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  1. I guess I could class myself as both a meteorologist and a climatologist , I think at the end of the day though there was a lot of good luck. Usually months outside the extended winter (April to October) will be slightly below average at best during the coolest of months relative to the average, so if the output hints at something cooler outside the winter months I put a near average guess in. Different ball game in the winter though when you start bringing in continental easterlies and long fetch northerlies, you can still get CETs much below average so these months have the biggest risk when it comes to predicting them.
  2. Is there anywhere that updates the daily EWP as per the CET series? Must be around 200% of the average for halfway through November?
  3. It's crazy to think that we have beat November 2000's total already. I remember that was my first year at Cottingham high School and the fields started resembling swamps and there was streams of water coming down a few hills where there was muddy footpaths. We really need a period of nice anticyclonic weather to calm things down a bit. So many days we have had low pressure meandering around us now.
  4. Thanks for your stats, I was wondering where I can find monthly rainfall data for Hull? I found some for Pearson Park going from 1847-1995 but can't find any available data after that. I've been away from Hull for a few weeks now and move south. The weather in parts of Yorkshire has sounded horrific, the UK has been extremely wet from the last third of September to present.
  5. Haha no worries, it did seem a bit high! 200 million is a lot closer. Anyhow, hung parliament is the way I think it will go again / no party with an outright majority to lead on their own.
  6. The original statement said that Nigeria's population is heading to 8 billion, not the same thing.... anyhow it seems after being away from this thread for a month and returning it just keeps circulating back to the same arguments again and again.... Nobody points their finger at the USA do they?
  7. When I read that the other day I thought it sounded like a retirement speech. He's won so many titles now I wouldn't be surprised if he did though he will probably want to beat Schumacher's records.
  8. I'm afraid you are getting natural climate change and anthropogenic climate change mixed up. The latter is in a different league and is taking place compared to the former which is driven by Milankovitch cycles and takes place over thousands of years. Anyway, that's the last from me as these threads go round in the same old circles whenever an XR protest pops up. Think derogatory words are going to stop them? The planet is only going to keep getting warmer, whether you like it or not... unless changes in current policies will take place.
  9. Maybe this video will snap some sense into you. It's easy to brand them 'eco warriors' but when weighing up what is at stake here can you blame them? Some stern words that would apply to a few people on here.
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