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  1. It won’t get to you if it’s going East.
  2. I’d love to see a vertical blizzard! 🤔
  3. amazing the difference between Bacup and Chorley. Prob got about 3-4cm bacup 6inch 🤔 it just fizzles out in that last 5miles over Belmont
  4. Non event at the weekend. Bit nippy. Bring on Spring!
  5. Easterly round two! West of M6 round two 🤮
  6. For once I was in the best spot. Not often I can say that.
  7. If the staff can’t get in (me) who’s going to supervise the pupils?
  8. Absolute carnage. Daughters School shut. Snow day for me and the kids.
  9. A6 Clayton-le-Woods, Chorley. Total grid lock. Not moved for 30mins.
  10. sh’t me! poper hammering it down. Massive 50p flakes!!! was not expecting this!!