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  1. This winters been such a let down big time never known a winter like it’s for such potential think we can say good bye to this winter after this weekend if we are lucky with any snow big if that’s says it all latest MetO suggesting freezing rain for weekend sun will have a lot more strength now so nothing will last on ground down here so will have to wait now till next winter
  2. Really hope I’m wrong but regen the mettoffice be backtracking tomorrow in there update getting board this dry cold want some snow on the south
  3. Can anyone remember feb 2009 well was similar set up and we had lots of snow and I remember one day wasn’t predicted till late notice and snowed all day were they streamers atall ?
  4. Just went outside and got light coming down here thought wasn’t forecasted for here ?
  5. Is it just me or from reading comments won’t be much snow about like March 2013 very cold dry no snow which is boring pointless having cold without snow or is it just me ?
  6. mettoffice saying we in firing line next week significant snow for are region as they regen the lies won’t push to far into country so you probably find be upgrades come near time for us
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