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  1. Snow top of Hoylandswaine hill A628 out of Barnsley. Rain in Morley Leeds
  2. Snow covered here and coming down moderate ATM just turning to hail as we speak
  3. Latest GFS just rolling out definately got the snow further south so Leeds in the firing line for longer period of snow, south York’s just too far South on that chart, but who knows
  4. Turned to snow here Penistone @ 255M which has come as a bit of a surprise as I told rhe kids only rain tonight
  5. Just got home only 3 hours to do 15 miles!! treacherous conditions out there a lot of stuck/ abandoned cars up Hoylandswaine hill out of Barnsley
  6. so many haven’t a clue how to drive in snow, seen so many just revving and spinning the tyres thinking more Revs = more grip...crazy!
  7. On my way from work in Morley to Penistone and gone 2 miles in nearly 2 hours it’s griflock with the compressed ice on the roads. Interesting that as I dropped into the bottom of Morley the temp has dropped from 0 to plus 2!
  8. Snow and graupel now here at work in Morley 145M so looks like snow line is dropping
  9. Thunder and lightning here as the cold air moves in
  10. If Wednesday into Thursdays nasty storm keeps being modelled further south as it is st the Mo. then we could be looking at quite a snow event for Yorkshire
  11. That's Just across the valley from our house, I read they had 80MPH + at Bradfield, the next valley to the east. I wondr what tonight will bring
  12. Maybe not a long time re the age of the earth but definitely in terms of the modern human age 200 years ago Napoleon was still the emperor of France, so as a comparison to our history it is certainly one to note
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