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  1. @Kirkcaldy Weather Something's up but it's anyone's guess what it is! Maybe I've just never paid enough attention before but it does feel like the region is getting many more memorable weather events than previously!
  2. 11th or 12th August rings a bell but can't be certain! I remember hours and hours of relentless thunder and lightning though! Maybe just me but I think there's been a big increase in not only the frequency of thunder events in the Lothians but also the severity! Not that long that Edinburgh had gone years without a decent storm! Now we're even getting them in December with 5 inches of snow Rain has been replaced by quite a thick haar now.
  3. It really was! Been a while since I saw rain like that! I feel like sending my landscaper a bottle or a gift card as the new patio and paths drained like a dream
  4. Some serious flooding across Edinburgh from that storm! Unreal! Edinburgh weather LIVE: Thunderstorm updates as capital drenched with flash floods - Edinburgh Live WWW.EDINBURGHLIVE.CO.UK Welcome to Edinburgh Live’s weather blog keeping you up to date with all the latest news on the thunderstorm warning.
  5. Yep. Had 3 attempts to get where I needed to be about 30 mins ago. Roads were bad. Saw one moron stuck almost bonnet deep with their hazards on! Always one that has to attempt it when everyone else is turning back!!
  6. Frequent thunder and flashes of lightning here with absolutely biblical rain!
  7. The rain on the drive home from just outside Biggar right to the Edinburgh City bypass was brutal!
  8. Just stopped off for a coffee on our way home from a week in SW Scotland near Dalbeattie. As good a week of weather as I can ever remember on a staycation! Sun has shone for 7 days straight and felt very warm at times. Kids were in the sea most days (carefully timed visits to meet the incoming tides) loads of fantastic walks and bike rides in the surrounding forests. Cracking bit of the country! Sad to be heading home really
  9. Is there any end to this stained glass windowing wind? It's relentless!!
  10. OK....the wind can jaffa cakes off now! A couple of really warm, pleasant days spoiled!
  11. Cracking couple of days but there's a fair old haar piling in now! Could take a while to burn off tomorrow!
  12. Beautiful day and warmer than forecast. Car was showing 17c-18c just now. Looks like it might cloud over but hopefully the rain will stay away.
  13. Absolutely horrid! Lights on as it's so dark outside! Heating keeps kicking in too which is pretty grim for the time of year! The start of the week was OK to be fair as we missed any showers and had several decent, warm sunny days. making up for it now though with this pish!
  14. Just got caught out in an absolute torrent of hail and rain! Madness!!!
  15. Heavy hail shower now! Certainly an interesting days weather! Edit: Torrential hail now! Place temporarily white in seconds!
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