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  1. Going Padstow next Friday in the tent. jaffa cakesed off.
  2. Wednesday 28 Jul -Wednesday 11 Aug A more unsettled interlude seems probable to end July with rain or showers for all areas, risk heavy and thundery, especially in the South. Going Padstow 23rd July. Not Happy.
  3. Can we not just have 3/4 weeks of dry, very warm weather.
  4. Couldn’t agree more. From 29th Dec to Sunday there has been interest. I’ve had 2/3cm from showers and found the most amazing place to take the kids sledging (Clough Head, Rossendale) where we sledged on New Years Eve in 3/4 inch snow. I’m a bit fatigued also. The Mrs is always having a go at me in Winter for never having my phone out of my hand. Let’s see where we are in 7 days. Maybe more northern blocking? Until then I’d better back to doing the DIY I’ve put off.
  5. Like you say we will agree to disagree. Move on
  6. What's the disadvantage putting it out today for the first time?
  7. The slider went into the Midlands The band when it did arrive gave Yorkshire 6 inch too warm here. The Amber warning was a bust The BFTE wasn't potent enough Saturdays front won't reach. So it seems NW marginal showers are the only way.
  8. ? My post doesn't say put the warning out as the event happens. 3 days was too early however and it will have made no difference if they had just put it out today
  9. Anyway.... Just look at the afternoons ICON. A band of snow makes it to Ireland then fades as it reaches the NW. It's virtually impossible to get frontal snowfall here.
  10. See my post to Chris. There was no need to put it out that early considering the uncertainty. Christ it's only Thursday and the warning is for Saturday. 1 Day makes no difference. A poor mistake,.
  11. I understand your point. They have the best data and people working there however. Their warning suggested there may be disruptive snow as far as Yorkshire and now only 24hrs later they are suggesting disruptive snow will not reach the NW. With that level of uncertainty just wait. There was no need to put that warning out there yesterday I think it was a mistake.
  12. The problem is why post it on Wednesday for Saturday? No need to.
  13. Their worst call of the season. Probably the trainee having a go.
  14. No surprise. Can’t believe they went that early.
  15. Well, with the complete lack of snow I guess the competition is a bust. Everyone did worse than expected and most people have 0cm lying snow.
  16. Looks to me on the Models it fizzles out ??? Exeter must see it making inroads.
  17. Being sarcastic. looking forward to seeing ‘how’ it could possibly miss. It’s aiming straight for you.
  18. Looking forward to seeing how this misses Day 10
  19. You are North of Chorley. Shower moving from the East.
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