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  1. So much for spring like temps, cloudy and above all, bloody freezing all day, hopefully it will liven up tomoz and the weekend
  2. My towel has not only been thrown, it's been washed, dried, and put away, looking forward to some nice warm sunny day's, adios winter, hopefully see you later this year
  3. Well, good riddance, I love winter, but it's been hugely disappointing, looking forward to some nice warm day's.
  4. Rain rain and more rain, although I refuse to chuck the towel in on another winter, I do think it's going to take something of epic proportions to salvage anything, yes ive seen falling snow 3 times, and it's laid, but it's not lasted at all, and after all the tele-communications, background signals, low solar minima, blah blah blah, for some unknown reason it just hasn't, yet, delivered what we all hoped and craved
  5. Blowing a hoolie outside, some serious gusts
  6. Signal trends and all the other tele-communications have been looking good since december
  7. Certainly goes quiet in here, when the snow stops falling. Loving the pics guys, it really is beautiful, when the landscape is magically transformed. Hoping that there will still be surprise's in store for everyone before winter is out. I see over in america, they're expecting quite a warm up, temps ranging from 40f to above 60f, massive contrast to what they have just endured, maybe this will aid in getting the canadian pv to relocate somewhere else, thus allowing our siberian high to develop, and some lovely bone chilling easterlies. One can dream
  8. Ignore the models, they are luring you into a false sense of security, any day now, they will flip, showing charts akin to the day after tomorrow, and 3hrs later, bruce willis will appear in snowmegeddon
  9. Well alot has melted this morning, owing to the sun, and thats 3 times this week I have seen snow, and laying snow, last night was the heaviest since 2010, massive flakes, epic, and what a difference elevation makes, dropped my brother off in Rye, 2 miles from the coast, 2.5c and raining hard, got to my flat, around 10 miles inland, and 70m asl, and it was like driving in the millennium falcon at light speed, roads, verges, all covered, at least 1 good thing came out of my divorce
  10. My mate is out in his toyota 4x4 rescuing people that way
  11. Wonder why the potent northerlies have been so fee and far between,can it be correlated to the diminishing sea ice around the arctic