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  1. As long as its not uranus
  2. Another scorcher in progress,what a summer it has been,but boy,we can do with some rain,not had anything here for at least 4 weeks,probably more if im honest,off round the fam's later,have a great day peeps,and remember fluids and sunscreen
  3. Another glorious day,but boy,do we need some rain,its as dry as my sense of humour,summer holidays in 3 weeks,guaranteed to be a deluge then
  4. Will the channel barrier hold firm like it normally does,sucking the life out of anything that exits france
  5. What a beaut of a storm that was,hoping for round 2 tonight
  6. Bit quiet on here today peeps
  7. Bit quiet on here today peeps
  8. Hi guy's and girl's,hope you're all well in this fantastic thread,awful day to be honest,heavy rain and some gusty winds,at least the sun came out late afternoon,and this evening gave me a beautiful sunset,plus my boys are going to kiev,Allez Allez Allez Allez,looking forward to a nice warm sunny weekend,got my girl's this weekend,mate's party sat night,and a family christening on sunday,marvelloso,have a good one peeps
  9. From my flat,I can see the sun illuminating the clouds to my north west,but according to the radar its still heavy rain,must be in a little dry zone,looks like more incoming,very wet day,and temps not above 5.5c all day
  10. Why oh why do we hardly ever get these systems when its freezing,24hrs plus of heavy rain,can only imagine the true wonderland that would happen if it was snow
  11. Yes,normally at the end of the detector
  12. What a night,went facebook live at jury's gap camber that night,lightning was immense
  13. What a beaut of a day,1st time this year,ive ventured to work in my shorts,and another cracking day tomoz hopefully,just need some big storms,and bingo,not literally though,although I do like bingo
  14. More rain incoming,if the local water board even mention the words,hosepipe ban,I will scream lol
  15. Loving this warmer weather,shame the cloud has rolled in,makes me really miss my bmw convertible though lol