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  1. Forth-Clyde Isthmus for me but for the sake of weather forum cohesion I'll accept both
  2. OK! How about the 'Not even a full day wowzer'?
  3. 12c on the car just now! To be fair though it rounds up so probably only 11.7c or something
  4. That was a fun cycle home! A serious head wind, lashing rain and some serious gusts! Brutal! Plenty of tree debris along the Water of Leith. If nothing else it proved I'm getting fitter
  5. Now that rings a bell I have been stung many times by charts. Sadly more often than I've been surprised looking outside!
  6. That's it I remember that my solitary snow symbol didn't verify
  7. What did we decide to call these many winters ago? 'One day wowzers' or something? Certainly dog biscuits anyway
  8. Still looking pretty strong for here later according to the Met. I'm particularly looking forward to my cycle home! All uphill and with potential gusts of 50mph right in my face and some lashing rain! It's going to be lovely! (still better than dealing with the bus)
  9. I hope I never see an autumn like this again! Only saving grace has been some nice frosty days to break up the grey, lashing, miserable pish! Horrible at times
  10. What a difference a day made Twenty-four little hours Horrible again this morning after a beautiful weekend! Grey and raining!
  11. Temp has dropped to -6c at Edinburgh Airport now making it 2 days in a row of -6c!
  12. Only -5c here this morning. Very frosty. Very white. Lovely stuff
  13. Temp was up to -4c for a bit but is back to -5c. Baltic
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