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  1. Belated birthday wishes to you,I hope the day and night were fab
  2. Love this time of year,summer is over,and you know in a few weeks,this place is gonna go bananas,excellent summer,but bitterly disappointing from an imby thunderstorm perspective,1 decent storm,and that was in may,which cheered me up a little,as it happened on the drive back home after the agony of the champs league final,hope everyone is well,and nobody has left
  3. ha ha ha,I reckon 200 days of snow and temps no higher than -21c,then a bbq summer is on the cards,with freak rainstorms,and catastrophic flooding,this will clear to leave a mostly windy autumn
  4. Well,didn't make it to the firehills,too cloudy,shame,as I have my girl's this weekend,and we were looking forward to watching the meteor shower,viewed it last year,and it was amazing,but hey ho,nachos to start,and fajitas for main,followed by a choc trifle,then friday night dinner and Ghostbusters 3 on netflix,on a weather note,im quite enjoying seeing rain in the forecast,and loving the cooler temps,warming up midweek by the looks of it,but then cooler for the weekend,and no sign of the intense heat returning,phew,lol,autumn is round the corner,then im hoping for an absolute snowfest of a winter,im thinking nov-dec 2010,but lasting longer and happening more than once,ha ha ha,enjoy the rest of the weekend folks
  5. Indeed,im hoping to get to fairlight to view it up there
  6. Lovely day,and im serious,so nice to have a decent drop of rain,been a fantastic summer so far,but I am glad its cooler
  7. Man,another bust,summer has been appalling for storms,all this heat and humidity,nothing,bah humbug
  8. As long as its not uranus
  9. Another scorcher in progress,what a summer it has been,but boy,we can do with some rain,not had anything here for at least 4 weeks,probably more if im honest,off round the fam's later,have a great day peeps,and remember fluids and sunscreen
  10. Another glorious day,but boy,do we need some rain,its as dry as my sense of humour,summer holidays in 3 weeks,guaranteed to be a deluge then
  11. Will the channel barrier hold firm like it normally does,sucking the life out of anything that exits france
  12. What a beaut of a storm that was,hoping for round 2 tonight
  13. Bit quiet on here today peeps
  14. Bit quiet on here today peeps
  15. Hi guy's and girl's,hope you're all well in this fantastic thread,awful day to be honest,heavy rain and some gusty winds,at least the sun came out late afternoon,and this evening gave me a beautiful sunset,plus my boys are going to kiev,Allez Allez Allez Allez,looking forward to a nice warm sunny weekend,got my girl's this weekend,mate's party sat night,and a family christening on sunday,marvelloso,have a good one peeps