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  1. It seems as though Thursday low has actually turned out more intense then it did a few days ago. Unfortunate because it stops the Azores high ridging in. A pretty potent low for mid June too! ECM looks rather poor this evening, hopefully the Azores high will try and make its way across after Thursday's low clears.... but lets see.
  2. Quicksilver1989

    Earthquake Activity Thread

    Quite a few people back at home in the Humberside area reporting a tremor!
  3. Does it show up as the Friday 06z chart for next Friday evening? My interpretation of it is settled weather across much of the UK on Friday apart from the far NW. Cooler air tries to make progress across the UK but the cold front coming from the west weakens. The jet blasts through like what it usually does at T240 but the run shows how high pressure to our east is becoming a persistent influence. For true summer heat P11 takes the star prize.
  4. Seems like the 06z GFS is showing what I thought would happen a few days ago.... The westerly flow forecast for the early/middle of next week keeps getting nudged further back and further north. The 06z then lets the Scandi high in to keep much of the UK warm and dry. Lets hope its on the right path!
  5. Aye the NOAA charts will be closer to the mark this time but I reckon we will probably see low pressure a bit further north.... or at least I hope... Cooler uppers returning seem likely after Sunday and with a cool North Atlantic temperatures won't be particularly warm. With a westerly regime setting up the chance of heat remains restricted to Spanish plumes, only problem is there hasn't really been any heat in Spain in recent weeks! Lets hope the models are overdoing the strength of the jet later next week and the Azores high ridges across us instead, don't think too many people will complain at that
  6. I remember hearing about this event, very unusual and rare. It happened on the same day I saw snow in Northampton I think!
  7. Was this the thunderstorms right at the start of August? They were pretty nasty over Norfolk too, went on a fishing holiday that year and the lake flooded along with a power cut from a nearby lightning strike. Very impressive photos there.
  8. Given how wrong the anomaly charts were last time I'd saw a warm and muggy SE'ly is the more likely option then! That chart you post for the 29th on May 21st was remarkably close to the actual chart!
  9. Was this the storm that hit Rochdale as well? My mate from there still goes on about that particular one as one of the worst he's seen and he has travelled to a fair few places. He also mentioned some particularly large hail associated with the storm. July 2006 was a glorious month, I went to Norfolk broads on holiday later on in that month and there was some impressive storms, one I remember at sunset which turned the lightning red. Also went to the broads on holiday in August 2001 I think and saw some very impressive lightning displays then.
  10. The reason why we don't have category 6 hurricanes is that all damage from a category 5 has the potential to be catastrophic. Meanwhile a category 6 (say 190mph sustained winds) wouldn't be distinctive in terms of its potential damage from a lower category 5 (165mph). The only reason I think we would need to upgrade is if building technology was capable of developing structures capable of withstanding such forces. Meanwhile despite the formation of Alberto (which wasn't officially a tropical storm I don't think?) I still think this coming Atlantic hurricane season will be a very quiet one. No La Nina and well below average SSTs in the tropical Atlantic will supress thunderstorm development when unstable airmasses leave Africa,. As it stands I'd forecast an ACE value in between 50 and 90 which would put 2018 below average. Though anomalies in the tropical North Atlantic may quickly change I'll put up another prediction in mid-July
  11. Amazing that it dumped 193mm in two hours yet 5km away little rain fell! Must have been an especially intense but small cell. I can't imagine how bad it would have been had such rainfall occurred over an urbanised area. May 1989 sounds even better then the one just gone. My parents said 1989 was one of their favourite summers but they obviously regard 1976 as the best of the best.
  12. Haven't seen a thread on this yet, but I enjoy reminiscing about notable weather events . Particularly interested in hearing from the older members of this site but what is the worst thunderstorm you have experienced here in the UK? You can judge it anyway you like, the largest hail, the most rain, best lightning displays... I'll give some of my own accounts... Back in Hull Summer 1994 (?) - I think it was this year and the storm was so bad I had a fear of them when I was younger. My parents also remember this one and they thought it was a saturday during July. Anyway I was only 5 at the time and I remember being in the back garden when the sky darkened very rapidly. Constant booming thunder as I sat scared in the house and lots of close lightning strikes. This storm I always sticks out in my mind. August 1996 - A very close lightning strike to my house with this one and the loudest bang of thunder I can remember. Was watching the olympic games at the time and the tv cut out and all the car alarms on the estate went off. August 1997 had a few decent storms here but it was the heat that was really notable. I remember sports day in 1998 at primary school got cancelled due to a thunderstorm during the day which was quite impressive. An even more impressive storm rolled along in the evening. June 2004 - I remember one midweek evening during this month I think gave some very impressive displays of lightning June 2005 - A thundery end but I remember feeling let down that the huge storms (I think it was the 21st) passed over North Yorkshire despite the skies turning very dark here. June and July 2006 saw some great storms at times in the evening. July 2013 and 2014 had their moments. When I was at Northampton Remarkably I saw no storms here between 2007 and 2011! Southampton October 2014 - Probably saw the most storms in one day earlier on this month, was really impressive. Had just moved to Southampton so thought there would be loads, but didn't see another till 2016! June 2016 - Referendum storms - these were the first really good storms I saw here as a result of a spanish plume July 2017 - The best storm I have ever seen in the UK with lightning persisting for many hours constantly. Sadly I missed April's this year which were supposed to have been even better! Over to you guys, intrigued to know anyone who remembers the early 90s storm that sticks in my mind so strongly.
  13. Evening all For many its been a prolonged period of above average temperatures which is set to continue in the near term though we are starting to see some agreement on cooler conditions towards the end of the week. This week also looks pretty settled for the most part with one or two cool nights for midweek but some warm days. The cooler weather unsurprisingly is coming from the west and whilst May is known for its westerly slumber, June can often see them pick back up again. So it wouldn't surprise me if a fair few of the GFS ensemble members verified. However one alternative is that the cooler air makes its way down to the bay of Biscay instead, something that happened during the middle of this week, whereas according to the more progressive GFS, the cooler atlantic air was supposed to make inroads but didn't. The GFS OP kinda goes in this direction with a low to the SW this time next week which has been a familiar pattern in recent times. However this time we have no Scandi high. Cooler air comes from the NE instead bringing in a cool mid June. The GFS ensemble members are more a case of bog standard westerlies. A few members do send a low west of Spain/ in Biscay and as a result warm air if wafted up from the south. The UKMO also seems to be heading in this direction so I wouldn't dismiss anything yet... even if this is a later chart something similar to this could pop up sooner ECM meanwhile is indeed a turd and we may have to go through some cooler Atlantic weather first. The early part of this month has some similarity to June 1982 I feel
  14. I think the lack of surface/ mid level CAPE, combined with temperatures a little cooler temperatures then last weekend means the showers have lacked the extra kick they need to produce a lot of lightning. Its never always that simple, however the storms last weekend were the result of an atmosphere primed to go boom whilst this weekend doesn't quite have those conditions.
  15. Maybe I was a bit pessimistic on the storm risk, having taken another look at things. On second thoughts, here is an improved map.