecast was lol, just shows how snow makes fools of us all, including the experts. Total miss this morning and then no one forecast this development this afternoon.. Looks lovely and Christmassy now though out there with all the lights and white ground
  2. certainly a band of snow now developed and tracking southwards over the region. totaly unexpected!! We shall see, few flakes here at the moment but not settling...
  3. So its all your fault! Youve jinxed it for us haha
  4. Yes I thought the same when i looked at radar. The whole thing is patheticaly light, except in the London area an SE, where it wasnt even forecast to snow lol! Just proves how difficult these things are. Amber warning for midlands looks laughable now though, even they will only have a bit from this....
  5. Absolutely gutted!!! Its that damn 30 mile shift overnight that was the final nail. We're a bust, certainly wont get 10cm! One thing is for certain, ill be off twitter today and wont be watching the news, cant stand all the southern hype!!
  6. Its always sad losing a snow event, especialy as they are so rare and particularly because the past few winters have been dire! Ill just be happy with anything now in the morning lol. Lets wait and see. And as others have said, its still very early in the season and this winter does look to be shaping up a lot better than the last few
  7. yes i completely agree with you. I still think we may do OK. Even if its down to a yellow warning then that still said 2-5cm so every chance well get a decent covering i think. Just maybe not the widespread travel disruption we thought.
  8. its still just about getting to us, so itl only take a bit of a nudge north. Still might see something. The angle and latitude so far over Ireland still looks good,aiming for us. Although BBC have removed the heavy snow symbol for Sheffield now except for 11am
  9. haha, yes there is always that option in the end
  10. Look North still good and they have lots more access to data at the meto than we can see so fingers crossed! The front is now coming onto the radar in the SW so its a case of monitoring that from now on. Its just a case of open the curtains in the morning and cross your fingers!
  11. Its very hard to judge still isnt it. The Graphics on the BBC forecast for sheffield still show heavy snow for a few hours but the text forecast is rubbish. Just talks about light snow with slight accumulations
  12. yes for now but can see we're right on the northern edge so its a little nervy now! GFS12z also south again according to model thread. Just a case of wait and see isnt it
  13. yeah could get something from the showers before they die away. A downgrade it looks like now for the snow tomorrow though, latest video forecast just shows Sheffield on the northern edge so its just a case of radar watching and hope it gets this far north. Never know
  14. hmm, just a case of radar watching now tomorrow and hoping some heavy pulses come through, it still looking OK. BBC still shows 7 hours of heavy snow for Sheffield and then light snow after so could still be deep. Weve seen some very good deep snow pics from the showers in NW and Wales over the past few days so it can build up quickly. Lets face it, after the last few winters its just great to have snow within T24 now! Graphics showing an ice day tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday so not to be sniffed at. Will be very cold if we get laying snow, well below 0 tomorrow night