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  1. There was a good covering in Tow Law this morning. I got 2 minutes down the road towards Bishop and not a thing.
  2. I've been to Bamburgh today, I had my hat and gloves on ?
  3. I never thought I hear these words uttered out of my mouth “ I don’t want any more snow now”
  4. A morning stroll around Tow Law, well done to the local communitity on getting Greggs open this morning ?
  5. The weather is next level here tonight! I've never seen anything like it, it's been constant snow, gale force winds with thunder and lighting all evening. They'll be close to 2ft by the morning with some huge drifts.
  6. Oh I haven't even thought about Friday yet never mind next week
  7. That is crazy! Not a chance I'm tackling the A68 in this and my car is a 4 x 4.
  8. Anyone who ventures out in this attempting to commute they are mental. There is a real threat to life this morning.
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