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  1. And you wonder why I bang on about living in Lancashire West of the M6 as being the worst place in the country for snow. Caveats aside this snow chart for Tuesday shows the potential for most to see a bit of snow.
  2. Didn’t take the little one down in anticipation of these charts.
  3. Really want that high to sit over Greenland and pull in a stonking Northerly. Don’t want a Scandi High and East winds, can’t bear watching everyone getting feet of snow.
  4. What do you make of the uppers? Looks a colder chart than -3 / -4
  5. Looks good to me. Sharper trough. Good wedge of heights to disrupt the trough. Azores High not as flat as UKMO
  6. Another day/2 days later the uppers would be very cold. As explained a million times they don’t need to be -10 in a flow from the East.
  7. In the next 2/3 days ECM day 8/9/10 charts are going to reward everyone’s patience. HLB will start appearing and snow chances will increase. I’m looking forward to using Euro 4 if I can still find where it is
  8. I bet you’re gutted you’re not there.
  9. MO now going for 'Some drier, brighter, quieter spells are likely, perhaps with snow showers, especially in the east. During such spells, frost could become widespread and severe' FV3 teasing us with this. Upgrades to continue in the next few days.