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  1. Snow is melting fast now but nice to have had it for a while.
  2. @thetipster What’s the front doing now? We’ve got a covering and small flakes of light snow but being so far south I was expecting us to be done. The met office app keeps turning heavy snow up but it doesn’t seem to make it.
  3. Steadily falling and covering cars, the front yard and fields on the farm. It’s a window watch event now as the slower than expected frontal movement frayed some nerves.
  4. Heavy snow here about a mile from the airport. Blowing in strong winds. Earlier than I expected. Not settling yet. Lovely to see it since we are all at home.
  5. Keep the faith Phantom2. It’s been very icy just a mile or so inland near Penmark and you did ok last March. It was so icy in the country lanes that two cars crashed (luckily with no serous injuries) near me this morning and the ice at the bottom of the valley is thick. I think the snow will settle and, away from a beach, we’ll all be in luck.
  6. Rain in Barry so far. Not expecting the coastal south to get anything apart from rain showers till after dark. Good luck everyone else.
  7. Very icy near the airport west of Barry. Not a flake of snow. I think we were served our quota last March with lanes blocked for days by drifts after the beast hit. Here’s hoping for something by the end of next week and a cold spell running into February. Glad lots of posters have had some snow.
  8. Last year we had the huge drifts in early March. Sadly no glory for the south coast near the airport expected imminently. Good luck to everyone else this week. Hope you get some snowy fun and that is lowlanders can join the party soon.
  9. March 1-3 2017 had some terrific powdery snow. In the lanes we had some huge drifts near the sweet spot of St Athan in the the rural Vale of Glamorgan. We were plugged solid for weeks from this storm.
  10. Snowing all last night and today near Cardiff airport. Same ground up melt that others have noted but a thaw-freeze with fresh snow due continually into the early hours will make the rural roads treacherous.
  11. Snowed last night again in the south near the airport. Also a drip, drip, drip but there’s still huge drifts and plenty of settled snow. I live between two villages and we are all totally cut off by massive drifts filling the lanes still. The airport remains closed and farmers yesterday were telling me some major routes were likely to remain impassable. It’s going to be remembered as a big event in the rural Vale of Glamorgan. Lots of services may well still be closed by Monday.
  12. Steady blowing snow since 6.00 about a mile from the airport. We’re on farmland and the fields are covering up in white nicely.
  13. Lanes and even A roads through farmland aren’t great as the water runs off. There’ll be lots of localised flooding across the rainy part of South Wales today. I’m near the airport and took my landrover to Barry earlier - far less capable vehicles were being driven at speeds near to 40mph through standing water by the unaware and the stupid. We’ve had a lot of this away from the snowy parts (we just had that one afternoon of rain to snow before Christmas) although winter seems to have been snowy for many at elevation.
  14. Looks like some members had a good snow day. Sadly it was not great for me. Had a few seconds of snow in Barry this morning. Felt optimistic about evening showers for near the airport. Had ten minutes of lovely driving snow as I drove down the A48 back from Cowbridge at about 7pm. Then it dried up. Apart from a couple of flurries for seconds at a time, nothing but starry skies above me between Moulton and Penmark. I’m calling it a night. Well done if you had better: fingers crossed for us all for the next event this weekend.
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