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  1. Wow,this thread is buzzing,hardly a surprise really,nothing to report,and according to the mad thread,nothing at all for 10 days plus,at least at the end there's an easterly,yer right,its a nice garden path that,personally,I think that's it,only jan I know,but it's just not happened,fingers crossed im wrong,I just hope summer delivers some nice plumes
  2. Should have a chance,seeing as you'll be slightly above the dreaded m4 corridor
  3. Cant believe our winters have come to this,peeing your pants cos there's a snowflake,or a 1-2hr snowfall,before milder mush rolls in,diabolical so far,nearly 5 yrs without a meaningful snow fest
  4. Still raining,maybe I should build an ark
  5. Sadly no,temps will be on the rise soon,along with the dew points
  6. Starting to see a few flakes mixed in now,70m asl
  7. More beautiful cold rain,lovely,thats sarcasm by the way
  8. Well,no surprises here,rain,again
  9. After today's drab drizzle affair,I cannot wait for tomorrow's drab
  10. Even if it does snow,it's pointless,wont be able to enjoy it,as it will rapidly turn to rain and get washed away,really is a crappy winter,if people are getting excited at a slight chance of transient wintryness,this winter is pants,end of,such a letdown,I really thought it would be our year
  11. Quiet in here tonight,think we need a good few days of heavy snow,to liven it up a little bit
  12. No point getting hopes up for the non-snow event on sunday,we all know it will be rain for us here in the southeast,bring on the summer,hopefully some huge night-time thunderstorms,so I can go and watch it roll in at camber beach again,magical watching it come across the channel,booming and crashing
  13. Well folks,im off to bed,passengers to pick up in the morning,night all,hope the wind doesn't keep you awake