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  1. Would love another system to roll in this week,straight down to camber beach again,watching in awe and amazement,bring it on
  2. Well I got back indoors around 2.00am,spent a couple hours on facebook live,standing in the monsoon rains,on the sea wall at camber,unbelievable lightning,constant flashes,and some booming thunder overhead,1st time ive ever gone storm chasing and it was epic
  3. Was on the sea wall at camber,absolutely phenomenal
  4. For me it was the mcs that hit us in july 3 years ago,that monster was immense,looked like something from independence day,when that shelf cloud steamed in,it was like,BOOM,trees snapped in half,debris everywhere,and me,24 and 1/2 stone,laying in a trampoline to stop it flying off
  5. Just spent the last 2 hours on the sea wall at camber,absolutely amazing,lightning was unreal,I posted numerous videos on facebook live,1 guy was even streaming my live feed on the web,1st time ive ever gone storm chasing,man I need to get out to america,what a night its been
  6. Have a sneaky feeling this is going to hug the french coast,then waste away into the north sea
  7. Didn't turn out too bad a day,lovely afternoon strolling around folkstone harbour,bit of light rain around 4.30ish,but compared to what the bbc was showing yesterday,it was nothing,itching for some lengthy sunny days and pleasant warmth,desperate to get the hard-top off and the soft-top down
  8. Beautiful day,1st day of the year in a t-shirt,goodbye winter and good riddance,hoping for a lovely long spring and summer,not too hot though,but I would like a few spanish plume scenarios,and of course some almighty storms.
  9. Snowing here,had a,slight dusting nothing major,still nice to see,just wish there was enough to enjoy it,even for a day
  10. Wow,what a blob,absolute joke this winter is,theyll be nothing left by the time it gets to land,what is happening to our winters
  11. Some very light snow just started to fall,how sad that im getting excited over a couple of flakes
  12. Likewise,I love it in here,its a great forum,with so many knowledgeable people,if you fancy a laugh just pop into the mod thread lol
  13. Well im off to gatwick soon,so be nice to see some white stuff falling,but as I said in an earlier statement,this is a very poor winter in my eyes,the beast from the east has been tamed,when will proper winters return
  14. Wow,what a fantastic cold spell,reading people's comments about snizzle,awful winter yet again,worse than previous in my eyes,as with previous,we knew it was gonna be crap,this 1 has promised,and failed many times,what is happening to our winters,even parts,of the med have had a good snowfall,absolute joke