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  1. All just variations on a theme. Lets hope the ECM sends more energy under in the morning.
  2. Couldn’t disagree more. We are building a foundation for a cold, snowy December not looking for Nivarna in 10 days.
  3. "Similar conditions will probably continue into the last week of November although it could become more unsettled from the west or south" Considering what we are seeing how can the MO extended see 'unsettled from the West'?
  4. Oh come on. It’s the possibility that people are excited about. We are revelling in the Synoptics.
  5. A date with Kelly Brook or stare at that chart? It’s a tough one
  6. Energy in the Atlantic looking different on this run. Doesn’t seem as keen to go over the top of the high.
  7. Couldn’t agree more. This one isn’t as formal as the usual mod thread but more serious than the banter and moan thread. Well done Mods
  8. I said I wasn’t going to look at the charts until 1st December. Chasing a Scandi Block on the 10th Nov , it’s going to be a long one.
  9. Anyone pay and can spill the beans?
  10. I’ve asked before and would like to read it but can’t find it.
  11. Very Windy! No warning!