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  1. @SenlacJack, pretty sure it was last winter, im in northiam, 70m asl, the system came in on a thurs evening I think, it started off as heavy snow, then it developed a warm layer, and I had heavy rain for much of the night, I could here it bouncing of the velux windows
  2. My guess is a landspout, very similar, but doesn't have a rotating updraft
  3. Tropical storm Gabrielle will be interesting, such a huge amount of warm water in front, lots of time for fun and games
  4. Real shame, very talented player, but his agent is an idiot, and will seriously damage his career
  5. Can't remember the day, it was the system that came through the channel, they were forecasting 10cm plus, as I said it started off as heavy snow, then it developed a secondary low with a warmer core, and it produced a thin layer of warmer air, if I can somehow go back to the regional thread archives, I was up till the early hours, commenting how annoying it was, hearing heavy raindrops hitting the velux
  6. Trust me guys, I had rain, hopefully someone lives close to me on here, and will back me up, @SenlacJack is probably the closest to me
  7. I need a decent winter lol, the last significant snow here was march 2013, the beast from the east produced very little from an imby perspective, it all looked so promising though, started around 8pm, huge flakes falling, setting nicely, then a pesky warm core invaded, and it turned to heavy rain for hours, just my luck, loving the darker evenings, September is a beautiful month, im hoping for a sunny September and October, the autumn colours are just amazing
  8. I watched that on a storm chasers live feed, unbelievable power and destruction
  9. Prague has some fantastic storms, some of the structure is amazing, was lucky enough to witness 3 storms when I went to prague for 4 days on a stag do, oddly enough, everything else is still vague ha ha ha
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