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  1. At jury's gap, the good old channel has done what it usually does, that nice cell off the coast of brighton, has taken a right kicking
  2. More likely turn into a classic kent clipper, and all the good stuff will only be visible if you're on a boat in the north sea
  3. Looking good so far, but these things nearly always correct east, another kent clipper no doubt, and all that beautiful lightning, wasted in the north sea
  4. Planned on a nice lay in this morning, the hailstones bouncing off the velux, had other ideas
  5. Evening all, bertie bassatt weather today, I call it that, as you get allsorts, 1 minute im driving, it's nice, dry and sunny, the next, I can't see more than 20ft in front, as the rain is torrential. Certainly keeps you on your toes
  6. Well, 1st storm chase of the year, saw some lovely flashes whilst at mum and dads in Rye, so me and my girl's drove down to dungeness and greatstone, sadly, the storm was moving too quick, by the time we got there, it was already out into the north sea. On to the next one, hope everybody is ok
  7. Can hear the roar of the wind, as I lay in bed, has this system undergone rapid cyclogenisis, wasn't expecting this to be so windy, I've had to check the calender, making sure it's not october. I hope we're all doing well in this wonderful group.
  8. Hi fellow south easterners, I hope everybody is well, not been on here much lately, but thought I'd pop in, and what do I find, hysteria, in the mod thread, no, that's not a pretty flower either. Old man winter not finished yet, what a shock after the last couple of day's.
  9. That wind is cold, a few sunny spells so far, but it's not raining, looking forward to warmer, hopefully happier day's, not too warm though, or magic things happen to me, actually, it's far from magic lol. Have a good day people
  10. One of those day's today, where I just couldn't get warm, wind was very cold. Hoping for some warm sunny day's very soon
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