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  1. What a night,went facebook live at jury's gap camber that night,lightning was immense
  2. What a beaut of a day,1st time this year,ive ventured to work in my shorts,and another cracking day tomoz hopefully,just need some big storms,and bingo,not literally though,although I do like bingo
  3. More rain incoming,if the local water board even mention the words,hosepipe ban,I will scream lol
  4. Loving this warmer weather,shame the cloud has rolled in,makes me really miss my bmw convertible though lol
  5. Rain rain,bloody rain 220 odd feet asl,and im getting worried
  6. Its april fools lol,maybe a yellow warning that we may actually see the sun soon
  7. Hope you're well tom,I know exactly how you feel regarding the football,my dad is italian,comes from a little town nr pescara,never good when england play italy,as you can imagine
  8. Thought it was fog on the tyne
  9. Bring on the beast part 3,maybe i'll get the jackpot
  10. Parking Heathrow

    Despise the place,sadly running my own taxi company,I have the displeasure much to much for my liking
  11. Storm Chase Live Video Streaming

    Any live links please
  12. Sometimes we do ok,but it's a north east wind for me
  13. So beast from the east part 3,and hopefully 3rd time lucky for the few of us,who haven't faired very well during part's 1 and 2,still,it was snowing lightly this morning,so thats 3 days on the spin,and ive still got a smidgen of snow left,so thats 3 days of lying snow,all in all,I think thats around 9 days of snow and laying snow,much better than the last 5 years,hopefully with the low solar minima,we may have a few tasty winters