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  1. Got it on Amazon. Similiar price to other places but with free delivery. Good selection of malts on there to be fair.
  2. Yep! I ran out of the 15yr Revival a few years ago and waited patiently for it to be released again! A fantastic winters evening dram and in my opinion a nicer whisky than their 18yr.
  3. Crap, wet and pish today after a beautiful weekend - which, if I had to choose, is exactly how I'd want it! Quite a few forecasts going for a repeat of good settled weather next weekend - plenty of time to go but fingers crossed!
  4. Now that I'm actually up and able to look out of a window there's frost on the shed roof and the shaded corner of the garden!
  5. What a beautiful autumn day! Fantastic! 16c, blue sky, calm. Just lovely out
  6. Not much to complain about today except maybe the breeze. A very pleasant afternoon with plenty of sun and about 18c.
  7. Not been completely awful here. Bit of heavy rain early doors, gave way to sunshine and showers and now sunny. Very breezy though. Temp dropped a bit to at around 15/16c. Was 19c briefly earlier.
  8. It's 20mins out from me but a world of difference in terms of snow due to the height. Couple of kids in our local primary school live out that way in Auchengray and they get a fair bit of snow every winter. No idea what the Tarbrax itself is like as I've never ventured off the A70 - looks remote and as someone else mentioned is probably a bit 'end of the road' - some really great scenery nearby though - I love the A70 from our house to Ayr - lovely views. And Edinburgh is only a 40min drive away. There was someone from from Tarbrax who used to post on here but I can't remember their username sadly. They were always reporting snow when Currie/Balerno had sleety pish/rain.
  9. Missed this earlier! I salute your nosiness. We went to Ruberslaw between Hawick and Jedburgh. Cracking little campsite.
  10. Last winter was a lemon show! I couldn't handle a repeat. Depression would set in!
  11. Working away again this week and been hot in Luxembourg hitting the low 30's last few days. Similar tomorrow. Like a few others have said I'm looking forward to some settled autumn weather. I love the sun but honestly heat is over rated. I love the option of throwing on a jacket if it's chilly! Having to head to work in sensible clothing in this heat can wibble off
  12. Some absolutely torrential downpours getting going here!
  13. Really not been too bad here this morning. Bit of light rain early on and it's breezy but been dry for a while and it's slowly brightening up. Hopefully clear through the borders early afternoon so I can get my tent pitched dry! Fingers crossed!
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