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  1. Indeed and I think next weekend could be very warm for the time of year. If the warmth holds on till the end of the month that would make things interesting but the last few days are uncertain and that is what could send the CET on a late drop if it turns cooler then average.
  2. With the rest of the week and into next weekend looking above average, I can see the September CET finishing around 16.0-16.3C after corrections.
  3. A few of us at the office complain about modern music as well and most of us are in our 20s and 30s, you're not the only ones who think the same way lol.
  4. Yeah Shiver and Sparks from Parachutes are highlights of that album. Politik and Amsterdam on a rush of blood to the head I really enjoyed too in addition to the other tracks listed earlier. Viva La Vida had a good number of highlights and I admit to liking Sky Full of Stars off Ghost Stories lol.
  5. The likes of Coldplay, Muse and Keane all followed in Radioheads wake, popular rock music that was mellow rather then classic Oasis rock 'n' roll. The likes of Trouble and Clocks are classics I think, whereas Yellow is tinged with nostalgia. Though I get why some people don't like the mellower bands.
  6. Yup the bands from that era very quickly faded. I think Tame Impala are very much worth a listen. I think a lot of people on here would enjoy listening to Lonerism through a set of headphones. I think out of all the bands in the charts these days I think only the 1975 are capable of producing something that is exciting and capable of topping the charts but that is it and their material is always hit and miss.
  7. Not a fan of Dark Side of the Moon? Lol I also liked New Orders later stuff as well such as True Faith and Regret. Closer by Joy Division however I think exceeded their work.
  8. 5-10 years but I think we are alluding to the same point lol. Emo peaked when My Chemical Romance were at their most popular in 2006/07 then it quickly faded.
  9. I don't think they are though! lol Nowadays you have a gaming industry that is huge and dramas etc. on Netflix meaning people are spending less time associated with music. Though I do spend a lot of time listening to music myself. I agree that modern music is becoming less varied and there is a fair bit of stuff I don't like. A lot of the stuff is subjective though. I like a lot of coldplay's early stuff because I'm a big radiohead and muse fan. Even if they weren't classic rock and roll it's still designed to be good on the ears. OK Computer in 1997 for example predicted a lot of the pitfalls in modern technology and is seen as a milestone in the history of British music. As I say, early 2010s I think is when things started to go downhill in terms of chart music and I'd say Arctic Monkeys were the last huge band to emerge. It's changed since then.
  10. That graph looks out of date by about 10 years lol. Emo I'd say was at its peak in the mid to late 2000s hahaha.
  11. I think in general rock music declined in the late 2000s. Indie music was still a big thing when I was at uni but it became less popular after that. There are still lots of good artists, the likes of Adele and Lorde etc are fine. I don't even think Ed Sheeran is that bad, he is just a bit bland. Though yes you do have to dig deeper to get to the good rock music still being played. The likes of Tame Impala and The War On Drugs etc. It is generally harder to find these bands compared to earlier years though if you aren't always on Spotify. The charts aren't relevant anymore, especially for rock bands who make the vast majority of their money from touring now. Another reason for the decline of rock music I think is that it is now seen as the establishment, the music that older people like. John Lydon even did a deal with virgin money once! He wouldn't have done that in his younger years.... I don't like a lot of rap and grime though. It just lacks melody and grates my ears. The likes of Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo are fine. Saw a few people also criticise coldplay but even I like a lot of their 2000s stuff.... especially Parachutes, A rush of blood to the head and viva la vida. A lot of their 2010s stuff however I didn't like. Their new track though I think is one of their very best. 10 minutes of prog rock that has an epic guitar solo that reminds me of Pink Floyd, worth a listen. 60s and 70s paved the foundations for modern rock music. Everyone just loves the 80s. 90s was peak alternative rock. I loved a lot of the 2000s. 2010s is where things became stale but there are still a few good chart songs. I'm a big fan of the weeknds last album for example... but that's because it has a very synth heavy 80s influence lol.
  12. Similar to Ophelia (2017) by the sounds of it. Was probably an extra-tropical hurricane (ie. it had started wrapping some cooler air around it and developed frontal bands of rain). I do wonder how strong a hurricane could be if it hit the UK... there would need to be a big high over southern/central Europe bringing warm air from the sub-tropical Atlantic to bring a storm our way. Ophelia was actually very close to being a hurricane on landfall and was still a hurricane in the Bay of Bscay I think. Though what was remarkable about Ophelia was that it occurred later in October when SSTs are a few weeks past their peak (typically late August to mid-September). How strong could it have been under peak SSTs?
  13. An above average September is nailed on I think, though a chilly northerly at the end of the month could send the CET into the 15s. I went too low with my guess unless we get a very chilly second half to the month.
  14. I'll go for 14.7C please. Here's hoping for a warm, dry and sunny Autumn.
  15. I think it will become a cat 5 unfortunately, as soon as the models go for a cat 3 when a tropical storm hasn't even formed, that's when you know there is trouble, like with Hurricane Matthew and Michael.
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