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  1. Its starting to pivot right on top of us heavey rain still though gutted...... Rain Today WWW.RAINTODAY.CO.UK
  2. Well whilst fitting a new exaust to my partners car here in hullbridge the heavens finally opened......it was rain again πŸ˜”been looking forward to this event for 3 days will we ever see snow again in Essex πŸ˜‚
  3. Shocking isn't it....there was a few flakes in the air first thing here in hullbridge now the main band is over us and theres nothing falling not even rain πŸ˜”πŸ˜‚
  4. Was Heavey snow at 5 am then woke up to a slushy mess in hullbridge essex. Still abit on the cars and grass. Just a little colder it would of looked alot different. Back to snow again as I speak
  5. Just got back to home/hullbridge and it's heavier here visible on roofs πŸ™‚
  6. Very light snow here on the hills at the stables, hockley essex. First I've seen this year
  7. It's not going east whys there so many people sayings it's going east , the radar clearly shows it's moving northwards
  8. Just took the dog for a quick walk along Thorpe bay sea front I can confirm a biting strong south easterly wind...I didn't last long. Looking at the radar its looking pretty good here in Essex for tonight although the met does show it turning to rain tomorrow morning....http://www.raintoday.co.uk/mobile
  9. Met office has southend Rayleigh Rochford for heavy snow through the night until early hours then it's rain symbols....
  10. I keep looking at all these snow maps and most have us down here in south east Essex as rain or next to no snow surely we can't be that unlucky lol
  11. Just drove from Southend to hockley slowly turning from rain to snow 20 mins indoors and the cars have a covering now
  12. Looks to be dying out now on the radar going to stop here in southend soon and that could be it i reckon
  13. That gap has moved over us here in essex.,, southend to be precise. Stopped now after a couple of centimetres. Hoping the blob above moves down......
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