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  1. Well what a lovely Spring day today! Its been a stunner! And just been treated to a fantastic fiery red sunset!!
  2. Yes Frosty, tomorrow looks like a stunner, warm sunshine and will feel very pleasant indeed
  3. Whilst its quiet and comic relief night.... did anyone else notice that the T240 ECM 850s chart tonight looks just like @knocker squirrel Sidney!!
  4. dont know what to make of tonight, TV have played it down but other forecasts still show snow. Conditions looks favourable at the moment...maybe the last restless, curtain twitching night of the season haha!
  5. yeah hopefully! Last chance saloon to see a snowflake this season maybe. Keeley Donovan was on radio Sheffield at tea time and she said maybe a cm or 2 around the peak district tonight and even the risk of something more substantial for us all Tuesday night into Weds! Heres hoping
  6. Taking a look at the 6z GEFS then: Bit of a chilly week to come, this is for South Yorkshire. Temps around 5 or 6c and frosty at night. Can see they then start to recover through next weekend a little and probably back into double figures towards the end of the month. You can see the large temp ranges PIT talks about above with perhaps low teens by day but still a chance of cold nights. Can see here on the 850s chart why next week will be chilly, a mean of -5 this coming week with a recovery thereafter A very strong signal, in fact full agreement of a strong pressure rise into next weekend so hopefully a pleasant weekend to come next weekend. It may not last though with the mean trending down a little through week 2. April showers perhaps to start the new month? Shown nicely in the precipitation graph above with a dry up after next week through the final week of March in conjunction with the pressure rise and then an uptick again towards the end.
  7. A slight covering again, the same as yesterday morning, but nothing significant at all. Still very wet and slushy. The epic fail easterly draws to a close, and probably another bust winter with it!
  8. snowing very lightly again but what slush was left on the ground has now all melted. Its just soaking wet! Cant see anything settling at the moment, guess ill see what I wake up to....probably nothing lol
  9. Its been another let down once again hasnt it. Kept getting up through the night to look out and it was snowing but just not building up. Must have been melting undeneath as fast as it was settling. Only had about 1cm cover here this morning!! Pethetic, given the meto warning for my altitude was 3-6cm. Another warning which was a joke. This winter is the biggest joke though, but not having deep snow in Sheffield for over 2 years now is just shameful Theres now another new warning in force tonight & tomorrow for us, which says another few cm but ill beleive it when I see it! Forecast symbols for Sunday show the first heavy snow for me in a long time, 8 hours in 0c which would be great, but we shall see...
  10. Yes, i want us all to see some decent snow from this easterly! Fingers crossed ey. Nice to hear METO and Paul Hudson talk about it potentialy being long lasting Always the chance of some snow popping up!
  11. Almost snow here tonight, very heavy sleet! Theres slush on the grass and car windscreens! Definitely evaporative cooling in effect. Temp dropped from 7c to 3c in a very short space of time. It was heavy though. A nice taster of things to come hopefully!
  12. The end of this coming week looks good though for some snow. Met Office site for my nearest location, Ranmoor, shows light snow on and off from Thursday right through to Saturday so that would be great. Should build up nicely by then. Fingers crossed
  13. Could be a nice surprise, we'll have to wait and see! Could be a boxing day 2014 repeat, yes please haha! BBC forecast for tomorrow evening says: 'However cloud will gradually thicken, with winds also strengthening, as rain and hill snow spreads into western parts by dusk.' so there must be some signal there
  14. Hard to say re snow this far out still. Its looking mostly dry and cold but things can change and they do. Get the cold in first and the snow will follow is quite often right
  15. I was looking out at the back edge around midnight. Just a bit of wet sleet really even up here. Radar looked good but it wasnt much, boo!. Heres to next weekend lol! Its still looking cold so far