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  1. Cheers. It'll dry out! My fault really. I knew the drain was running slow but didn't get round to having it fixed! Kicking off again big style! AMAZING!!!
  2. Holy lemon! That last clap of thunder was unreal!!
  3. My poor garage is up over my ankles in water! I knew that drain needed pressure jetted
  4. Haven't seen a light show like this in years. North, South, East and West. Constant lightning. Not much thunder though! Rumbling away in the distance.
  5. Awful, vile, horrible day! Pure Autumnal pish! All that fantastic weather during the worst of lockdown and now this crap once it starts to ease a little!
  6. Not a great day but managed a cycle up the Pentlands. Managed to capture this before it disappeared during a brief shower!
  7. A few flashes, a bit of thunder, some rain! After tracking that the length of the UK it's the meteorological equivalent of a wet fart!
  8. Rumbling away here now but still some distance away!
  9. That storm system is clearly heading to the wrong side of Edinburgh for me ?
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