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  1. Im waiting at the conquest for a customer, hail stones galore up here lol
  2. The mad thread is alive, hold on to your hats guy's, at least until the morning anyway, awaiting the usual scenario, oh look a garden path
  3. Got a couple of trees down near me, blocking the road, can hear the constant roar outside, imagine what the noise must be like from a cat 5, power is still on thankfully, hoping it stays that way, I always sleep with the fan on, so won't hear the wind
  4. Yesterday was bad enough, worse tonight, but I desperately want 8 ft snow drifts
  5. Wow, some seriously strong wind out there, I can hear the roar over the tv
  6. Not seen anything from @TomSE12 lately, hope everything is ok with him
  7. Well the daffs are out, and I have a petunia in 1 of my pots, which is doing nicely, utter madness, quite windy this morning, and through the night, but, to coin a phrase from a certain someone, at least it will be mild, half of winter has almost gone, and bar a few frosts, another poor effort.
  8. No sign at all of anything remotely cold, and fearing this will be another poor winter, march 2013 the last time I saw a decent snowfall
  9. I remember this well, 1st time I had ever seen clouds rotating so fast, fantastic supacell, hail stones galore, constant lightning, looked amazing as it moved away, the evening sun really illuminated the rear of the storm, it remained visible for ages afterwards, I just stood outside my house looking at it, high in.the sky over Rye hospital
  10. Cmon guy's, its the festive season, we're all fed up with the winter weather not playing ball, we can look at every available model, at every available hour day's away, but however frustrating it is, the weather will do, whatever it wants to do, Im not anywhere nr experienced as you lot in here, but I enjoy reading all the posts. Hope you've all had a great Christmas so far, and maybe with a new year fast approaching, winter may show it's hand
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