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  1. The roof has been blown off at the Lidl store in blackpool, closing Devonshire road
  2. Winds here have picked up significantly since around 9:00, will be a difficult drive down the M55 with the cross winds, especially for high sided vehicles, take care everyone. As soon as I finish this, the winds drop right off almost calm like, even with some clear sky too, storm centre possibly?
  3. Not yet but better make sure my trampoline is well rooted anyway
  4. It raining but the winds are nothing really, gusting to possibly 25 mph but probably not that
  5. Just had thunder snow in blackpool a couple of minutes ago
  6. Radar currently making it more marginal for certain areas off the irish sea... turned to sleet here now
  7. It's actually snowing in Blackpool which im slightly amazed at.... only light though but it more than what i expected. Is the front expected to pivot and move south overnight.... radar kind of shows it doing that. Ant
  8. Yeah took me by surprise... it was the same on Wednesday i think but that was early morning around 6ish as i was going to work.
  9. I got hail.... probably the closest to snow we will see.
  10. I had a week of school in feb 91, remember it well because i was in my final year of junior school, probably the most winter fun i ever had. but also i remember it well because it was the most snow i have ever seen in blackpool snowed for around 3 days and the snow drifts were very impressive for the area. Not seen anything like it here since. My hopes for winter would be something exactly like this again.
  11. Or maybe steam from on rushing glacial flood. It is strange that we can no longer see the Doppler lights either.
  12. GPS going down again sharply considering it was doing the opposite 5 mins ago. Strange!!
  13. Gps is on its way up sharply!! http://brunnur.vedur.is/pub/bgo/figs/ Could be a sign of pressure building from below now the fissure has stopped.
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