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  1. Well,after the long,warm,dry and beautiful summer for our part of the world,the last few weeks has certainly bought the water levels up,thought today was supposed to be ok,been raining most of the day,still,my boys won,city lost,hoping for some winter weather soon,wind and rain can take a back seat
  2. Curse that blooody corridor
  3. Great looking charts,but I still suffer from the failed easterly
  4. Well well well,the slightest of smattering's here on my decking,my brother is 9 miles away,in rye,and its been raining there all night,I guess being 11 miles inland,and around 70 or so metres asl,has played a part.
  5. Ah man,im jealous,enjoy it guy's,love the pics mr murr
  6. Took my girl's home about an hour ago,and at 70m asl,it was cold rain,just got back,the moon is out,and looking at the radar,I may be out of luck,must remind myself,its only november,lol
  7. Cheers,should have said the reason why I wished it was a few weeks later,so that things could have cooled off a bit more lol
  8. Im up the rd a bit in northiam
  9. Such a shame this set up wasnt a few weeks later,had hail last night,and its been a sleety,graupel,rain mixture all day
  10. Am I seeing pink returns on the radar
  11. No new posts for 8hrs,man we need an epic cold spell to get this forum buzzing,lol,hope you've had a good weekend,I recently joined the man v fat programme at bexhill,so at the ripe old age of 42,I have dug the footy boots out again,we play on friday evenings,needless to say,I looked like a drowned rat,playing in a deluge was something else,then last night,it was my home towns firework display in Rye,and sadly the rain couldn't hold off,so for 2nd time in 24hrs,I got soaked to the skin,beautiful.Have a good monday all
  12. Been another lovely day,cooling off now,what a run its been this year,a proper summer thats just gone on and on,1st northerly blast incoming,on what im hoping will be an epic winter
  13. snowrye

    Your Deepest Snow Record

    I remember jan 86,I was 10,then I remember some poor winters after that lol,most recent has to nov 2010,had around 20 inches in the back garden of my old marital home,now im around 70m asl,in a favourable position,sadly I missed alot of the showers during the beast from the east in march,im hoping its jackpot time this winter