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  1. Quite a few flashes and as above very long rolling thunder (at circa 5.30) but seems to have died down now, just heavy rain.
  2. You should be underneath it!!! Just been out and saw some lovely C to G strikes, blue skies and sunshine to my west!
  3. Can confirm very heavy thundery showers here, banging away as I type, really pepped up in the last hour or so. Despite being a storm lover I could do well without them and the associated rain.
  4. Torrential thundery showers here, especially this afternoon, very heavy indeed, not been out to check how many mm we've had as it's still hissing down. Harvest will be on stop for a while I think, been dire.
  5. Can see lightning to my South, circa 5-7 flashes so far, must be towards Bath way or beyond.
  6. Must be unbearable, highest here I saw was 34.4 but dropped back from that now, bit of cloud cover and some rain but not a lot, just a few large drops that felt nice!
  7. Stunning show here, went out circa 11-30 and got back in at 4, have never seen lightning like it, constant light show, like strobe lighting in a disco. Very few CG strikes which made taking pictures not easy. First storm that went through, we had no rain, we then had hail and torrential rain from another cell. A lovely lightshow
  8. Just been out and can see clear flashes East, South and a few to my West, shall get the camera loaded and head out to one of my fields and see what develops.
  9. Think I am going to join the "No Storms Club", a pants season so far.
  10. Had 39mm overnight here, a friend up the road had 36mm, just from the heavy rain this morning. Shame there was no T&L and a pity about last night's storms, had camera and car all ready.
  11. https://www.lightningmaps.org/?lang=en#y=49.3967;x=0.9668;z=7;t=4;m=oss;r=0;s=201;d=2;a=2;dc=0;o=1;n=0;b=26.67;ts=0;tr=1;dl=2; you can see for yourself
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