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  1. Yet again its other parts of the uk getting some decent storms, here we are, in the hottest and stickiest part of the uk, yet we constantly miss out.
  2. A very uncomfortable night, bit of a breeze this morning thankfully, bit of interest for tonight in the region, and this threat gets stronger over the coming days, be nice to get some decent action. Another hot day coming up, but I'll be able to cool down ok, as we're having a picnic and pool party at mum and dads, by pool, I mean a quick set, 10ft round by 3ft deep pool, not a customer built olympic pool, ha ha ha, one day. Have a good day fellow south easterners, stay cool, hydrated, and use plenty of sun cream
  3. El scorchio today, and with that, came the inevitable migration, from london. All trying to get to camber sands, sadly l, the road was done by 9am, so no money made on that front today. Part 2 tomorrow, but on a far bigger scale, not good for my business, thankfully autumn is fast approaching.
  4. Was hoping for some action on the storm front, but alas, I feel it's another dismal display for my location
  5. Well, finally after a wait of over 2 years, a storm rolled in around 4am, some very impressive lightning strikes, and a couple of shotgun cannon booms, capped off a wonderful, wonderful evening, as my boy's finally got the premier league champions status
  6. Was hoping to get in on the action, but its not looking good for me, at least some cooler air will be ushered in
  7. Same as here, may 2018 since the last proper storm, had a couple of distant rumbles the other sunday, but nothing noteworthy. Just noticed this is my 1000th post lol
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