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  1. Still coming down here in hockley and from what I can see on the live rain today radar it doesn't look like stopping anytime soon
  2. This was 1 jour ago hockley essex and its still falling gotta be 5 cm
  3. Already ice on the cars here in Hockley essex,i think some may have a snowy suprise tomorrow morning ....
  4. Just a quick question if anyone can help, does anyone know which model xc weather use for their forecasts, i use them alot for winds and they are normally always spot on 3 or 4 days out, just curious? Anyway interesting watching the last few weeks i havnt a clue on charts and models but love cold weather and am sure this winters going to be different....
  5. looking as though im gonna be a little bit to far east (southend)
  6. http://www.raintoday.co.uk/
  7. Southeast England and East Anglia - Weather Chat

    wow didnt expect to wake up to this much snow ,
  8. Southeast England and East Anglia - Weather Chat

    grounds soaked here from the rain earlier so doubt it will settle if we do get some.
  9. Southeast England and East Anglia - Weather Chat

    nothing here , i can see cloud to the south west and its clear to the north , looks like we are just missing out again
  10. Southeast England and East Anglia - Weather Chat

    sleet with a touch of snow now
  11. Southeast England and East Anglia - Weather Chat

    waited all day for that shower and its rain ......shocking
  12. wow blowing a gale here, can hear dustbins going down the road

    1. lassie23


      Last night was seriously windy in london too!

    2. Mokidugway


      Don't worry, we will rebuild ....

  13. basically means that the tide at high tide will be 1.98 metres higher then predicted that added to the big tides we have at the moment means theres a real chance of water topping sea defences