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  1. 4 minutes ago, Nimbusman said:

    Wow what an encore that was, 3” put done in 5 hours! shame it will be all gone tomorrow but I’m rating the cold spell 9/10! See you all next winter! 


    2 minutes ago, tight isobar said:

    The thaw not very far away now.

    An'interesting winter indeed...and coming now to conclusion.

    Its been emotional and at times frustrating.

    Over and out.

    See ya-all november...ish.



    Indeed! What a spell of wonderful weather. Waited 8 years since 2010 for a good snowy spell. Next winter hopefully more fun and games and now just waiting for the thunderstorm season ;-)

  2. 6 minutes ago, mike Meehan said:

    No, it can never be too cold to settle but when it is very dry snow does sublimate i.e. ice changing from a solid to a gaseous state without the intervening state of being a liquid. 

    As it happens I see the cu is now building up more, the temp is now +1 C :angry:, however the radar shows showery activity over Holland and the North Sea heading in our direction. 

    Good, need more cloud cover. In 20 minutes under the sun everything is melting fast. It's a big drip drip orchestra. 

  3. 2 minutes ago, Captain Shortwave said:

    Given that most places will get a couple of centimetres over the coming days then I think no one will be overly disappointed this time around. At the moment it looks like areas with 20 of the coast in general along with areas close to favourable spots for streamers. 


    Wash/Thames look the best  to supply streamers but many locations with a shout of decent totals for snow and these charts will not be that accurate either.

    The USUAL places as per always. Im right in the East coast but not expecting much out of this week. Maybe a dusting  if lucky.

  4. 2 minutes ago, Long haul to mild said:

    Wondering about the Northeastern extent of the streamer? Some maps have a potential 5-10 cms for eastern parts of Suffolk about 10 miles from the coast. Can remember benefitting from this setup in the past although obviously not to the same level as those down in SE Essex and Sussex/Kent.

    Same. With the luck we have even an easterly wont give us almost nothing while Norwich gonna get buried as usual.... 

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