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  1. Looks to be dying out now on the radar going to stop here in southend soon and that could be it i reckon
  2. That gap has moved over us here in essex.,, southend to be precise. Stopped now after a couple of centimetres. Hoping the blob above moves down......
  3. Im in hockley and the roads and paths are ok everything else got a few centimetres on it
  4. Freezing rain here in southeast essex everything it hits it freezes, defrosted the car went down to the stables houur and the whole side of the car was a sheet of ice crazy, wasnt expecting more judging by last nights forcast of 10% chance of snow now that seems to of changed to 80 and looking at the radar southend had some heavier precip heading this way which i would imagine is goibg to be snow? ...
  5. Got abig shower just approaching now dont look to bad slowish moving, light flkakes in the air cloud to the east moonn out
  6. Only a inch or so here in hockley more showers through the day so i see
  7. Only a inch or so here in hockley more showers through the day so i see
  8. Just drove from westcliff to hockley westcliff had alot more then rochford through to hockley , main roads were starting to get covered that end...anyone know what the shower activity is doing, rain today radar wont load for some reason, ive seen mixed forcast for here in southeast essesx some saying snow tonight through tomorrow and others not so much so ...
  9. God not another negative post, its only just started a day in lol
  10. Was always told to watch out for yellow snow....
  11. Wow they've come from no where , really is looking promising early on...