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  1. Snowing (wet) in poole. If the front does pivot round is it likely to turn increasing more to snow throughout the morning or am I just hoping?
  2. Why not? There’s definitely ice mixed in with this rain at the minute...
  3. Hi all, Andy in Poole here. Haven’t posted in a few years. I’m a geography teacher but a complete novice when it comes to understanding the “Snowology” jus wondering what our chances are of seeing any of the white stuff potentially tonight into tomorrow. Haven’t read much about that potential low pressure system coming from France in a while and the meto app has hardly any precipitation forecast at all. Thanks, Andy
  4. What are the chances down here in Poole?
  5. Hi Ian, I rarely post on here but was wondering if you see any potential for snow down here in Poole early next week? I appreciate how difficult the forecast is at the minute but just wanted to hear your view if you get a chance. Thank you, Andy.
  6. Definitely just seen a few wet flakes here in Poole! Officially happy!
  7. What are the chances of us getting any snow down here in Poole? Bit sick of not seeing a snow flake in a couple of years...
  8. Do you think we'll get snow at all this week here in Poole?