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  1. Just been over scout head on my way back to work bit of a covering up there now , should think lees village will get some soon enough
  2. Thanks for taking the time to reply, i am still learning the how to use the anomaly charts, seems there is still much to learn
  3. Bib, dont understand what your saying rob, every forecast ive seen shows the cold to last 6/7 days and reading JHs post above seems to suggest similar, so im curious where 48 hours comes from? Genuine question, Ive just checked all the available websites and not 1 of them shows a max of more 3deg c imby for the next 5 or 6 days, am i missing something?
  4. Thanks anyway John, I will try e-mailing as you suggested. I will post any response i get on here for everyone's benefit.
  5. Hi John Would this error lead to a false reading in the raw model output, hence causing initial un-modified data to be look worse on the verification stats? Fairly new to this so a genuine question
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