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  1. Just cool wet air interspersed with heavy showers here today. 9C. Little breeze. Ground is very wet. The river below us often floods over the road when it's like this.
  2. Just along from Barry by the airport, it has been thumping down for the last hour and a half. Got a thin covering. Good event for us, this far south, low and coastal.
  3. Taken late morning. I think, as many regulars have said, just too warm to stick. Not really coating the fields here either. In any case, it is still going strong here in the far south. Nice to see it. IMG_4203.MOV
  4. Yep - light flakes were blowing about here too, just along from you, near the airport. Been falling for about 30 mins. Just increased to a heavy intensity as I’ve been typing. I think it’s looking good for many of us for a while today.
  5. I was living in Tongwynlais in ‘82. I was just a kid. It was epic. Huge drifts. Dug our way out of the house. Cut off even though it was right on J32 of the M4. Loved it. Mornings were for getting supplies up to the old folk for the milkman, the butcher, the newsagent and the grocer. Once we were done it was mucking about on every hilly field we could get to. 2018 matched it for drifts in the sweet spot by Barry - 50cm of level snow fell in the storm then drifted wildly. It took them days to dig out Five Mile Lane - the main road from the A48 down to Barry. We dug ourselves out with a
  6. That looks brilliant. We all should’ve gone for “Christmas like” as the tree frames that picture beautifully. Good luck everyone in with a chance over the next few days. Let’s see if January brings the snow for all that they’re arguing about in the Model Output thread.
  7. Yes, absolutely - I was in a sweet spot for it. Only 50M ASL but the farm was plastered and the lanes were plugged with drifts for days. Get the synoptics right and even the unlikely areas like mine can get in on it. I used to live nearer you (in Tongwynlais) and had lots of great snow events in my youth. Fingers crossed that January’s model runs and the potential SSW deliver.
  8. Just too warm round here so far. Barry can get some decent snow if the conditions favour it. I never expected to see the amount we had in March 2018 and yet, it came.
  9. No surprise that it is raining in Vale of Glamorgan. Derek goes for wintry mix and uncertainty in the forecast.
  10. I’m about a mile from the airport in the rural Vale of Glamorgan but I’m not hopeful of anything today or tomorrow. Just not cold enough. Yet... Good luck everyone else inland and on higher ground.
  11. March 1st 2018's snow down here did melt by midday - it was March 14th though. ?. We had, exceptional for the southernmost tip of Wales, 50cm of lying snow recorded at the weather station in St Athan nearby and the lanes and even some notable main roads got smothered in drifts from the snow on farm fields around here during the storm. We had a few inches laying on the fields around us for a few days afterwards but ten ft drifts left lanes plugged for 100s of yds. If I recall correctly we had a little weekend snow and ice about March 18th that was absolutely treacherous first thing.
  12. Just had the rain band pass through. Feeling cooler behind it - dare I say it, somewhat autumnal in the breeze.
  13. Yes, the wind here has been unusually strong and the trees have suffered as a result. We’ve had leaves and fruit blown about and it’s made a bit of a mess. There were a fair few branches down, and the odd tree too, when I was out with the dog for a long walk earlier. Luckily we’ve missed a lot of the showers today or that might’ve meant less grip for the roots in very wet ground.
  14. Heavy rain overnight and about 40 minutes of mostly lightning, with some thunder, from 03.30. Cloud is darkening as the rain band approaches from the southwest. Radar has it just coming over the Bristol Channel. Should be hitting the Vale of Glamorgan presently. Blustery too. I’ll be just checking around the farm today and making sure structures are storm proofed.
  15. Massive lightning, some thunder and very intense rainfall near the airport just before midnight. What a storm!
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