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  1. Ive maxed out at 26.4c today so thats the bank holiday record gone here for sure! Bene clear blue sky for days now, a lovely period of weather.
  2. Hope you are all enjoying the nice bank holiday! Could the record go today? Well..ill be able to watch for it now and measure it here as ive now got my Davis Vantage Vue set up Currently 23.5c here already so nearly at the record before midday. My data can be viewed here on Wunderground with rapid fire updates every minute: https://www.wunderground.com/personal-weather-station/dashboard?ID=IROTHERH16#history
  3. Records have gone today! Just didn't get my weather station live in time, damn
  4. Yes it's been a disgusting week. Fog, rain and drizzle for days now! Let's hope the few days of nice weather next week turn up
  5. now the obligatory fog.........
  6. yes its practicaly running off the trees and surfaces. Surprising how quick snow melts when its just above freezing, youd think it would be very gradual but its super quick at the moment. I guess other things come into play as well as air temp...
  7. But thats what the forecast was changing too. I posted loads when it showed snow on the graphics but it changed. I got up in the night about 4am and it was raining. Its turned to snow briefly due to it being heavy and now its raining again. This could have easily been a full rain event had the front been weaker. I half expected something which is whats in my post from last night, i simply said lets see what happens.....
  8. Ladies and gentlemen, lets give it up for evaporative cooling! awesome! Classic example today, was raining heavy when I got up in the night and then it started snowing. Ended up with an inch or so here which is decent, but its the cooling thats swung it!
  9. Just have to see what happens in the next few hours...ppn not far away now. It does feel chilly out there so simply a nowcast situation. If its heavy then we may get lucky with evap cooling but ill not be surprised if its just rain here in Bramley
  10. Easter Monday just looks like a washout now Big shame, i just wanted one last bit of snow fun and then can look forward to Spring. Oh well.....it has been a great winter though, much better than the last few. I was worried moving from Crosspool to Rotherham that i would find it even harder to see snow but we've had some decent cold this time and the 2 beasts in March will be remembered well! Lets hope solar min means the next few will be good too
  11. Its just going to be a now cast really Monday. Meto site has lost the heavy snow symbols but the models do look a little better so who knows! They cant make their mind up lol... The rain yesterday evening and last night was torrential, so must be some big totals now for the Easter weekend!
  12. just had a huge hail shower, they were easily pea sized!
  13. yeah it would be nice! Lets have one last snowy hurrah and then we can look forward to some nice weather hopefully
  14. An improvement on Mondays forecast from this morning! Now 9 hours of heavy snow at 1c
  15. Sounds good to me, quite a bit possible higher up and even a few cm lower ground possible. Agree it might not happen and no one's said anything about a beast 3, that was clear ages ago, I'll be happy just to see snow falling one last time if we have the chance and then let's hope we have a pleasant April into May