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  1. Yup got a great view of it here in West Hull. Also got a sharp hail shower earlier this afternoon. Interesting day to say the least.
  2. I'm not sure but something is seriously off. I think the electric car bubble is popping with all the manufacturers down 10% or more (Tesla etc). Meanwhile, an obscure company called SPI energy announced today they were manufacturing electric cars. Their stock was up 4000% at one point today. I made £26 in 10 minutes after only putting £10 down, then sold. Madness, absolute madness. Additionally the Dow, Nasdaq and gold are all strongly down again today. I believe a crash is imminent.
  3. Yup, Monday starts the week with some sharp falls on the market. Could see that coming....
  4. Get the feeling this could be a nasty week coming up on the markets, we shall see... I have little invested at the moment so won't take a hit.
  5. Looking at previous seasons with high ACE, you get years with many storms but often tending to be weaker or years with less storms but with big ACE contributors. 2020 has definitely been the former so far. It's fairly common nowadays to get at least one cat 4 or cat 5 storm recurving to the western North Atlantic each season after progressing westwards from Cape Verde. The strongest we have had so far is Paulette for the moment. Agree that we will have an above average ACE total overall, just also notable for the number of weak storms too. Of course the exception to this has been the Gulf of Mexico with Laura, which doesn't bode well for October when the focus turns to storm formation here.
  6. They aren't big ACE generators though, like the big Cape Verde storms such as Irma 2017, Isabel 2003 etc. This year has seen a very high number of storms but ACE is at only 64 units so far and the seasonal average is around 100. Irma in 2017 alone generated more units than this as many storms this season have been weak and short lived. Teddy and 98l may become majors however.
  7. I think it will remain Rene, that's what happened with Harvey in 2017 if I recall. The amount of tropical systems in the Atlantic right now is remarkable. No classic Cape Verde storms developing huge ACE totals, just a constant supply of tropical systems. Paulette looks as though it will weaken now. I think Teddy may become a major. 98l is also worth keeping an eye on.
  8. Rarely as I think day trading is too volatile. I put money down after March because the markets crashed so much. Sold at the end of August however as September is usually a bad month and the US election is nearby. Invested this week as the falls last week were pretty sharp but will probably sell on Friday as I don't feel confident in the market now.
  9. Market volatility continues through this week. Another day of losses looks likely today following a poor US jobs report. Also hope nobody for whatever reason has Hammerson shares, they dipped a huge 92% today...
  10. Looks like Rene will recurve northwards so can't see it developing that much, unless we get another Lorenzo or Ophelia.
  11. Tesla down another 15% today. Lol
  12. Hands up if you thought Gasly would win that? Fantastic stuff
  13. Another volatile day today, markets were strongly down when the US opened up. Tesla was a further 7% down at one point but ended up 2% up. I managed to cash in on it and cancel out my losses from my other stocks almost, so not bad on what could have been a rough day.... but September is living up to its bad reputation so far, market volatility is back.
  14. Well today funnily enough saw the NASDAQ get battered with a 5% drop, the Dow dropped 3%. US stocks were rising too fast. The FTSE also got a bit of a beating today. Is this the start of a crash, or just a correction with more rises to follow? Get the feeling it might be the latter, just a correction for now but you just don't know.
  15. Yup, though the FTSE 100 and other European stocks are still a bit down compared to February, it's the US stocks which have been rising particularly fast.
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