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  1. Got down to 3c last night here! That's pretty low for early September?
  2. Welcome enjoy your stay in good old Yorkshire! Yes hopefully a storm or two to enjoy next few days
  3. Last night has to be the biggest disappointment ever! It was so tropical out there I thought we must have been getting some great storms. Absolutely nothing happened. Only in the UK!
  4. Looks like I've maxed at 35.7c today which is amazing. Smashed the all time record easily! Feels like Florida out there at the mo, the wind is like a hairdryer. Crazy conditions. Let's hope it all goes with a big bang again tonight like Tuesday Edit: temps going up right now again, so maybe I'll hit 36!!! Currently 35.8 now
  5. 33.3c is the July Sheffield record isn't it? Anyone know the all time? My station at home now up to 34.5c so looks like we've got a new July record at least!
  6. Yes last night was pretty good here, some good lightening from 2:30 - 3:30am Couldn't sleep anyway so I enjoyed the show
  7. Couple loud rumbles of thunder here now. Can't hardly see any clouds. Strange but definitely thunder!
  8. Much warmer here then in Rotherham, my station currently at 28.8c so think we'll breach 30c here today
  9. Totally horrible day! I've recorded over 20mm of rain today and it's been dark and foggy. Might as well be November! Storm forecast was a total joke too over past few days. All in all a terrible few days to be honest
  10. Horrible day today I've recorded way more rain in the last 24 hours than I did for the whole of April!!
  11. Yeah it's been cold this past week, especially at night. Got down to -1.9c here last night and sub zero on quite a few others! Easter looking nice which is great considering bank holidays usually take a turn for the worst but depends how long it can last. Still only April.
  12. Maxed at just shy of 18c today so not the warmest day of the year here, 20th March was warmer
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