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    Masters graduate in climatology, I love the fascinating unpredictability of the UK climate! Especially if it means slow or thunderstorms (or weather that is actually interesting)
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  1. Looks like somewhere around Lancaster or Kendal will get a direct hit from the most active part of this storm.
  2. Well that was a rapid change, clearer skies moving in from the SW, lightning still flashing every second to my immediate East. What a contrast!
  3. This is getting quite worrying now as it is absolutely hammering it down with a seemingly stagnant mass of rain just as heavy to my SW. There may be some serious flooding in Beaulieu I can imagine. Lightning still frequent.
  4. This has to be the best storm I have seen in the UK, constant lightning, booming thunder and torrential rain. Spectacular
  5. Yup moving slowly at the moment but I keep seeing a lot of flashes to the SW, its getting there
  6. The extent of those storms in the channel is remarkable! Going all the way from Plymouth to Brighton.Very impressive stuff... distant lightning flashes here..... for now.....
  7. Can see some more flashes to the distant South/Southwest
  8. The lightning has really picked up just to the North of here.
  9. A lot of distant thunder here, local road is flooded, the burst of rainfall 10 minutes ago was crazy... I couldn't see outside my window!
  10. And the heavens open here, really torrential rain!
  11. Thunder and lightning to the south of me, turning pretty dark now
  12. Turning dark to the south here now as well, some unusual cloud shapes too but I think the centre of this storm is passing Bournemouth, may get a strike or two
  13. Very dark clouds to my South-west. I think we may get just some heavy rain from this feature but there is the risk of it turning thundery quite quickly so we shall see. Good effort this time round though, they made it across the channel at least. It seems to be a rapidly evolving situation, hopefully some storms may form behind those over Bournemouth too. Its actually difficult to tell which way it is all going. I feel I'm a bit too far east for the initial band but it may also be heading in a NE'y direction.... we shall see.
  14. Yup it's becoming more of a consolidated rain band but its still producing lightning at least, hopefully it will become more active again as it crosses the channel.
  15. Lightning activity over France appears to be waning, looking like an organised weather front instead of some big convective storms.... though Cornwall seems to be doing ok at least.