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  1. Another Monstrous storm hit Abersoch about 7pm. Currently camping in a tent, bit scary. North Wales seems to be getting hit every day.
  2. In the middle of the mother of all life ending lightening and thunder storms in Abersoch. Don’t feel that safe in a tent.
  3. i’ve missed every storm / white/ purple radar bits so far. Ruston looks to be getting a battering.
  4. Weather warning last night, nothing tonight ??????
  5. 2 nights in a row they have slipped South of me. ?
  6. That looks tasty. Just slipping underneath me, standard.
  7. Denver - BBC Weather WWW.BBC.CO.UK 14-day weather forecast for Denver. Have a look at Denver’s weather today and tomorrow
  8. Isn’t North America amazing. I’m just rocking and rolling the uppers for the 12z UKMO. Look at Nebraska. Goes from -1 daytime to 25c in 5 days. Happens a lot this time year.
  9. Are you seriously suggesting the GFS has some credibility to lose. It’s woeful. It annoys me people still discuss it past 120hrs. It should be scrapped.
  10. I screened shot this on the 10th November. Can’t remember who wrote it, might have been Hugo. What a load of biased Twaddle.
  11. Looks fab, jammy bugger driving through rain in Preston
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