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  1. Which model will the Beeb be using to be able for them to predict this then?
  2. Very nice little storm passing through. Lots of T and L
  3. You're right. I'm giving up. Roll on thunder storms and heat waves.
  4. UK Outlook for Thursday 9 Mar 2017 to Saturday 18 Mar 2017: An unsettled theme looks likely until the middle of March. Bands of rain will cross the UK with more showery and bright interludes probable in between. The heaviest rain is expected in western and north-western areas with wintry showers likely over higher ground. The unsettled weather could also bring windy spells with gales in exposed places. Temperatures are thought to be around average; perhaps milder in the southeast, but all areas could get colder as we go through the period with more of a northerly influence. This period could bring snow for a time even to lower levels in the north; with the best of the dry weather further southwest where it could feel much more settled. Overnight frosts could also feature nationwide through the middle of March. Come on! One last go!
  5. GFS shows another warming at day 10 we may have 1 more chance
  6. We are now chasing another warming in 10 days time. Maybe MJO phase 8. If we are lucky last week of Feb to 1st week of March may give us another chance.
  7. Since I met the Mrs 13yrs ago we have had at least 1 snow walk every year. Mostly driving up to East Lancs or Rivington Pike. This year, zip all.
  8. Snow won't get far enough over the hills to Chorley
  9. What a sh&t Winter. Think I prefer wind and rain. Boring zzzzzzzz
  10. If I lived on the East coast I may be interested in next week. Struggle to get anything off a dry Easterly here.
  11. How did/do you make the GIF?
  12. 'too' much See my previous post.